Hudson Thompson – Department of Communications Pictures

So, I was told to locate about 5 or 6 still photos for Dr. Gibson because she is wanting to send out a little timeline kind of thing to the alumni and show what all the Department of Communications and NPACE has accomplished over the last year. This included the NPACE launch, last year’s ArtBeat, Active Shooter, etc. It made me realize how far this department has come in the last year. NPACE really has established itself.  ArtBeat keeps asking for us to come back and film the activities and events. Active Shooter turned out really well, and was very professionally done.


It has been a blast being with this department for 4 and 1/2 years and I’d recommend the Communication Department to anyone looking for a home here at CSU.

Hudson Thompson – What’s Happening in Columbus

There is a new show coming to fruition here at NPACE! The name is tentatively named “What’s Happening in Columbus” and will feature different activities/events happening in Columbus, Georgia! You will be able  to watch the show (airing in about 2 weeks, hopefully) and figure out what to do on your weekend, or see clips of what you missed out on in the week(s) prior — while also learning about local artists, musicians, etc.

This Thursday, we plan to go to Fountain City Coffee and film the open mic night and also get some B roll for our first segment.

fccShameless advertising

Also, I got to make the intro and outro for the show, which was great fun! I got to utilize Final Cut Pro X and also use 2 songs from my band, BadaBings, in the intro and outro!

Hudson Thompson -This chapter is coming to a close…

“It has been a blast being with this department for 4 and 1/2 years and I’d recommend the Communication Department to anyone looking for a home here at CSU.”

This excerpt from my last post really sums up everything I need to say about my time here. I graduated in December of last semester. Finished up these hours here at NPACE and will now get my degree officially. It has been a great time. I will miss this place, I believe. I am very ready to start my next adventure, I move out on the 14th across the country; but, I know I will think back on my times here from time to time.

san-diego-skylineSan Diego-bound

For now, thank you all for my time here. I’ll see you later! 🙂

Hudson Thompson – NPACE

I’ve been in this department for 4 and a half years and when mentioning NPACE, obviously I am asked what is NPACE and what kind of work does this center produce? I simply answer with “service learning” to both questions. You, as a student, are able to take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in real life situations (this could apply to audio and/or video work while also working with nonprofit organizations at the same time)! One notable aspect of NPACE that is not being taken advantage of often is that the NPACE center is open to anyone, you do not have to simply be a student. Any and everyone is allowed and welcomed into the center to partake in some of the activities or to simply sit and hang out!


So far this week I have soundproofed a room that is used for voice-over work that used to echo pretty terribly. But, now thanks to the acoustic foam I put up under the watchful eye of my friend and mentor, Matt Gay…


… there is no more echo. The sound has been deadened completely! Before working here at NPACE I had never put up acoustic foam, but now I can say that I do have some experience in that, which is awesome!

We’ll see what all I can get into in the next few weeks to come! Possibly some editing and some camera training and use. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be interesting.

photo(1)…a learning experience, at least!

Hudson Thompson – NPACE Radio Practicum

Today, I sat in on a “Radio Practicum.” The class is worth one credit hour and today was the second meeting, but was the first meeting in a  classroom setting! Dave Arwood taught the class. Something that he outlined as being important in becoming a DJ is to learn to produce. He stated that the voice does not matter as much as being able to produce.

From this, he went on to show students how to create things such as liners on Adobe Audition, which is what they use at their radio stations to produce different things.

Adobe-Audition-3Adobe Audition

Dave asked for students, in their next meeting, to figure out their schedules so that they could come to the radio station and produce some pieces at some point later in the semester! He also asked them to pick a nonprofit organization of their choice and to write a 30-word PSA. Later, hopefully the students will be able to produce these and have something of their own!

Hudson Thompson – Artbeat, NPACE and Friday Night Sports Focus

Artbeat is right around the corner! Artbeat is 2 weeks of the “finest programs in our art community;” it is music, theatre, literature and fine art being put on display for anyone who wants to come! This will take place from March 13th through the 28th; and what does this mean for NPACE? NPACE goes out during this celebration of arts and records many of the acts and displays, then comes back and edits the videos to show off to any and everyone!

artbeat turquois blueThis week in NPACE, though, we got  back to doing “Friday Night Sports Focus!” This is a show that starts at 8 o’clock at night and runs until 11 on Fridays in which 3 different people, Matt, Derek and Mark talk sports. This is technically the inaugural week, last week there were technical difficulties that led to the show not airing. And, after a few minor bumps in the road for the first few minutes, the show was up and running, and coming through on the radio just fine!

derek_and_matt_radio_showMatt and Derek

NPACE has a lot of big things coming up and going on,  so stick around for more to come!

Hudson Thompson – Blood, Guts, and Video Editing

So, Saturday was interesting. It was the 2nd weekend the “Active Shooter” movie was being shot and I assisted where I could. I helped clear areas for the scene to be shot in, etc. We only got a few scenes shot, though, only a fraction of what was supposed to be shot. I am helping tomorrow as well; it is the 3rd and final day and hopefully we are able to finish at a decent hour! I will be on “blood detail” tomorrow and get to clean up all the fake blood which will be interesting!

Also, I helped with the video mentioned in my last post! I had a few wardrobe changes, got to be in front of the camera, and also was asked if I could help out with the editing of the video. That will be fun considering I’ve only gotten 1 opportunity to edit a video and would like to try it out again!


Here we go again, Final Cut!

Hudson Thompson – Saturday Cinema Style

This Saturday I get to go and assist with the filming of “Active Shooter” that CSU’s Communication Department is producing! Now, I have heard that there will be copious amounts of blood in this movie… And, that is great. I’m pretty excited. Hopefully Quentin Tarantino sees it and is so impressed with my assistance solely taking place in the background, he hires me to assist on his next blockbuster.


Future employer.

Also, next week I am allegedly going to be featured in a video for the Communication Department. The video is for a program that the department is trying to get funding for! Hopefully I will be able to help them out.

Hudson Thompson – Gym Meets Radio

This week has been interesting just because I got to mix 2 of my favorite things! The gym and making commercials on the radio! It was funny, because we were going to make a commercial for 9th Street Fitness (my place of employment), so I got to not only help write the commercial with Gator, but got to talk a little bit about what we have to offer at the gym (i.e. memberships, tanning, classes, etc.). It was definitely fun getting to work on something I knew a good deal about. We even made a fun little slogan for it!


My workplace…Just a few blocks over from the radio station!

So, this week was fun. Getting to make a commercial is always a blast, but doing it on something you know and love is even better! Yes, my time is winding down. I have definitely enjoyed my time at the radio station and have learned a lot from this experience!

Hudson Thompson – Saturday is Mine

So, this week I got to do the Saturday’s voice-tracking again! This is where I basically have a “show” from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. I talk in between the songs and commercials and “sell the station, sell the music and mainly sell myself” (quote from Gator – one of the DJ’s at WCJM). It was a great time and I definitely was not expecting to do it again! Steve Wheeler, the station manager said he missed my last show, so he gave me the opportunity to do another one!


Gator adjusting music, etc. after my voice-tracking was completed.

 It is definitely fun being on the radio, but there are some pros and cons about recording instead of being live. I have found that I do like the fact you get to hear what you said, and context in which it was meant – such as 2 weeks ago when I recorded on a  Friday and heard myself on Saturday. That was neat! Also, I like the fact you can re-record if you mess up. The downside of all that, and also the pros of doing it live, is the fact that spontaneity is THE factor. There is no spontaneity when you pre-record; you plan it all out.

Also, when you are recording live, there is the potential of something new coming up every time (ties in with spontaneity). A phone call could come in, someone could walk in and talk, if you are on with someone else doing a morning show (i.e. John Boy and Billy), they could come up with something. There is a plethora of things that could happen. While, with pre-recording, it is all very planned out and it seems it could easily turn in to the same regimen every day, which could get a little boring for me. I really would like to try my own live show one day, maybe with someone else, even! That would be very fun! But, it will not happen here, I will have to be working at a radio station and be brought on as a DJ! Hopefully, one day!