As the semester comes to an end I find myself being overjoyed, frightened, anxious and grateful all in one moment. Come May 12, 2014, I will be a college graduate and it’s quite overwhelming. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons I have learned through my junior and senior internships. They have given me the best introductions on what takes place in a business and organization. Not to mention, I have been granted an extension at The Boys & Girls Clubs administrative office until I am ready to transition back home to Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have also gained a great mentor at my internship, Ms. McReynolds, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity the Communication Department at CSU gave me by placing me at my internship.

It will be a sad moment to no longer have to do group projects, work on research papers and study for undergraduate finals. I know one may wonder why I might miss these things, and its simply because it puts me back in the Communication Department at CSU as s student. I will now have to wonder whats next in life and if i’ll get that job applied for. I am no longer just a student, I am now an individual who holds a Bachelor degree and is looking for her first job.


As for my last blog post of this semester, we are gearing up for our Annual Upatoi Polo Cup. These event helps bring in funds for operation cost at our clubs. It is a day of fun events for the entire family. We have a catered lunch for adults as well as hot dogs for the kids, a kids corner, silent auction tent and more. Last year I was responsible for the kids corner, art tent, silent auction tent and more, The year will follow suit and I am ready to jump on this project as it takes the entire summer to plan for.



As the end of our fiscal year is approaching, we are prepping for our annual letter campaign. Each year we send out close to 600 letters to former and potential donors to assist with annual operation costs.  BGCCV only charges $20 per child for after-school care, when actual cost runs close to $1,000 per child. By doing this, children in less fortunate situations are given the opportunity to be in the care of trained staff, peers and in a safe environment.


I prepared the letter last month in efforts to focus on the smaller things that go along with the letter. I also created the template for a small informative card that goes with the letter. The card contained two of our club members and their success stories in the club.  Once the card was completed and sent to the printer, the real work began.  As much as one may try to avoid “stuffing envelopes”, its goes with the job. Therefore, I have been adding all the contents for the letter campaign to envelopes this week. As always its worth it when working for non-profits. Once I seal that last envelope I’m quickly reminded that the hard work helped open the door to another GREAT FUTURE  for a child in our clubs. What’s more rewarding than that?


The highlight of my week at BGCCV was attending Community Day at Buffalo Wild Wings. Boys & Girls Clubs of America launched their national partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings last spring in efforts to raise close to half a million dollars for the organization. Buffalo Wild Wings surpassed this goal in making double that amount. So, this year the wing frontier hopes to raise 4 million dollars.

To kick off the partnership on a local level Buffalo Wild Wings held their first Community Day with the organization. Throughout the day, customers had the opportunity to donate to BGCCV on the bottom of their receipts as they were checking out. Not to mention 10% of total sales will come back to the clubs. Ultimately it was a great start to a promising relationship.

IMG_2296 (1)


Here I am with the table I set up in front of the restaurant. I was able to inform individuals on the all the great things we do at the Boys &Girls Clubs as well as raise funds for our five clubs here in the Chattahoochee Valley.


Although things have slowed down slightly after Youth of the Year, my work here has not. My projects have gotten smaller as we’re in the between stages of preparing for our next major event. At the start of fall each year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley hold their annual Upatoi Polo Cup. The details of this event are so large, we begin planning mid April, early May. Therefore we aim to get smaller projects and general club marketing done before our time is strictly placed on this large scale event.

As of right now, we are focusing on our Women’s Giving Circle Kick-Off Luncheon next week. The Women’s Giving Circle’s plan is to cultivate the artwork the children complete in the club’s each day through the Fine Arts Programs. Funds raised during the luncheon will help provide supplies and resources for club members to participate in more Fine Arts related programming whether it is in the clubs or providing the opportunity to go on field trips to get exposure to various arts programs in the area.

In assisting with this program I have created a news release that will go out to our media sources early next week. In addition, I have sent out a small save the date to Phenix City Life magazine. I also had the pleasure of creating the organization’s mission statement.

“The Women’s Giving Circle is a community of women coming together to educate, engage and support the BGCCV’s youth through development efforts in the Chattahoochee Valley.”

In the closing of this week I will be working on another news release focusing on our 2013 successes. In comparison to 2012 we have improved in our targeted program areas. These areas include: Academic Success, Good Character & Leadership and Healthy Lifestyles.




I have also been continuing my regular duties in updating all of our social media outlets. I have to say that is the best part of my day as I get to view the photos of our kids having fun in the clubs.

We Still Have Great Plans – Cory Veal – Boys & Girls Clubs

Although Youth of the Year(YOY) has passed us, our work isn’t quite done yet. I have spent the past week finishing all things YOY. I created a thank you letter that will be spent to all sponsors from the event. I also created our last media release revealing our Youth of the Year winner.

In addition, Professor McCullough’s PR Campaigns class will assist our organization in securing a small press tour for our YOY winner, Caleshia Ferguson. In doing so, they released their first news release this week and it was picked up by WRBL. I’m very excited for the group’s success and cant wait to see what else they have in store for our organization. Not to mention, the work Professor McCullough’s PR class committed to last semester is seeing the light of day in ArtBeat 2014. We have several doors, painted by the kids displayed in from of the Columbus Library. The doors are a display of the clubs’ 75 years of opening Great Futures to kids in the Chattahoochee Valley.


In other areas at my internship, we have been focusing on our Friends and Family Campaign as well as our new Women’s Giving Circle. I have created campaign letters and news releases regarding both events. Not to mention, I have been hands on in creating flyers that will be distributed to our board members containing success stories within our clubs.

Our work never stops in the PR and marketing department, but I cant complain as this is giving me the best experience I could ever wish for!

Successful Event – Cory Veal -Boys and Girls Club


Caleshia Ferguson

As I have shared with you guys over the last few weeks Youth of the Year is a major event for BGCCV and I am glad to say  we had a successful event. Our event took place at the National Infantry Museum on March 13, 2014. The venue itself was beautiful and the audience added the extra touch. Everyone was dressed beautifully and conducted themselves similarly

Throughout the night Tavari ( BGGCV Staff) and I made sure everything was in order. We were in charge of stage placements and queuing guest when it was time to take the stage.  We also took the finalist under our wings for the night and made sure they enjoyed themselves.

Most importantly I’m proud to say our YOY winner was Caleshia Ferguson. She is a senior at Carver High School and hoped to attend Albany State University in the fall. I am beyond proud of her and our other contestants.  They were all deserving to take the stage that night.

We were also grateful to have Jason Dennis from WTVM host our event. Not to mention they covered the event the same evening on the nightly news. WTVM also aired segments of the finalist the entire week.

Check out pictures and video clips of the finalist below.



Judges and Nominees for YOY

The past two weeks have been very hectic for everyone at BGCCV. We have all been working hard on making sure everything is in order for our Youth of the Year event. I spent the last two weeks working with WTVM, on editing two videos that will be aired during the event as well. That in itself has been a very fun and educational experience for me. Having a strong background in video broadcasting from high school allowed me to be more helpful  and I got to see how new software programs are being implemented in the editing process. Click the links below to see clips of the nominees airing on WTVM this week!

In addition to, I sent out our second news release regarding the event and it will be featured in Phenix City Life Magazine and was released on WTVM’s website as well. To read the article follow the link below!

Picture Information:

Front row from left to right:Board member Julie Stark; guest judge Nora Garrard; board member Judy Dunham; Finalist Jhaqula Tyson; Finalist Austin LeathersBack row from left to right:Guest judge Gene Perkins; board president Jack Turner; board member John Flournoy; Finalist Joseph Knight, Jr.; Dr. Chris McCullough; board member Bill Reaves; guests judge Dr. David Lewis; and Finalist Caleshia Ferguson


This week I missed a day out of my normal internship schedule to partake in my Exit Assessment. It was a nerve wrecking experience, but it helped further my interview skills. I encourage all Communication majors to take pride in the work they submit in each course. Every project and paper will benefit you in the end if they are done properly and skillfully. In addition, it will help with the preparation for Exit and a portfolio for potential job prospects.


Although I did miss a day in preparing for Youth of the Year, my work was patiently awaiting my arrival at my desk. I sent out our second news release for Youth of the Year, added final touches to the visuals being displayed at the event, assisted WTVM with editing footage of our finalist and prepared for our ArtBeat display. I know it seems like a lot, but its quite worth it when working for a phenomenal organization. We have one full week left until YOY is here, and I’m beyond excited.


CORY VEAL- Youth of the Year Interviews


In between the small preparations for YOY,  I have had the pleasure of interviewing our Hall of Fame Inductees for the ceremony. In addition to this being our first Corporate Youth of the Year, it is also the first year we will be inducting individuals and corporations into our Hall of Fame.  The first class of inductees will be honored for their willingness to give  to the organization regularly and more.

During my first interview, I experienced a small level of nervousness. I studied broadcast journalism heavily while in high school, but since I’ve been in college I haven’t utilized many of my skills. Once the interview started, my nervous mind set left me and I felt at home. Having a career in broadcast journalism was a dream of mine since I was a child. I worked hard to be on my high school’s news and entertainment program and I’m glad I have maintained the skills I worked so hard for five years ago. In doing so, I have been able to offer my non-profit organization an advantage.

I have two more interviews to complete next week and I’m beyond excited. I will be able to dip my feet back into the one part of the communication field that opened so many doors for me. And, with the mass media track in the Department of Communication I am prepared to learn so many new things that will help me in my future career.


BGCCV staff Marcus McBride and Myself

This week the  judging for the Youth of the Year finalist took place  at the AFLAC support center on Tuesday evening.  This is a major step in progression towards the main event in March at the National Infantry museum. The event included 10 judges who scored the finalist on character and leadership, obstacles overcome and the willingness to give back to his or her community and club.

Furthermore, I am so proud of each finalist. Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure to hear their life stories and get to know them a little better and I can truly say I have been touched by each child. So, regardless of who goes home with the  award, they are all deserving to be nominated for such a great title. Not to mention, our very own Professor McCullough had been helping each finalist over the past month prepare for their speeches.

Next week we will be continuing with the fine details of the event. We are just one step closer to success and I cant wait share more of this journey!