Gary Goforth Week 3 with Dave

editSo last week I explained that if you were going to get a successful edit you would need step one which is the establishing shot, which tells where you are and whats going on. Well step 2 is the meat of your edit, which is the action. What do you know what to film, thats not a question…. you film everything. You never know when a big play will happen. So for a good edit Dave wanted at least 2 touch downs and a big play, but Dave always prefers 3 touchdowns it just makes for easy news. so how do you know where to be when the action is happening. Well, when filming from the sideline you will never be in the perfect position, but if you are ahead or behind the play a good 15 yards you will get a good shot if you know how to work your camera. Always keep your camera in focus and check your white balance as the game progresses.

Brianna Condra – Goals and Objectives

This week Dr. McCollough lectured his PR Campaigns class on the difference between the Goals and Objectives of a campaign.  In short, goals are the broad elements to be achieved by the end of a campaign and objectives are the quantifiable steps taken to reach those goals.  OneSource’s goals for the Ferst Foundation include raising funds and raising awareness in the Columbus community.  OneSource will raise $5000 through a dance marathon and raise awareness through increasing Facebook likes by 20%.

OneSource is just beginning to form a plan for the Ferst Foundation so this list of goals and objectives will be sure to grow.  Make sure you like the Ferst Foundation Facebook page here!


Chasity Cook – Baby Search!


If you live in the Columbus, Ga. Area you have probably seen the “Baby search” billboards plastered all over town. When I first arrived at St. Francis, I was told that this would be a part of one of the biggest projects St. Francis has ever done. St. Francis stopped delivering babies around 1980, and now they will  be expecting new arrivals come the end of this year. At this current time St. Francis is calling to those who were born at St. Francis to get registered for great prizes and events to be apart of. So far we have had quite a few entries and I have had the pleasure of helping with the information collection portion of this project. St. Francis’ attempt is to get all of those who were born between those years to come to the unveiling of the Women’s facility on October 15th.  They will also have the chance to win prizes as well. This is a great way to get the community involved and raise awareness of the new women’s facility. I am very excited to see who shows up on October 15th and meet some wonderful people.

Jasmine Jones – Great Start at WTVM News Leader 9

photo(25)After a great Spring semester at WTVM, I decided that I would like to pursue the career in reporting.  I enjoyed that aspect of the news station and it has been a great learning experience so far!! The last two weeks I have learned so much and I believe I am getting the hang of the news room and the steps taken to produce a story.  I have been able to go out with Curtis McCloud and assist him with stories while I have the chance to build my own reel, so that I can have my experiences on tape.  Recently, I learned how to do a live shot on your own with a backpack, and it is something new and innovative within the broadcasting world and I was glad I was able to learn the ropes of a live shot.  Last week Mayor Teresa Tomlinson had an open forum and Curtis McCloud had a live shot there for the 6:00pm show.  Not only is this showing me technical skills, but also I am networking and learning to be kindly aggressive to get what you want in your show.  I am looking forward to a great semester and I am excited for the opportunities to come!



Chasity Cook – Doctor Database


For a few weeks, one of my tasks was to enter the doctors information into the database. This particular database allowed me to enter aprox. 300 doctors’ information (Specialty, facility, gender, education, residency). To find this information I had to search through each individual doctor’s resume to find these things. The difficulties I faced were quite amazing. Because many of the doctors affiliated with St. Francis were doctors prior to computers. I sorted through at lot of handwritten resume’s many of which were hard to read or missing information. As I like to tell everyone “Google is my best friend”, it really did help me to find out more information that I needed to complete their entry on the database. At times it became a little frustrating, but I do realize that whether I did it or someone else did, it had to be done.  I did not create the webpage in which these names were posted but if you visit you will see the “Find a doctor link”. No matter what type of doctor you are looking for it’s probably in that database. After it’s all said and done with, I am happy to see the end result and how it is helping Columbus, and surrounding areas, find doctors to help the needs. It’s truly a changing experience when you know what little you did can literally make a big difference in someone’s life.

Chasity Cook – Remember to READ!

Throughout my time here at St. Francis I realize how imperative it is to read the daily paper. Especially when it pertains to your organization or a competitor. My daily task is getting the newspaper and going through it just check and see if our ads were placed correctly and to be sure there were no upset doctors, patients, or families. Also if there were any positive comments about St. Francis we would like to see those as well. It is important to stay on top of the organizations public image whether it is good or bad. Either way there is always going to be room for improvement. Luckily, I work for a great place and there have been no bad reports in the news. Since the opening of the new women’s facility in coming very soon there have been lots of positive stories about the childbirth classes. There have also been stories about the babysitting certification classes.

As I have learned in my PR classes this one of the most important things I will do to start my day as a PR practitioner, as well as searching the internet for different stories and remarks. This internship is truly showing me the real world of community relations, PR, and marketing.

Chasity Cook – Time Capsule Event!

photo 3

On September 17th St. Francis placed a time capsule inside of the new Butler Pavilion to be open in 25 years! I was super excited to be apart of this occasion by collecting the letters and supplies from the doctors, nurses, dietitians, and anyone who worked at St.Francis. The time capsule had everything from construction hats, to business

cards, also there were letters written from individuals that work at the hospital. While this event took place it dawned on me that I will be 47 years old when they open this time capsule. Hopefully, I wont be far away so that I can be apart of the unveiling.

St. Francis

At this event I was able to shadow the community relations team on set up, photography, and welcoming the media. After this event I commend all photographers for the great shots they get at these events with lots of people. Seeing the set us and how the community relations department worked as a team to set this up was absolutely great. I am truly a proud intern of St. Francis Hospital.

Chasity Cook – Construction Almost Finished!

photo 2

After months of construction, the St. Francis Women’s Hospital is almost finished. I have met a lot of the new physicians that are preparing to serve the new mom’s in the OB/GYN center. At this current time many of the doctors have moved into their new offices and are ready to go. During my tour of the Women’s facility I was able to see all of the construction as well as the strenuous amounts of PR work that go into this project. There are signs that must have correct lettering as well as the logo must be absolutely perfect. Also, we not only does St. Francis serve there patients but you must make sure the employees and physicians are happy as well. So far it seems as though the OB/GYN doctors are loving what they see and experience and my hope for St. Francis is that the positive things continue!

In the picture above I am standing in one of the conference rooms as it’s being worked on.  Safety first as St. Francis! always wear your hard hat and vest!)

David Douglas – Making Progress!

So far my internship with the Columbus Bearcats has been a great experience. I have learned how to plan sporting related events. The most exciting part about interning for a sports team is that there is never a boring moment.

Every game has a theme, a public figure from the Columbus area, and  non-profit organization. Depending on the theme of the game there will be different give-a-ways and contests. The first game of the season is November 14th against Fort Benning.


This week is a big week for the organization, my goal is to pull-in at least two sponsors for the team. On September 18, 2013 I meet with potential  sponsors who would sponsor the team for a year.

Dana Coburn – Ready, Set, Tour Time!

Today I gave my first solo tour to new clients at The Rankin Gardens and Atrium. When I saw how eager the future bride and groom were to see their potential venue, I became even more excited to show it off.  Along with my eagerness, I was exceptionally nervous because their opinion and first impression of the venue lies in my hands. There are certain procedures you have to go through in each room  that I had been trained on, and it is crucial to be able to give the tour correctly as well as show all available options to meet their needs.  

This young couple was extremely nice and were encouraging the whole time. I was able to explain every option for the venue set up and package for their wedding day, as well as answer all questions that came up. The tour went exceptionally smooth and I am one hundred percent confident in the role I play here. These particular clients did book a date, and are set to have their ceremony and reception here in the beginning of next fall.

My mentors in this internship have given me the knowledge I need to fulfill my goals during my time here. They are now allowing me to experience the real world with the knowledge I have gained with my time here so far. I enjoy the independence given to me here, but I am also thankful for the supportive system that has been put in place to help me succeed. I am now ready to give as many tours as possible! Everyone, come tour the Rankin Gardens and Atrium for any event!