CPR: Girls Say What?!

CPR Radio has different segments of the show which are Music, Entertainment, Politics, and News. “Girls Say Whatttt” is the title of the entertainment segment. The hosts of this amazing segment are Sophie Jones, K’Niqua Browne, and Aliyah Anglin. These three girls all have different personalities, that allow them to come together as one, and produce a great segment.

K'Niqua A.K.A. Diamond K

K’Niqua A.K.A. Diamond K

K’Niqua is 1/3 of “Girls Say What,”  when we first started she was so shy and not too fond of her voice because it is so soft, but now she has progressed tremendously and is taking the lead to become better at her craft.



Aliyah Anglin is 2/3 of the group and although I love to be in there with everyone while they are recording, with students like her, there’s no need for me to be. She can record her group’s segment and edit it all at the same time. Things like this make me very excited. I teach the girls that it is very important to be well rounded in this field.

Fireball Sophie

Fireball Sophie

The last member of the group is Sophie Jones. Sophie has a dynamic radio voice that is energetic and captivating! When I heard Sophie live for the first time I was immediately blown away. There’s so much talent inside of her and all of the girls that I sometimes sit back and watch them work together in amazement. They are all dedicated to what we do in NPACE and its quite refreshing.

Getting the word out!


This week we released our September news letter. It is the first time the Liberty Theatre created a newsletter to keep the community informed, but it was well received. I would like to give myself a little pat on the back, because it received many compliments.

This was a week focused on getting the word out about them. Whether it maybe social media or newspapers calendars, we basically wanted the community to know more about their upcoming events and Liberty Legends posters being sold to raise money for their organization.

I mentioned that we should create a social media campaign of some sort to 1. raise awareness and 2. start a social movement within our community in honor of the Liberty Legends. I grew up in Columbus and I never new that there was a Liberty District or that Columbus, Georgia had musical legends performing here and that the mother of blues, Ma Rainey was born here. I feel like that is something worth raising awareness for and to receive funding, because it is a part of our cities culture.

The Liberty Theatre has been around for many years and many people within our community are not aware of it. I did not find out about until last year myself. I am hoping that the social media campaign can get the okay so we can get our community involved and get the word out!

First Week with WTVM

My first week with WTVM was interesting. I spent most of my first week getting to know a lot of the workers at the station and learning about the different types of software that they use at the station. One program that noticed that practically everyone uses at the station is called ENPS and I also noticed that the editing software that the editors used was called Edius. When I arrive at 9:30 am to the station, I browsed the internet for major news stories to discuss at the 9:45 am news meeting. After the news meeting, I partnered with different employees in different departments such as directors, editors, producers, assignment editors, etc and gain valuable insight on what each position entailed and the do’s and don’ts. Just from my initial experience in the production control room, I can tell that that’s probably going to be the most challenging department for me to learn but I’m ready!

Real Talk with Chequelle: Midday Monster

The older we get the more nutrition and exercise plays an important factor in our lives. I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Katrina Butler Hill on Real Talk with Chequelle. She is not only an author who has written two books, but she is also a fitness trainer and an aerobics instructor. We were able to discuss many things. She’s been an entrepreneur for 20 years after quitting a stable job to pursue her dreams of becoming a fitness instructor with her husband. She taught me a lot during this interview. I learned more than the importance of working out from Mrs. Hill, but also the importance of women empowerment. 10376921_774922399219182_6237290371520661410_n (1)   Besides providing great interviews and laughs on my show, I’ve been given a nickname from the employees of the station and also my listeners. I’ve been deemed the “cute midday monster,” and I must admit that I really like it. It means that I’m a cute girl with sass and I mean business. I want to provide my listeners with not only great music, but also a good time. When I ask my questions they are straight to the point and serious and they are something that I take pride in. I’ve been told I have a unique interviewing style. From the beginning of this show I can see that I have improved by a thousand. Here’s a picture of how serious my face gets when I’m interviewing guests. Enjoy! 10527503_779244705453618_3826638543825465668_n (1)

WLTZ NBC 38: Internship Week 1


I began my internship with WLTZ NBC 38 June 16th. During my first week interning, I was shown how to edit television and radio promos. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the promos. After completing the television promos, I was able to see them on television between commercials. The radio promos were sent to Clear Channel Radio. I also edited graphics, Graphics are displayed while news stories are being broadcast. For example, if  a news anchor is talking about a suspect police are looking for, a graphic and description of the suspect may appear on the screen while the story is being told. Such graphics is what I was taught how to edit.

In addition, I was introduced to a software called After Effects. After Effects is used to add sound, graphics, visuals, and animations to news broadcasts. The graphics are usually at the beginning of the news broadcasts when anchors are being introduced, or between different segments of the news.

I was also shown how to use an audio board. The  audio board used to adjust mic  volume and and to adjust sound. The majority of the time, the producer or operations manager gives instructions on when to adjust the mic volume or fade/increase background music.photo (1)

I was briefly shown how master control operations work. The master control operator is responsible for making sure what’s appearing on air is accurate and being shown in the correct sequence. Master control operators also troubleshoot technical issues dealing with what’s appearing on air.

I was shown the basic in many areas of the news station during my first week interning. I’m looking forward to the following weeks because I will be assisting in the production of a new sports show!

Reflections Part 2 – Red Cross – Jo Garrison


Ride for the Red was the first motorcycle ride fundraiser put together by West Central Georgia Red Cross Chapter volunteers.  During this time I was able to get an inside look at how a fundraiser is put together.  Concepts I learnt while taking Organizational Communication was utilized while communicating with the many businesses and organizations to obtain support.  Some of the many parts to putting together a fundraiser were obtaining radio spots, writing PR messages, writing ads to be placed in local newspapers, obtaining permission to place promotional bulletins throughout the community.  It took a lot of work and many hands and minds to make this fundraiser happen and on the day of the event it was amazing to feel that fuzzy feeling deep down to see how worth it everything was.  During the event I took several photos to place on the Shutterfly and Facebook page created by me and wrote a 250-word event wrap-up to be placed in the Red Cross news and event newspaper.  Using skills acquired while taking Dr. Park’s Integrated Web Design to put together flyers to distribute to local schools our intentions were to promote the Summer Youth Program.  I really enjoyed getting youths of the community interested in participating and volunteering in the community.  My time spent working with the Red Cross was well spent emphasizing on my studies with the Department of Communication at Columbus State University.  My advice to future interns is to make every minute of your internship count.  There are so many organizations out there that make a difference and when you add that with the immaculate training and teachings given at Columbus State University you realize the greatness these organizations have to offer come from people like you!