Getting the word out!


This week we released our September news letter. It is the first time the Liberty Theatre created a newsletter to keep the community informed, but it was well received. I would like to give myself a little pat on the back, because it received many compliments.

This was a week focused on getting the word out about them. Whether it maybe social media or newspapers calendars, we basically wanted the community to know more about their upcoming events and Liberty Legends posters being sold to raise money for their organization.

I mentioned that we should create a social media campaign of some sort to 1. raise awareness and 2. start a social movement within our community in honor of the Liberty Legends. I grew up in Columbus and I never new that there was a Liberty District or that Columbus, Georgia had musical legends performing here and that the mother of blues, Ma Rainey was born here. I feel like that is something worth raising awareness for and to receive funding, because it is a part of our cities culture.

The Liberty Theatre has been around for many years and many people within our community are not aware of it. I did not find out about until last year myself. I am hoping that the social media campaign can get the okay so we can get our community involved and get the word out!

Working with reporter Sara Lim

Today at the station I was partnered with reporter Sara Lim. I spent my entire day with her and I enjoyed every second of it. At the beginning of the day, I could sense that Sara was pretty stressed out and frustrated which was absolutely understandable being that she is a reporter with tight deadlines to make. Sara had 3 stories that she was in charge of covering today, the first one involving the 47 year old rapper Bobby Ray Stewart aka HiWay who was shot Saturday night at The Supper Club on Buena Vista Rd.. Sara and I went out to see if we could get interviews from either the owner of The Supper Club or by family members or relatives of the deceased. After reaching out to various sources with no avail, Sara & I decided to give that story a break and take a lunch break and head back to the station to figure out what our next move would be. After partnering with the assistant news director Janell, we went out again to interview Dr. Robert Chrzanowski, a Allergist-immunologist specialist. We were able to get a great story courtesy of Dr. Chrzanowski about ragweed season and how it affects people and how to treat and prevent an allergic reaction to it.

Once we left Dr. Chrzanoski’s office, Sara & I went to South Columbus over to the Winston Road and Head street intersection to get some eye witness interviews from local residents in the area about the shooting of 16 year old Christopher Jones. Sara informed me before we arrived that this wasn’t the safest area in Columbus and that the area was very violent. Sara also informed me that because the area is so violent, it may be difficult to get anyone to speak to us on camera. Once we arrived, we asked several of the residents if they could give us any information on the incident that occurred and if they would mind getting in front of the camera for us, but as Sara predicted many were too afraid to be featured on camera discussing the crime. After getting rejected by several of the residents, we eventually left the area and went back to the station.

Once back at the station, Sara began working on her stories and news packages for the evening show. She explained to me that days like that were not uncommon and that you typically have to just take what you can get and keep it moving.

After working with Sara, I really got a little bit more of a better understanding of what it was like to be a reporter on a bad day and how to handle situations when you feel like you are getting no where. Even though Sara started out the day stressed and frustrated trying to meet her deadlines and get interviews for the evening show, she quickly warmed up to me and gave me some very valuable tips and information that you can’t learn in a classroom. I really enjoyed working with her. Sara kept everything raw and real with me and did not sugarcoat anything and I really appreciated that. Her candidness showed me what countless other reporters go through everyday and also showed me what to expect in the broadcast industry.

Sara & I outside the station

Sara & I outside the station

The scene where Christopher Jones died

The scene where Christopher Jones died

Dr. Chrzanowski

Dr. Chrzanowski

First Week with WTVM

My first week with WTVM was interesting. I spent most of my first week getting to know a lot of the workers at the station and learning about the different types of software that they use at the station. One program that noticed that practically everyone uses at the station is called ENPS and I also noticed that the editing software that the editors used was called Edius. When I arrive at 9:30 am to the station, I browsed the internet for major news stories to discuss at the 9:45 am news meeting. After the news meeting, I partnered with different employees in different departments such as directors, editors, producers, assignment editors, etc and gain valuable insight on what each position entailed and the do’s and don’ts. Just from my initial experience in the production control room, I can tell that that’s probably going to be the most challenging department for me to learn but I’m ready!

Amelia – Christ Community Church – Starting A New Adventure


This semester I am interning at Christ Community Church (CCC). If you have ever wondered what communication work you can do in a church, then I am about to tell you. I cannot tell you all aspects of communication in the church because I do not know them, but I can tell you what parts I am now responsible for.

This semester I will be helping create a website for Christ Community that is for a project they are involved in called, “Micah’s Promise.” Micah’s Promise is going to be an organization that helps women who have found themselves a part of human trafficking. I am really excited about this because ultimately people are going to be helped and are going to hear about the love of Christ, and I think that is absolutely amazing.
This semester I will also be helping create a style guide for CCC to be used throughout all of their social media channels. This guide will formalize the text which is used and create a central use of language. I am using an AP Stylebook as the basis for this style guide.
I will also be researching social media platforms and recommending which platforms CCC needs to be a part to reach the largest amount of people. I will be creating a weekly posting schedule for each platform CCC decides to be a part of.

I am very excited about this semester and will be taking on each of these tasks one at a time. I have begun with the Micah’s Promise website and am currently reading up on every bit of information I can learn about WordPress because this will be where the site is located. Allow me to be the first to tell you that there is a lot of information to read about WordPress if you want to be successful and complete everything to the best of your ability.

I am excited about this adventure of interning and I cannot wait to look back at the end of the semester and see how far I’ve come.

Crazy Semester – Jake Hall – College of the Arts & NPACE


I have officially began my final semester as an undergraduate at CSU. I look forward to graduating and getting my communication degree, but it is also a strange feeling. I am about to go out into the real world and get a real job. Not the part time food service jobs that I have worked for the last ten years, but something that I can make a career out of and continue to grow under.

For my last semester I chose to intern at the NPACE because I want to get really good with the camera. I have been working hard at getting better with them, but I still feel that there is room for improvement. I start on tuesday working there.

That was going to be my only internship until Dr. Gibson emailed me about an opportunity to work for the College of the Arts as well the NPACE. I was skeptical at first, but after sitting down with Dr. McCollough and discussing it further I felt that it was a great opportunity. So I took on that job as well.

So far it has been great at the College of the Arts. I have been in discussions all week about getting advertisements for upcoming COA events placed in both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio. My boss, Rex Whiddon, and I discussed other things that he will need my help on, and it looks like I will certainly have an entertaining and valuable final semester at CSU.

Leaving Mississippi

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.24.27 PM

The first week for my internship was pretty busy. Being that it was the first week of classes and the fact that this is an organization that is rooted within our community. Upon our first meeting, I understood why they needed help. The Liberty Theatre is always doing something. Whether it is working with someone another organization,an event or a showing they are pretty busy.

For my first week, they started me off doing a news letter to keep everyone updated on their upcoming events, as well as, opportunities for people within the community to get get involved with the Liberty. Right now they have a partnership with our CSU Scwob for music prep classes and they are currently looking for instructors for dance classes.

They also asked me to get their shows added to news papers within a 100 miles of Columbus, as well as, local newspapers. They are are looking to expand their media contacts. Trying to raise awareness and increase diversity for their events are some of their goals they are looking to reach.

I ended my week of interning with them by attending the Cultural Alliance Committee meeting. They discussed all of their events and some new exciting things Columbus should look out for in the near future. I also attended Leaving Mississippi, which was a partnership with the Columbus Museum to showcase artwork created by Najee Dorsey. It was great experience and just this first week alone I never realized how much our community values art and creativity. The internship with the Liberty Theatre is opening my eyes to new things and I am looking forward to every experience.


So Begins the Rebranding

DSC Website1

     In being a Public Relations major I feel a little lucky to be in the middle of a rebranding venture. For those who do not know, CONTACT – A Disability Resource Center is rebranding. A couple of weeks ago the board decided to change its name to Disability Service Center. The reasons for the name change go back to the original nonprofit of CONTACT 211. Damage to the nonprofit’s reputation with donors were caused by past directors. The current director, Jay O’Neal, was trying to overcome that reputation with donors to no avail. The decision was made to rebrand.

This rebranding was a hard decision because the word ‘contact’ is such a perfect word to describe the nonprofit mission as being a resource center for people with disabilities to ‘contact’ when they are looking for resources to assist them. In order to distance itself from the past reputation the nonprofit had to completely drop CONTACT from the name. As seen in the picture above, the new name is Disability Service Center. This name was chosen because it clearly states the nonprofit is for people with disabilities. However, the logo will be kept in place.

A rebranding is a great, but easier, undertaking for a corporation because they have resources to release ad blitzes and spread the word through media outlets. For a nonprofit with limited funding, this becomes a grassroots effort.   This grassroots effort begins with word of mouth and changing the name on everything. Therefore, this first week we have worked on this rebranding effort by with reworking the website. Other tasks in the rebranding effort included brochures and business cards.

A fun part of the rebranding effort was participating in the Beep Ball game under the Disability Service Center name. I had fun and found it interesting trying to hit a beeping ball with a blindfold on. Trying to run towards a beeping base while blindfolded is a different story. It was interestingly scary not knowing where I was running except for what I could hear. It was an experience that, in a sense, opened my eyes to the fun everyone had doing it and something I would like to be a part of in the future. I also met people involved in the Beep Ball game, requested interviews and will set up the interviews fairly soon to help spread the word.

*Note:  Some issues in this and future postings may be limited due to HIPPA regulations.