Olivera Tadijin

Last week, I worked on marketing for the tennis event that is happening in October. Right now, I am working on creating a billboard that is going to be on a couple of places. The poster that I created last week is up now, in the restaurants, CSU buildings and tennis clubs. Next week, I am attending the regional tournament with the CSU tennis team in South Carolina, and I am going to update the Facebook and Twitter page with daily results.

Dee Anderson

The past two weeks of my internship have been very eventful. I apologize from not communicating last Sunday.

I have attended some planning meetings for upcoming events that the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is assisting with.

I will be assisting ODS with Disability Awareness Week in October. There are several events the week of October 10th that I will be helping execute.

The ODS will be hosting a luncheon for CSu Veteran’s affairs office. I will also assist with the specifics of the event.

The Mayor’s Commission for persons with disabilities (MCPD) will be conducting an educational seminar for employers.

I will be assisting with advertisement of the event.

In between meetings, I assisted students with testing, and covered the front office. 

Ansley Phillips

Street Team’s Busiest Week


This week for my internship I finished up our corporate events, helped secure some event groups, and ran three street team events. Our first event was the state wide PTA meeting where we really pushed our fundraising nights and field trip options to schools in the area ranging from elementary schools to high schools.

Our fundraiser nights are spirit nights where a percentage of the night’s funds go to the organization hosting the fundraiser. The next event was setting up a booth at the youth soccer games where we handed out Launch swag and tried to recruit for our toddler time, homeschool time, and our upcoming corporate photo shoot.

The last event for the day was the Celebration Recovery event at Cooper Creek Park for Christ Community Church. At this event we drew raffle tickets and played with the kids. I actually had to get in the Joey the Kangaroo costume for the first time at this event, which was a new experience for me, but at this job I knew I would have to be a jack of all trades type and a team player so I bounced around like Joey for a while.

Doug Harms

Hey everyone, Doug Harms here. This week I continued to work on Villa’s social media platforms. I also worked on editing the interview that I conducted with one of the guest residents that will go in the Villa newsletter. I have also been working on formatting bid sheets for a silent auction that will take place at Villa International’s annual fundraiser. Lastly, I met with my supervisor to go over the progress and growth of their social media sites and other projects that they have me working on.

Best of luck to everyone this semester and beyond!

Nikki Pham

Week 4: One Brick At A Time

            As I mentioned last week, I hoped to start editing videos and guess what… I did. This week I focused on editing videos in addition to writing scripts both of which were aired. It was an amazing feeling to see my work displayed on television for the world to see. Going into next week, I will continue to write scripts and edit videos. Right now, I know how to do both, but I am sort of slow. So I need to step it up and start producing quickly. Once I adjust to my new tasks, I would like to take on production and learn how to operate a control room. Until then, I am just building my experience and skills one brick at a time.

K’Niqua Browne

This week was very different from the others. I had the opportunity to work an event for CSU, the Speaker Series. We recorded parts of the event in order to make a highlight video. We got angles from the top floor and three different angles from the bottom. I’m excited to see what the editing process will be like and the ending product.

Charise Clay

This week went by rather fast. I had moments when I just wanted to drop everything and lay in bed all day. Although, that would have been ideal it was not an option at all. The Chamber is going really well. I am somewhat finishing task rather quickly. I designed an entire website in four hours. I completely surprised myself seeing as I can’t finish my own blog. I hope I have meet all their expectations.

Chris Stone

NPACE What We’ve Done: Blog 3

Hey all –

This week, some of the other NPACE interns and I were able to help film Aflac CEO Dan Amos at the Department of Communication Speaker Series. We were put in charge of using one of the cameras to get shots of his speech for the NPACE team to create teaser videos for future events. I really enjoyed being able to be behind a camera and helping to create something for our department.

‘Til next time,


Olivera Tadijin

Last week, I’ve done a lot of marketing for 2016 CSU Tennis Classic. I created flyer and poster, and next week I will work on my first billboard. Also, I attended the meeting with other people who work on marketing part for this event as well as the director of the event. Last Friday I also filmed the first tennis practice at the new facility that is going to host the tennis tournament next weekend.

Chris Stone

NPACE What We’ve Done: Blog 2

Hey all –

This week, we were put more in charge of keeping track of equipment rentals. I believe this is helping my introverted ways by making me talk with some people that I have never met before. And while we’re at it, we get to talk about something that I am passionate about: filming. I have been having fun with this internship so far, so I cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester holds.

‘Til next time,