What’s Goin’ Down in the UpTown!?

It’s a crunch day. Plenty abuzz in the UptownColumbus offices as everyone readies themselves for this weekends Foodie Fest and the 2014 Arts on the River.



I’m patiently working on the weekly events emails and a FaceBook® trial schedule. Along with these two assignments today I am researching effective uses of Pinterest and Instagram. Though this sounds tedious, I think that it is important to understand fully each social media platform and it’s most effective use for reaching various target audiences. I was asked to make suggestions as to content, however, as my own interest began to take me down the “rabbit hole”, I realized that knowing your public, their interests, and setting a strategy for each individual platform also keeping in mind their relation to each other and the role that synergy plays in an effective social media planning are all much more imperative when it comes to organizational and business rather than personal. 

Sounds like a lot huh? As comfortable as most of us are with our chosen forms of social media, I think that on a professional level we need to relearn and retrain ourselves how to use them and new platforms more effectively in different situations and scenarios. The takeaway here: How we use them at home and for promoting ourselves is an extremely different animal. We won’t even delve into the tools such as analytics and how those are used to further complicate your cognition.

Well, I’m off to develop engaging content, find a bit more, share it, and hope that it attracts attention! Have a great day!!


“Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world.”  By Peter York


What’s Goin’ Down in the Uptown !? By ZachJ

Feeling perpetually behind can be a horrible feeling, but putting stepping it up a notch and showing out is what I’m all about!

Here reported are my endeavors at Uptown Columbus. From helping with event logistics, to actual event management and promotions, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time with Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Hurst, and Mrs. Woodham.

The hustle and bustle in the office is non-stop. In just the past few weeks we have covered the Brews, Blues & Qs Festival; a contest between nearly thirty barbecuers fortified with some awesome music and of course…the brews!

     IMG_1658Then we worked on the Bikes on Broadway event. As it’s name implies, there were motorcycles abound along with vendors, and again live music! The morning of the Bikes on Broadway, event we covered the ribbon cutting for the Columbus Zip-line. I had the opportunity to spend a little time with Sarah Panko of WRBL helping her with some of her video coverage for the event. I also had the pleasure of speaking briefly with both mayors Eddie Lowe of Phenix City and Teresa Tomlinson both of whom I have had the pleasure of working with on other projects in the past. UptownBeerandWineWINEFINAL

I have also been working with various online software platforms to build email and social media promotions. I have also created some graphic promotions using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. UptownBeerandWineBEERFINAL

The staff here is very relationship oriented in all that they do. It seems that they work with everybody and anybody who’s anyone here in the Uptown area. I have been working with city officials and board members of BID (Business Improvement District) as well as local proprietors, owners, event goers and the entire gambit of what is Uptown.

So to sum it all up,it’s been a nutty few weeks with all the event’s coordination, new platforms, promotions, and just generally getting accustom to the overall culture of a new organization and it’s norms and routines. The team here at Uptown Columbus is amazing and is really teaching me what it means to be community minded! They are extremely receptive to the internship program, and extremely helpful in making me feel accepted and comfortable. With many more events and projects to come, I will soon update you on all the new and exciting adventures here at Uptown Columbus. So until then, keep your stick on the ice and keep puck’in around!

Word of the week: Public relations (pub’lic re-la’shuns) n. sing. – An applied social science that influences behavior and policy, when communicated effectively, motivates an individual or group to a specific course of action by creating, changing or reinforcing opinions and attitudes. Its ultimate objective is persuasion that results in a certain action which, to succeed, must serve the public interest. Edward Bernays – See more at: http://www.burson-marsteller.com/harold-blog/a-modern-definition-of-public-relations-why/#sthash.hKftcoE9.dpuf

Video of the week: 

Off their debut album, Devil You Know with former Killswitch Engage singer/frontman Howard Jones, Seven Years Alone is a hard hitting scream fest enveloped in blast beat drumming reminiscent of that Dream Theater sound, then those gorgeous melodious guitar riffs every so often finding their way into a melody rich chorus and finally a killer jumping bean breakdown. From the depths of thrash and metal, this super band put together not only a solid sound, but a great story line and vivacious video presence. Thrash junkies and Howard fans are excited for what’s to come with these guys. Look forward to a possible interview. To be continued…. – ZachJ

Decisions, Decisions!!

Last Years Internship Fun!!

As it probably has been for theres of academia, settling in to the semester has been hectic and exciting all at the same time! Internship opportunities galore, but picking the right one has been trying to say the least, but I think that I’ll be able to announce an internship for certain this Monday. I have interviewed with a few, but this is my last big internship, so I truly want it to be a viable, applicable, as well as integral part of my portfolio when I go on the “real” search after this spring.

Those of you reading this blog, scanning for testimonials confirming the success of the CSU Communications intern program can rest assured that if you put forth the effort both in class and in your internships, you will find yourself with multiple choices. It’s exciting, yes, but daunting having so many choices after four years wondering if this will all pay off!

I now admit to you my disquiet going forward! However, with the support I have received from professors and trusted advisors such as Dr. Gibson, Dr. McCullough, and Dr. Parks, I feel a bit more at ease that I have what it will take to not only succeed but to exceed expectation had by all.

I am now going to rub my earlobes, repeat “Puppy dogs and waves” incessantly as I place in the back of my mind my unease, and put my bast foot forward toward success and a fruitful career. We’ll talk to you again next week when I fill you in on the final decisions and announcement of my internship.Don’t forget about my Word of the day and Video of the day down below! Until then, in the words of the great Red Green, “Keep your stick on the ice!”.

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Word of the day:


\ CHER-ee-pik \ , verb;

1.Informal . to select with great care: You can cherry-pick your own stereo components .

2.Informal . (in retail use) to buy only the sale items and ignore the other merchandise.

Definition of cherry-pick| See synonyms| Comment on today’s word| Suggest tomorrow’s word


It’s easy to cherry-pick silly or ill-considered or factually flawed things he’s said.

— Hendrick Hertzberg, “Foul Tip,” The New Yorker , Jan. 16, 2009

It is only on a second reading that one can see how delicately Sethe cherry-picks what can be told to Denver as the epic triumph of Denver’s birth…

— A.S. Byatt, Toni Morrison, “Introduction,” Beloved , 2006


Cherry-pick entered English in the 1960s possibly as an extension of the slang term cherry-picker , defined by Railroad Magazine in 1940 as a “switchman, so called because of red lights on switch stands. Also any railroad man who is always figuring on the best jobs and sidestepping undesirable ones.”

Brough to you thanks to Dictionary.com

Jam vid of the day:

Primus-Tommy the cat

ZachJ-PMB/NPACE-Holy Canoli

It’s been a mad rollercoaster ride trying to balance studies, internship work at the station, and my newest position as the manager of Columbus’ newest rock venue On The Rocks! I am a long time bartender and manager so that part isn’t complicated  (though coming into a new establishment certainly has  its hurdles), but now I am learning a whole new bag of tricks – event planning and promotion. I have been working with bands such as Eye Empire, Drowning Pool, Jesse James Dupree (of Jackyl and the TV show Full Throttle Saloon), and tons of others up and coming like Sevendust and Trapt! I don’t know if a better gig could have fallen from the heavens for me being a long time rocker, and wanting to end up in entertainment public relations!! Along with event planning, I’m learning the promotions aspect of things as well as dealing with band management, logistics, radio ads, interviews, etc. Just to much to even comprehend.

One of the most exciting events coming up is the Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc. Bourbon Bash. Not because of the show, or the event per say, but because I am going to have the opportunity to meet Jesse himself. He is my idol, he’s an entrepreneur, musician, performer, and entertainer. I am too excited to have the chance to hangout and dialogue with this cat.

I have been getting more and more comfortable with my remote broadcasts as time goes on. I rocked it out with the Zaxby’s girls last week, what a blast! I gave out CD’s to the kids and parents, kicked it with the Zaxby’s racecar driver, broadcast live on location for 106.9, it was just all around a fun afternoon!

Did I already mention that I got the chance to interview the guitarist and co creator of the world of Coheed and Cambria Travis Stever? Let me tell you how that went down: So I’m in the 106.9 rock studio with Chris Chaos, ready for a live phone in interview with Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. After a few minutes, their tour manager, Peter Stahl, came on the line to tell us that they couldn’t track Claudio down. I quickly interjected with ” I can be in Atlanta in 1.5 hours, how about a live interview instead?” IT WORKED! 2 hours later I was in a live interview with Travis and it was beautiful! For the rest of the evening, as i enjoyed the concert, I did impromptu interviews with fans and sent them in via email recordings on my phone. It was awesome!

These are only a few of the situations I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Thanks to Chris Chaos, PMB broadcasting, Dave Arwood, and Columbus State University, I am living the dream, right here in Columbus Georgia, and I don’t graduate until next spring!! How much cooler can this get!!

Thats all I have this time, so until next time…

WORD OF THE DAY: cavil (/ˈkævəl/) – v: to raise irritating and trivial objections.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jesse James Dupree hackin’ up a guitar with his chainsaw!!

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Whirlwind of goings on!!


Once again, I will mention there is plenty of excitement in the NPACE Center and at PMB broadcasting! The launch of NPaCE will include  interviews with local dignitaries and various partners involved in the creation and implementation of  NPACE in our community.

Yes, the NPACE center is excited to announce their new copy writing team. They have been hard at work writing PSA’s and interviews for weeks. We are truly lucky to have them to help us with these projects! If you’re interested give a shot out to that team’s leader, Jessica Word at word_jessica@columbusstate.edu. Jessica and Courtney Mason have been doing some amazing work on all of our new PSA’s and general announcements! We also want to extend a welcome to our teams two newest writers, Cory Veal and Ventrine Parham!

Josh and Maggie of FNSF worked hard on the voice-overs for this material all week long  and we now have complete and edited PSA’s thanks to Tyler Higgins and the rest of our awesome staff.

pmb_all_stationsThis week we will be doing interviews with a good number of the DJ’s from PMB broadcasting! As well as the owner of  PMB broadcasting, Jimbo Martin. We’re super excited to get them on the other side of the mic. and ask them a little bit about themselves. Next week, we will also be doing interviews with the Mayor Lowe and Mayor Tomlinson, as well as interviews with our very own Dr. Mescon, the President of Columbus State University, Dr. Baxter the dean of the College of the Arts, and Dr. Gibson, the  interim chair of the department of  communications here at Columbus State University! Exciting, exciting things going on down here in the NPACE center and PMB broadcasting to include some of my first live remote with PMB broadcasting for River Town Ford aired on Kissin 99.3 and some wonderful work in the studio with Chris Chaos. Thank you so much sir!


To wrap things up, I just want to mention how stoked I am at the amount and level of material I am being given the opportunity to produce for my portfolio, it’s amazing! So far I have had the chance to learn radio programming, production, and had actual on air time. I’ve been doing video (also starting a documentary on struggling musicians and their trails to stardom to include interviews with locals as well as national acts all made possible by my boss and mentor Chris Chaos), still shot photography, interactive media projects, building web sites, building brochures, creating posters, and learning software. This doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable this experience is and to my portfolio, not to mention my future. Once again, more than excited! That’s all I got for today folks! Until next time…

Word of the week: COPYWRITER  noun: A writer of advertising, publicity or marketing content

Video of the Week: Bobaflex-Warriors | At Chaos on the Rocks Feb. 16th with Drowning Pool, SuperBob & Currier!! I’ll be on the bar. Unless they jam this tune for me, then I’ll be on the floor, tearin’ it apart!!

to Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, SuperBob & Carrier February 16th


Zach Jamieson -PMB and NPACE- Just because I’m excited!

After speaking with Chris Chaos at the station, we now have access to Chaos on the Rocks. Chris is going to help us gain permission and access to national acts that shall remain nameless until that fully comes to fruition, but some wicked exciting prospects none the less, trust me. We do have access to the club for sure and we’re ready to blow this up!


Also, I just invested in a new panasonic GH2 with a 14-45mm lens to get started with. Wicked excited to get workin’ with this bad boy! Having access to more cameras will make this documentary supper killer! We’ve already come up with a few schemes that I think will make for some amazing footage! So excited to get this thing in my hands, you don’t even know!!


That’s it for now y’all! Stay tuned for more exciting events and plans!

If you want to keep up with this project (documentary) as it comes together, please visit us at: whatsmedia4

Zach Jamieson-NPACE/PMB-Cram it!!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks!! Cramin’ for exams, projects, videos, presentations, etc.  

 This is an EXTREMELY rough edit of the NPACE video that may eventually be used as it’s commercial. Pretty exciting. I have to get back to crackin’ the books or I am absolutely not going to get what I need to finished. Wish me luck on the end of the semester and lets kick it on my break!!

Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Turkey-lurkey-doo!!

Ladies and gentlemen first and foremost I want to thank you if you are reading this over your holiday week. It has been an interesting week. I have been finishing projects such as research papers, video rough cuts, web page design projects, topped off with studying for final projects and exams! PMB has been fun as of late, woking on FNFF’s recordings and had the pleasure of driving the station van in the Veterans Day parade.


Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Not Enough Hours in the Day

Top of the morning friends! It has been an extremely busy week. Up at 8am, in bed by 4am, and all over again. This week NPACE went live through PMB with our pilot program, Friday Night Football Focus. It went well and we were all ecstatic about our first shot. We’ve had a good
number of followers, and even some folks calling in, hopefully adding to these numbers in the following weeks. This week for NPACE I will visit five of Columbus’ high school coaches for interviews to bolster this weeks broadcast. I am having a great time building relationships with these molders of men and pillars of our community, all the while I’m supporting not only local high school football but the kids and coaches who make it happen.

Also, In the next few days I will work on the Intro, outro, into spot, and out of spots that PMB so graciously allowed us to use their voice talent for. A few zips and bangs, toss in a few rockin’ riffs and SHAZAM, audition spits out gold (with the help and guidance of Dave Arwood and his helpful staff). If you didn’t get the Adobe Audition reference, it’s the software we’ve been using to produce the spots we’ve been making. What’s even more satisfying is the first usable spot you create.

Wedged between (and not necessarily evenly) these few assignments, I finished a military focused brochure to be used by Dr.Gibson at a military function this week, featuring our very own Communications department. I was flattered and honored to be asked to help with such a project, even if it was a last-minute situation, as most important situations usually are. I worked through the night, and come 9am, BLAM! We had a nearly finished copy. With a few tweaks and edits, it was on the CSU press by that evening.

Today I finished a small preview of NPACE’s new commercial for Dr. Park. After a few more weeks of B-roll and several long nights in the NPACE lab editing, I’m confident that we will have a very persuasive end result. Yet another piece of software I am learning this semester that is a lot of fun to play with, Final Cut Pro X. There are so many things that can be done with this software it’s crazy.

Well kids, it’s nearly 2am and I have to be up at 8am to work at PMB before my interviews and classes! So… Until next time…

Word of the week: vote 1.a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative 2.The opinion of a group as determined by voting 3.a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US constitution; guaranteed to women by the 19th amendment.

Video of the week: I love this stream. Philly D

Zach Jamieson-NPACE & PMB Broadcasting-“There is something afoot at the” NPACE center!

20121019-111109.jpg Similar to Bill’s proclamation “There is something afoot at the Circle K Ted!”, on a more positive note there is an excitment in the air here in the NPACE center with the aproach of our first up and comming live broadcast for the Friday Night Football Focus high school edition (our pilot program for FNFF, as well as for NPACE radio broadcasting). Everyone here is really starting to gel, roles emerging, and the excitement is through the roof. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A COMMENT WHILE WE ARE ON THE AIR BETWEEN 7PM AND 11PM ON FRIDAYS PLEASE CLICK THE FNFF LINK ABOVE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CALL IN AND BE A PART OF OUR SHOW PLEASE CALL: 706-507-8600

On another note, I have just begun the other portion of my internship at PMB Broadcasting. With the guidence of Dave Arwood as well as the helping hand of others on staff, I have been learning new software for audio editing and working with voice parts and sound effects working towards the FFNF image. It has been alot of fun, and somewhat of a challenge balancing my shedule between my girls, PMB, NPACE, interviews, classes, work, study time, and family. In saying that I would like to openly thank my wife for here patience and persistance in understanding. Let me show you what my schedule looks like for the week and there are still a few things not added in here:


Include the fact that when it says bar at the bottom, I work untill 3-4AM, then add a dash of study time, and a little sleep (and I mean little) and you the recipe for my success! I love to be busy and man am I . But in the end, I will have a lot to show for my work here.

In the mean time may I add; When doing an interview at a high school around the end of the class day, be sure you are not parking in a spot that is blocked in by the busses or youu may be blocked in for fourty-five minutes or so while you are trying to exit!! Oops!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I can imagine how excited you might be to read my post this week, so without further a due…Until next time…

Word of the week: embrasure Definition: (noun) An opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through.

Music of the week:SIXXam-Lies of the beautiful people. I was introduces to Nikki Sixx’s ( formerly of Motley Crüe) by Chris Chaos. A few weeks ago he tossed me a few CD’s to listen to. I’m pretty impressed with Sixx’s progression from 80’s hair and metal to his new, edgy sound reminiscent of a Sevendust almost.