More Final Cut Pro Practice

The more, the better, right? Here’s a piece of the footage I edited for Dr. Parks’ Interactive Media. Thankfully, we are granted access to the equipment at NPACE. I was a one-man team, which rarely happens and I can tell I am progressing.

I unloaded the equipment, asked the questions, filmed the interviewee, loaded everything back, and began editing the footage. Whew! It was very tiring, but it was a relief when the video was completed.

Farewell NPACE, It’s Been Real

All semester long, I learned more about the media industry, editing, filming, communicating with others outside CSU, and even myself. I learned that I must grow some patience and adjust to learning new things. NPACE center was an outlet for not only myself, but for other students, to come and relax and get our work done at the same time.

There have been some improvements at NPACE and there will be many more along the way. Although this internship will be over is a couple more days, I may come back and contribute to the Inyo Columbus show and continue to learn. Sometimes, it takes more than a 75-minute class to completely grasp everything you need to know.


I Learned Some New Tools!

All semester long, I had the great opportunity of working with the gadgets here in the NPACE center. I must admit, I was shy and irritated at first of learning the equipment. That goes along with editing and Final Cut Pro. I prefer to be in front of the camera. However, I realized that I must be a one-man team and become well-rounded.

Some of the cameras and equipments I’ve worked with all semester is the Cannon XA25 (my FAVORITE), Sony, JVC, lights, tripods, lavalier, export microphone. How awesome is that?


New Changes to Into Columbus

All semester long, myself and the production team of Into Columbus has worked hard in getting stories and going out and filming for the show. Sadly, we did not know we were doing this the unethical way the whole entire time. Now, there are some changes to the show that could really increase our viewership.

Originally, we were upset that our hard work went unnoticed for the best episode of Into Columbus ever (episode 3). But, it would be a good idea to chop down the running time and alter some things. This may even be featured on the CSU website! We’ll see what the future holds…


Editing Steeplechase Video

Although the annual Steeplechase took place in early November, I just started recently editing the footage. One of the student assistants, Eric B. edited the real promotional footage for it. Now since I am getting the hang of Final Cut Pro, I am going to take the initiative to learn this program more in my free time.

Here’s a clip of what I have so far:

photo (1)

Getting the Hang of Final Cut Pro

It took two semesters for me to finally get the hang of final cut pro. I am not a slower learner. I am just impatient when it came to this program. Before I got signed on with NPACE, I worked with CSU TV. Here we learned about Adobe Premier. This program was WAY easier than Final Cut Pro.

But thanks to one of the Student Assistants (Eric B.), he showed me the ropes and it is actually better than Adobe Premier. I am looking forward to do more editing. Here’s something from my commercial¬†I am in the process of editing:


It’ll be a matter of time before my vision comes to life.

Dr. Mescon’s Last Interview at Columbus State

Today, I helped out my peer, JT Fellows, with the interview of Columbus State’s fourth president, Dr. Timothy Mescon. JT did the interview, while I handled the audio part. JT asked some great questions and I took mental notes of how sharp and straight-forward the interview was. From this interview, I have learned to attach and detach¬†the portable lights, the audio equipment, and pack up when it’s all over.

All in all, this interview they conducted was great and Dr. Mescon will be missed at CSU!

photo (2)