Brandon Moe

This week was very simple but at the same time I had to get ready for the things I had to do the following week. Throughout the week, I had to help people with liners. I also was able to speak on new information going on around campus during my voice tracks on air. Besides doing the usual, I had to prepare to meet with people so we can get more voices for the next upcoming liners about COMM Week. Hopefully with all that’s going on, being that it’s Mid terms week, I can get all the people I need for the liners. I also was able to add more music for the EDM Block which is kind of shown in the picture.


Brandi Phillips

Week 5

Unfortunately, this week I haven’t been able to commit entirely to PMB due to schedule constraints. Nevertheless, I worked on data spreasheets once again. As I mentioned before, the list is extensive. It is time consuming to compute the listener’s information into the Excel spreadsheet. Other than this, it was another great and easy week at PMB.

Brandi Phillips

Week 4

Another CSU intern and I were granted the privilege to sit in on an executive meeting with the city of Columbus and other media professionals. Uptown Columbus shared with everyone about spring events they thought would make Columbus more enticing. It was great to listen to what is in store for Columbus, and as well meet and greet with other media professionals.

Brandi Phillips

Week 3

This week, I had the chance to be in the radio studio for Q 107.3. Midday radio personality, Jay King, showed me programs they use to deliver and edit voiceovers. He showed me how to work the control board and other programs they use. It was fascinating to see how the DJ’s switch back and forth on the control board. I would need to take some lessons to famailiarize myself with that. Damon Free, another radio personality for Q 107.3, informed me about selecting songs to play, when to play them, how often to play them, etc. One thing I’ve learned was that it is important to multi-task.

Brandi Phillips

Week 2

The second week of interning at PMB has quickly approached me. Last week, I was computing data information into Excel spreadsheets. This week, another intern from Auburn University and I sat in on an executive meeting. We listened as they discussed a recent event that had for Super Bowl, and other suggestions for next year. Other than this, they talked about upcoming events and promotions for the listeners. Then, we worked on the calendar of events for PMB and completing the data spreadsheet assignment.

Brandi Phillips

Week 1

My first week at PMB was an exciting one. Most of my media experience is in television and writing. So, learning about radio will be a new route for me. I met with alum, Allie Powell, and radio director, Dave Arwood, to discuss the duties I would have as a PMB intern. To start things off, I worked on data spreadsheets. Here, I organized listener’s information so Allie or someone else could send them e-mail reminders about the upcoming events and other promotions. The data spreadsheet was extensive! This proves PMB has a strong listening base.

Caleb Janney

Week 6

This week was a brainstorming week. Rob is the pastor over house churches as Grace Midtown. One of the major parts of his job and subsequently my job is to provide the proper resourcing to leaders in house churches or potential leaders of new house churches on how to lead their house church. We have been accomplishing this through emails as the come in overtime but we have been trying to figure a way by which we will be able to resource these guys better. We landed on the idea of a House Church Resource Manual. This is a big project underway as of this past week. This however will not be something that I am spearheading. This project will probably outlast the length of my internship. I am just going to share what I suggested be a part of this manual, which I hope to continue to be a resource on in the coming weeks in months. I suggested that, very practically, we have a communication section of this resource manual. My thoughts were to focus mainly on interpersonal relationship skills: relational dynamics, being yourself, and conflict resolution. Any time you are leading other people it is important to have a good working knowledge of interpersonal relational skills, how that relates to you being fully yourself, and how to solve conflict within a group because it is bound to happen.

My others duties this week were to begin to plan for next month’s Fireside Chats. The next chat is actually in just a couple of weeks, March 13. I am mentally processing these steps right now and will begin to take action next week. I also had to update a few house churches in the network management software Arena. I actually did not have to send out any mass communications this week.


Louis Sanville

Internship Blog #5

I’m still doing small tasks for the station, though I’m confident that I would move up in position. My work for the station is starting to improve. I’m gaining more work than usual. I’m starting to master the more technical tasks, but I’m trying to take it in little by little. I’m enjoying my time with the station, and I’m learning a lot from them. By next week, I would be able to finish some of the tasks that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks.

The playlist that I’m constructing for the station is near its end. The fifties playlist is almost done. From there, I’m going to pick 50 songs that didn’t make the lists that I’ve constructed for each decade. The hard part is to not select them randomly. They have to appeal to the listeners. It’s going to be difficult, but I like a challenge.

Also, I plan to work on more radio liners. I’ve turned in two liners last week, and they were done within a two-week period. I want to pick up the pace this time. This would be difficult, because there is so much to be done from my other classes. Also, I would like to get more opportunities to construct liners that show growth within my editing skills.

As for other projects for next week, it remains to be seen. It’s basically the same stuff every week until something changes. Like I said, I think the station is keeping me from doing anything that would cause stress on the other employees. Regardless, I would hope to be more experienced in the radio broadcast industry by the completion of the internship. As always, I hope to continue my progress and education on the broadcasting industry, using my experience in WCUG.

Courtney Napier

Interning at the Chamber

I love to watch people (not in a creepy way). I’ve just always been curious about what makes people do the things they do and how things work. I notice the smallest idiosyncrasies, and I like to see how people react and interact with one another. I suppose that’s partly why I decided to be a communication major. At the Chamber I’ve noticed who’s had 3 cups of coffee before lunch, who’s hesitant to give me even the most minute and tedious workload, who’s anxious to tell their stories, who’s always asking if anyone wants them to pick up something on their way back to the office on their lunch break, who shamelessly play their music with the door open, who’s the first to speak up at meetings, and who’s the last one out the office at the end of the day. Everyone plays his or her part, and each person’s role makes a huge impact on the team dynamic.

Because it’s the beginning of the year and we are still processing memberships, I get the pleasure of putting all the applications in the computer (oh, the joy). We are coming up on some of our first YP events of the year, which I am most excited for! I feel like I know all these people that I haven’t actually met yet, but I know their names, their employers, what committees they signed up for this year, which ones they served on last year (okay, so this doesn’t help my creeper case much). It will be exciting to get to work with each of the committees within the Chamber. I’ve learned that one of the most important functions of the Chamber is networking and connecting. It is our responsibility to initiate those connections, whether business or interpersonal that may not have been established in other circumstances. Like I was told by one of my supervisors, “under most circumstances, a CEO of a major corporation and a small business owner or employee would not sit down and have a lengthy conversation at a dinner or exchange ideas at a meeting, but the Chamber serves as a platform where all types of ambitious people can link up and network with one another” (and I think that’s amazing).

I think as a communication major an internship at the Chamber will be greatly beneficial for me, it’s been an experience already and started opening doors and I’ve not even gotten to the hard part yet. Also, I get to attend all these great events without having to pay a membership fee so that’s super cool too. I know I’m always referring back to networking and connections, but that’s a part of the job. I’ll try to keep the creep factor down next week.

Until next time,

The Intern

Chelsea Hudson

As of lately my internship at PMB has been going pretty smooth. The Car data entries are complete so I’m sure I’ll be starting on another project soon. They told me they’ll be having a radio thin this upcoming week so I’m really looking forward to seeing how that works. I’m especially excited because it’s for a good cause. It’s for St. Jude if I’m not mistaken. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have planned this week. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.