Dee Anderson

My first 2 weeks in CSU’s Disability Services office have been full of learning opportunities. Most of my hours have been spent learning the office protocol and procedures. I have had some direct contact with students on a regular basis, making sure their accommodations are met.

I have also spent a few hours working on a new brochure for their office to distribute throughout the campus and community.

Olivera Tadijin

I started my internship the first week of school and have completed a couple of my assignments already. I learned how to prepare, film, and edit a good interview with several players and coaches from different CSU sports teams. Also, I attended CSU community service day where I interviewed the president of university and athletic director. In the next couple months, I will be doing graphic design for a couple of events as well as posters for CSU sports teams. So far I am getting a lot of experience and enjoy working with CSU athletics.