Amelia Cox – CCC – Style Guides and Grammar

APStyleThis week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I have been creating a simple Style Guide for the staff to use. Before this past week, I had never really heard of a style guide and did not realize all that goes into creating them. Style guides contain a lot rules on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more all custom made toward each organization/company that has one. Every style guide is different from another. Chances are, no two style guides for two separate companies are alike. These style guides tell each person at a organization what is and is not ok to put into their writing or communications. The way one would write a phone number is defined. You either have, 706.555.5555, with periods or dashes, 706-555-5555. It is all up to preference of the organization and everyone has to follow that guide. It is really neat, but when creating one, you have to be careful to adjust it correctly for your organization. Before I put anything into the style guide, I have to run it by Al to make sure it is what the church wants because their writing is a reflection of them.


Amelia Cox – CCC – That’s A Wrap!


This week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I have been editing all of the  footage I was able to capture for the Micah’s Promise promotional video. This has taken hours of work, and as I stated in my previous blog, I am very new to recording and editing video. I did not realize how time consuming editing this video would truly be. Every time the speaker says um or pauses for longer than normal, you have to edit that out. On top of that, you have to make sure that you do not cut out any words that you need for the next scene. After that, you have to add in a voice over, and transitions from one scene to the next, and finally, you need some background music. Also, the background music cannot be copy written music if you want to use the video for public relations.

This video has truly been so much work, but I have wonderful news to go along with the hours I have spent recording and editing this video. The Micah’s Promise Board wants to put the video I created on the website!!! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me because I was doubting my skills and ability, but my hard work has paid off and I am so joyful about this!

Liberty Theatre

Here is a quick update: This past week at the Liberty Theatre was eventful. I worked on getting social media, putting together content for flyers,researching grants as well as getting pictures for the costume designer to refer to for the upcoming fall festival.  One thing that I am picking up on is not only is it important to have funds, but networking is key. There are some things the Liberty is not equipped in and it is good that they have built relationships with other organizations and businesses in the community to  help with their needs.


They are currently working with the Columbus Museum for the upcoming fall festival that will allow children to have a a safe Halloween as well as nurturing their creativity by providing them with art tools instead of candy. October will definitely be a busy month for the Liberty from the Fall Festival to there first show for the fall season. We are definitely preparing for that by utilizing social media, the monthly news letter as well as updating local news calendars online. This week I will be constructing a few press releases to raise some more awareness for the upcoming events.

Real Talk with Chequelle: Midday Monster

The older we get the more nutrition and exercise plays an important factor in our lives. I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Katrina Butler Hill on Real Talk with Chequelle. She is not only an author who has written two books, but she is also a fitness trainer and an aerobics instructor. We were able to discuss many things. She’s been an entrepreneur for 20 years after quitting a stable job to pursue her dreams of becoming a fitness instructor with her husband. She taught me a lot during this interview. I learned more than the importance of working out from Mrs. Hill, but also the importance of women empowerment. 10376921_774922399219182_6237290371520661410_n (1)   Besides providing great interviews and laughs on my show, I’ve been given a nickname from the employees of the station and also my listeners. I’ve been deemed the “cute midday monster,” and I must admit that I really like it. It means that I’m a cute girl with sass and I mean business. I want to provide my listeners with not only great music, but also a good time. When I ask my questions they are straight to the point and serious and they are something that I take pride in. I’ve been told I have a unique interviewing style. From the beginning of this show I can see that I have improved by a thousand. Here’s a picture of how serious my face gets when I’m interviewing guests. Enjoy! 10527503_779244705453618_3826638543825465668_n (1)

Filming At WLTZ

photo (9)


My duties the previous week still focused on filming and editing. I continued to edit television and radio promos, and film the evening and nightly news. However, I did learn new skills in filming. Usually filming the news broadcasts just requires me to focus on the anchors correctly. I have to position the cameras to get a good shot of the anchors and meteorologists. Now, WLTZ is filming for a new sports show. Filming for the sports show is different than filming news broadcast. The sports show requires more camera movement and following of the hosts.

Even though I still performed camera operations last week, I learned a new aspect of the task. I feel that I’m gaining new experience that will allow me to not be limited to just new production.

Camera Operations at WLTZ



photo (3)


This past week at WLTZ was all about filming for the evening and nightly news. When I get to the station in the afternoons, I still edit the television promos for both First News at 6pm and also for the Alabama station. In addition, I performed camera operations for the evening and nightly news. This week marked the first week operating the cameras without assistance. The 6pm news is live and the 11pm (nightly news) is filmed earlier. One thing about the nightly news is if someone messes up (including me), we can record again. The evening news is live, and therefore, I was nervous and afraid I would do something incorrectly. I managed to film both broadcasts successfully.

This past week, I learned first-hand just how fast paced a broadcast news environment is. Individuals that work in television production have to pay close attention to detail. While operating the camera, I was given instructions on what to do from the operations manager via headset. I could also hear other through the headset, such as audio/sound operators and other people that assist the operations manager. With so much interaction, I now know that paying close attention to instructions is a must in news production.

Week Two At WLTZ

ImageThe second week of my internship included more editing of news promos and filming for news broadcasts. I was allowed to edit television promos without any assistance. The promos were seen between shows during the evenings. Last week was also the first time I ever filmed the news. I operated the camera for the broadcast.

Operating the camera is not like I thought it would be. It requires me to move and position the camera quickly. I’ve learned that news production is very fast paced. During filming, I listened to the instructions of the producer/operations manager via headphones. He was in a different location operating a tricaster and other equipment. He gave instructions on where to position the camera, and how to focus.

I also managed to effectively use cue cards during the weather segment of the news. I held up the cue cards at the instruction of the operations manager. Last week was exciting because I was able to perform tasks that i previously had no knowledge of. This week is to be a continuation of what I’ve already learned and hopefully news skills be be added.