Real Talk with Chequelle: Midday Monster

The older we get the more nutrition and exercise plays an important factor in our lives. I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Katrina Butler Hill on Real Talk with Chequelle. She is not only an author who has written two books, but she is also a fitness trainer and an aerobics instructor. We were able to discuss many things. She’s been an entrepreneur for 20 years after quitting a stable job to pursue her dreams of becoming a fitness instructor with her husband. She taught me a lot during this interview. I learned more than the importance of working out from Mrs. Hill, but also the importance of women empowerment. 10376921_774922399219182_6237290371520661410_n (1)   Besides providing great interviews and laughs on my show, I’ve been given a nickname from the employees of the station and also my listeners. I’ve been deemed the “cute midday monster,” and I must admit that I really like it. It means that I’m a cute girl with sass and I mean business. I want to provide my listeners with not only great music, but also a good time. When I ask my questions they are straight to the point and serious and they are something that I take pride in. I’ve been told I have a unique interviewing style. From the beginning of this show I can see that I have improved by a thousand. Here’s a picture of how serious my face gets when I’m interviewing guests. Enjoy! 10527503_779244705453618_3826638543825465668_n (1)


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