My experience with iNto Columbus


Working with the iNto Columbus crew have been more than amazing! I enjoyed witnessing the many talents of my fellow classmates as well as the creativity. Hard work was put into the show and everyone gained much practice to master their craft of shooting and editing. In the near future I would love to team up with my peers to share similar passion of film and production. I really enjoyed producing such a great production with skilled people. I hope to continue to produce great footage like this so I can not only improve on my skills but gain more knowledge about what really goes into a major production.

Editing my Demo Reel

unnamedEditing my Demo Reel has been very challenging for me. I have a ton of footage that I have captured throughout the semester and before interning here at NPACE. Once my Demo Reel is completed it will display my passion and show my creativity through my video. I have improved and am working on mastering my craft through my editing, shooting, and anchoring skills. I hope to master a great piece that I can soon use as a resume.

NPHC Step Show @ CSU

unnamed (1)(Host Brandon Todd and Myself)

Attending the NPHC Step Show @ CSU was amazing! I had a great time watching all the fraternities and sororities perform and entertain. I had a chance to interview some of the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, and Delta Zeta just to name a few. The host Brandon Todd and Ayana Rome did a marvelous job on the stage. The event raised awareness for Sickle Cell and Sickle Cell survivors were there to speak about their experience with the disease. Other festivities such as a dance contest took place during intermission and Dj Brad displayed his talents on the turntables. The money that was raised went towards Sickle Cell Association here in Columbus, Ga. Overall the event was a major success and informed students about the Sickle Cell Awareness Disease.

unnamed (2) (Dj Brad and Myself)

Barbers Blackout Bash

I had a great chance to be apart of the Barber’s Blackout Event that was held November 22nd, 2014 @ The Gallery located on Macon Rd in Columbus, Ga. This event was a great turnout. The purpose of the event was to raise money for a future barber or beautician to go to college as well as raise money for a family of Lacosta Williams, a barber that worked at a locally owned babershop Diamond Kutz, who was involved in a tragic accident and died in late October. People around the community as well as Barbers were getting auctioned off for a great cause. Auctions started off at $25. Food was being served and many other festivities were available to the guest such as photo shoots, alcoholic drinks being served, entertainment from local artist and also a selfie station. Overall I enjoyed my time at the Barber’s Blackout Event and I am looking forward to something similar to this event in the near future.


(Myself and Brandi Phillips at the Selfie Station)

barbers blackout bash (Barbers From the Barbers Blackout Event)

Recording at Whitewater Express


Friday November 7th, 2014 I had the opportunity to shoot my fellow peers enjoying the adventure of traveling down the Chattahoochee River. The instructor explained how to properly put on your equipment such as lifejacket, helmet, and wetsuit. The proper boat and paddle was assigned to the group and the Whitewater Express van assisted in taking the participants upstream. Once they reached their destination the van dropped off the boat, paddle, and participants off.


The adventure began! The participants nervously sat in the boat as the instructor gave the boat a little push into the river. The ride started off slowly as the flow of water started to pick up. The participants expressions were clear on their faces as they rode the waves. I captured great footage of the water flowing beautifully downstream and different viewpoints of the adventure. The participants really enjoyed themselves and explained how cold the water was but overall had a great experience.

CAM01827 CAM01828

Interview with Freeze Frame

ResizedImage_1414617349137 (1)

Today I put together a package a little different. This week I chose to do a segment with Freeze Frame located on Broadway and 11th. It was a different interview setup. The owner basically gave me a tutorial of what to do at Freeze Frame. She demonstrated step by step how to make a yogurt bowl of your choice. First by picking the size cup/waffle to put your yogurt in, next selecting the different flavors of frozen yogurt that you desire, next adding the over 60 toppings to choose from, finally weighing your cup/waffle to see how much it weighed. The prices are .49 cents per oz and they offer 10% discounts with military ID and student ID cards. Freeze Frame also offers a discount if you purchase and wear their shirts with their logo. I enjoyed shooting here at Freeze Frame and will definitely make another trip in the near future.

ResizedImage_1414617349640 ResizedImage_1414617351038