Erin Valentine

Part of the job is keeping statistics for all the home games. Many sports have their seasons in the spring. A problem with multiple ports playing all in the same season is different sports scheduling games on the same day as other sports. The Sports Information Staff have to decide what the main priority is. It is vital to keep up with statistics for all sports, even if multiple games go on at the same time. It is more detailed and I need to see every single play and explain how everything happened with our coding in the program.

Tennis is mainly scoring and ranking. It is much easier to input statistics the game, unlike softball. When the softball game was occurring, I got an email about the final scores for tennis. In between the double header, I went and added the tennis statistics that post on our website. I tracked the wins, score, and ranking of the singles and doubles matches. Through this experience, I learned the importance of multitasking. I had to switch from softball to tennis and back to input all the statistics. I look forward to imputing more statistics and being able to know more about this program.


Summer Hayes

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”

– Tim Fargo

I received the opportunity to get out, do foot work and accomplish my first task at NPACE. Dr. Gibson talked about a GCA (Georgia Communication Association) Conference that I could attend. It was understood that volunteers were need, so I immediately signed up. I had to wake up bright and early on a Saturday morning to meet with Glenn Arrington, Dr. Gibson’s secretary, to receive my T-shirt and be placed in the best position. I was the Camera Person. The idea of this position was to capture people interacting and presenting. This was an exciting position for me because I was able to enhance on my camera skills. Fortunately, taking pictures wasn’t my only task.

When everyone was settle and listening to the speaker, I was able to take and seat and listen as well. I noticed that my video production professor was one of the speakers. I was very intrigued at this point. They all talked about the pros and cons of communication and the experiences that came first hand when entering this field. I also sat in on a discussion with four student interns from CSU (Columbus State University). They were students that I saw around campus often and didn’t know the massive involvement they had. Service learning was the topic of the evening. It was expounded on by each student. As they were talking, I realized that I was doing exactly what they were doing. I am getting the hands on experience as an intern for NPACE. I really look forward to learning more about what I can do as an intern here at NPACE.


Here are a few photos I took at the GCA Conference.


Olachi Egbutu


This week, I finally got the chance to meet with my internship advisor and go over the duties I’ll be fulfilling this semester with the Academic Center for Excellence on our Main Campus. It sounds like the majority of my work will be filming and editing promotional (and any other type of video) for various programs that this nonprofit organization offers. It’s also possible that I’ll be working with their social media manager to increase activity on all the platforms they utilize.

The Academic Center for Excellence is Columbus State University’s hub for academic programs. Along with advising, the ACE houses a plethora of programs. The Embark program that they offer aids homeless youth in higher education. My first official day “on the job” is March 5th and I’m nervous to say the least. However, I’m looking forward to all the work we’ll be doing together this semester.

Academic Center for Excellence

Nikki Pham

This week I am starting to create labels for AdEx’s clients. However, because each label is tedious and extremely time consuming, I only have to create one label per week. This is my first week with firm deadlines so it has been more intimidating. I received my assignment on Monday and it needs to be completed and emailed back to my supervisor by Friday. I have never created a label before so I struggled with trying to create the look that the client wanted. The client wanted me to create a label that was unique, but relevant to what she was trying to sell: detox and cleansing supplement.

Now, I nailed the unique requirement because the label was covered in triangles that I staggered on top of one another. Still, the label did not give the customer the feeling that it was a detox or cleansing supplement. According to my supervisor, the issue was the color. People do not associate purple with clean. Hence, green would have been a better choice. I think this was a great learning experience because, by helping this customer, I learned that the message plays a large role in advertising. The message can come in various forms such as words, colors, or even shapes. In this case, I gave the wrong impression and message by using a purple color scheme. Although I did not excel at creating this label, I think it shows that there is tons of room for improvement. This will help me in the real world because I won’t make the same mistakes and I will always make sure to take in consideration the color scheme and their implications.

Leslie Bradshaw

From starting my time at the Pezold Management office, I have learned how to communicate as a public relations specialist to a figurehead of the company. Additionally, I have learned how to take the goals of the company and its leaders and merge them to create a successful communication plan. Furthermore, I have spent time traveling to each of the McDonald’s locations owned by Pezold Management. In this situation, I learned how to present myself as a communication specialist wishing to take photos and/or get information from someone.

Thus far in my internship, I have taken photos for the company and I have done a client executive bio on the person I am interning under. I have met with Cassie (the one I am interning with) and the district supervisor, Jerry, and discussed what we plan to accomplish as a team through this internship. In the near future, we are hoping to have completed action shots of all the stores, design a newsletter, and create a new training video for newly hired employees.

I am excited about this internship. I already work at one of their McDonald’s locations and it is exciting to see the communication side of things. This experience can help me be more prepared because it builds on top of my current experience as a manager, and it will make my resume look more extensive. Below, I have attached a picture of me photographing a Phenix City McDonald’s owned by Pezold Management.


This photo was taken at the 280 location in Phenix City, Al. This week, I visited all the Phenix city locations to get action shots of the employees as well as headshots of the managers to make the new training program more personal for the newly hired. The idea is that the newly hires would be more familiar with their store after seeing photo and video of what it looks like and who they will be working with.

Jordan Woody

Since I was given more responsibility, the week has become more challenging. The head of the group sales department was performing poorly so she was fire. After her firing, we have been scrambling to keep up. Although it has been tough, we are still persevering.

Two new interns joined us this week and they helped tremendously. Nathan, one of the interns, is studying animation in the art department at CSU. Nathan is very driven and likes to work. Nathan even volunteered to work during his spring break. His help was very much appreciated. The other intern, Taylor, is shy but she’ll be great handling paperwork and data entry. I think that the three of us will make a great team and move the group sales department better than before.

We are now only four weeks away from our release date, so our company is scrambling a little bit. There is a lot of work that still needs to be finished before the premiere. It’s both exciting and scary, because there’s a lot of pressure riding on the next few weeks. On the March 21st and 22nd our company is doing trade screenings. Trade screenings are where we show the movie to film buyers and if the buyers like it they’ll put it in their theaters. This usually happens much earlier in the films lifespan, so there’s a better chance for marketing, promoting and selling the movie. I’m nervous, but excited about the coming weeks. After our April 13th release date, I’ll finally be able to take a breath.


Sgt. Stubby watching me work!

Picture1 copy

Hannah Holland

This week of work was my favorite by far. On Tuesday we started out the day by making sure that all of our social media accounts were up to date. I went through our social media feed and liked and retweeted all of the posts that the teams put out to show the awards support for the golf teams. We also packed up Haskins donor gifts and got them ready to be mailed to the recipients. One of the last things that we had on our agenda was to come up with an information letter for the coaches. We are creating these in the hopes that sending this packet home with the coaches will help them know who we are and how to participate by voting. I was asked to write a rough draft of this letter. Once I was finished writing it I felt like I was on top of the world! I couldn’t believe that my work would ever be used for the award. I didn’t think that my work would ever be good enough to be used. The fact that they had enough trust in me to do something this important meant the World to me! On Thursday, we did the same thing with our social media accounts, and we made a post for the award winners for both the LPGA and PGA tour. I also attended my first meeting of my internship with the awards clothing provider. It was nice to be considered to help make these important decisions.

This week of work made me feel like I was an important member of the team. I originally thought that the title of intern would just lead to me having to do a lot of filing and paperwork, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how much they value my input and the work that I do. This week I was able to show that I am the right person for this internship and it gave me an opportunity to show my talents. I learned the importance of shining when your number is called. You need to make sure that when your employer calls on you to do something to put your best foot forward and present the best work possible. I am so grateful that I get to have this opportunity with some amazing people and make connections with people that could honestly be my future employers.

ESPN camera picture

Erik Warrior

       This week,although it has been a stressful one,has been very productive. I was able to get my midterms done as well as the work I was assigned in the NPACE center. With spring break slowly approaching it is very understandable for many students to slack off on their last few assignments. At the NPACE center this week I was able to see students come in and work on their editing assignments for their various classes here at Columbus State University.

       Being able to see those students come in and be able to have the NPACE center as a place where they felt comfortable to work was amazing. With them telling me about their work I was able to ask for insight on some of my assignments that I was recording in the NPACE center. They helped me and together we got the work done. I am looking forward to being in the NPACE center more often even when I am not working (Video we worked on)

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.59.08 AM

Andrea Washington

This week Troy Jackson and Amy Bryan shared with me what my assignments were, showed me the area where I would be completing my assignments, and meeting the coworkers apart of this great organization. While meeting the coworkers everyone introduced themselves to me and had great attitudes, and the overall environment in the organization was nice, calm, and peaceful. This week I began working on a specific task.  Contacting local organizations, that the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce kept in contact with for media business. To do this Amy Bryan gave me a list of numerous organization names with a list of different personnel’s I had to contact through phone or email. I enjoyed doing this task and felt prepared due to the specific instructions Amy Bryan and Troy Jackson gave me, and them answering any questions I asked.

What I learned from this week is to always remind yourself to take a deep breath and relax. When you’re having a hard time trying to complete a tasks, take a deep breath and remain calm in order to be able to think. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask even if you feel like you are annoying a personnel. It’s better to ask questions and get it right then not to and get it wrong. Come into something new thinking positive, don’t over think and take it one step at a time.


Hannah Holland

“How are you H Bug” is how I am normally greeted when I come into work at the Annika and Haskins Awards, but this week my internship director added “we have so much to do” to the end of that greeting and he was not joking. This week was very hectic and full of surprises! On Tuesday, we started out by proofing the name plaques for the trophy. I also organized credit card statements and helped balance the check book. After my lunch break I came back to the office and put together donor gifts. On Thursday we began the day by making a social media post. I was put out of my comfort zone because my director asked me to vary what I did for our weekly post. I learned how to edit pictures and create a photo collage. It was so much fun to try something new and this will be a skill that I will be able to use later in life. We finished the day by creating an account with the Professional Golf Association(PGA) tour so that it alerts us when former Haskins award winners are playing in upcoming tournaments.
During this week of work I was asked to step out of my comfort zone. This will help me in any future job that I have because not every assignment is going to be my favorite or the most comfortable. I think that it is very important that I am learning this fact early so that I can better prepare for it in my future endeavors. This week I also had to teach myself an editing software in order to vary our social media posts. This helped teach me the valuable skill of teachability and how to ensure that I learn fast in order to reach a deadline. I am very thankful for this opportunity to work with a foundation like the Haskins and Annika award and I look forward to using these skills that I learn in my future occupation.

Auburn golf team picture