Last Day. Next Graduation!

This is my last day at the Liberty. I have been given many opportunities to work on my design skills and tap into other skills to build my resume!

I have created brochures, flyer, programs and even a logo! I have enjoyed my time here. I was able to work at the historic Liberty Theatre, an organization that is dedicated to giving back to the community.

I’ve always wanted to do graphic design. This can definitely be a start in the right direction for my career. Each organization that I’ve worked with throughout my college career would have aided in my success. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 5.46.41 PMGosepel 2gospel 2


Some material that I created for the Liberty Theatre.

Last week

Last week it was just the time to wrap up everything. I worked on our playbill as well as two flyers that were being voted on for an upcoming event for next year. It was fun! I did not have all the resources I needed to create an amazing flyer like how you can in Photoshop, but they were still pleased with the outcomes.

Gosepel 2

This is the flyer they decided to use.

Not to bad for Microsoft Word. One thing I’ve learned is that in order to do a task you don’t have to wait until you have everything you need, you just have to make due with what you have.

It was little difficult, because as opposed to Photoshop Microsoft does not have layers so things can begin to become scrambled on the page, but it still turned out nice.

NPACE: I’ll Never Forget You, My Semester Wrapped Into One


NPACE has been the place that I’ve spent my entire semester in. I’ve done my internship here, and I’ve also made lifelong friends. The experiences that are encountered in NPACE are a once and a lifetime thing. I’ve learned how to better my communication and leadership skills, and also perfect my editing skills. These skills are skills I will take with me forever. I never thought that I would learn how to use diffusers and produce a radio show all at the same time. But here I’ve been able to do that.Just the thought that I’m about to graduate and will never work with these people again as students saddens me. The time I’ve spent here has made me feel like I’ve created a joint family in the Communication Department. I just want to share some more pictures of my experience and time here with everyone.



My experience with iNto Columbus


Working with the iNto Columbus crew have been more than amazing! I enjoyed witnessing the many talents of my fellow classmates as well as the creativity. Hard work was put into the show and everyone gained much practice to master their craft of shooting and editing. In the near future I would love to team up with my peers to share similar passion of film and production. I really enjoyed producing such a great production with skilled people. I hope to continue to produce great footage like this so I can not only improve on my skills but gain more knowledge about what really goes into a major production.


Here in a spot that Realtree produced for Thanksgiving. Realtree’s slogan is Family, Friends and The Outdoor. Could not be any more true for this piece.


It means a lot to me to be able to do an internship somewhere with such great great people and strong morals. The people at Realtree take their slogan very serious.


Taking the right photo.

When I am in the field I take a lot of photos. However, when it comes to work only a few of them matter. One in particular is the most important. We call it a “hero shot.” This photo is take once the game has been harvested. We use this photo for everything to social media to print adds and everywhere in between and trust me, there are a lot of in betweens. I am going to show you to examples: one bad photo and one good photo. You will easily be able to which one is the better photo.Bw0mQnlIAAAfYgFSee how the rack gets lost within the background? Not good.

4A3C0719See how the rack is sky lit? Nothing is in the way of the rack. It does not get lost in the background.

Little things like this go a long way in our industry. It is the little things that set you apart.


More Final Cut Pro Practice

The more, the better, right? Here’s a piece of the footage I edited for Dr. Parks’ Interactive Media. Thankfully, we are granted access to the equipment at NPACE. I was a one-man team, which rarely happens and I can tell I am progressing.

I unloaded the equipment, asked the questions, filmed the interviewee, loaded everything back, and began editing the footage. Whew! It was very tiring, but it was a relief when the video was completed.

Farewell NPACE, It’s Been Real

All semester long, I learned more about the media industry, editing, filming, communicating with others outside CSU, and even myself. I learned that I must grow some patience and adjust to learning new things. NPACE center was an outlet for not only myself, but for other students, to come and relax and get our work done at the same time.

There have been some improvements at NPACE and there will be many more along the way. Although this internship will be over is a couple more days, I may come back and contribute to the Inyo Columbus show and continue to learn. Sometimes, it takes more than a 75-minute class to completely grasp everything you need to know.