A Sign of Beauty

purple plant

As the weather cools down many individuals would think that it would become a slow time for the Columbus Botanical Garden. This is partially true but only because the weather is cooler. This is not because the flowers are not in bloom. Actually on the contrary there are always flowers in bloom.

Each season the Botanical Gardens make sure that there flowers going out of bloom will be replaced with new ones that bloom that season. So this year it has been my job to help gain awareness and also get more people involved in the winter. While promoting event and also helping with their social media presence I have found that more people are coming to take photos and also visit. Mainly for the upcoming Christmas or Thanksgiving seasons for cards and other family activities.

With these holidays quickly approaching many more people are coming to visit due to the need of beautiful places to take these photos with great backgrounds. Hopefully as this season continues I may be able to assist the Gardens to gain a few more customers.

What a Sale


Over the past few weeks I have been assisting on creating buzz about the flower sale at the Columbus Botanical Garden. By creating a list of outlets to market ideas for the Gardens this finally gave us the chance to use it. However like many first times using something, things went wrong. For example the time period was much too late to create and also print all of the flyers and news articles so much of the attack was by social media.

By using mostly social media, there was a larger turn out for a younger crowd but I personally felt as though more individuals should and could have come and joined in the fun.

One of the days I assisted with the flower sale, I realized that there was no way that attention was being drawn to the location and also to the flower sale itself. For that matter I suggested that we have the volunteers that helped simply stand by the street and wave at individuals passing by. This immediately increased turn out because of the ability to draw attention to the Garden and people realizing that there was something going on.

All in all the event was a success and also allowed for the Garden to use different ways of drawing attention and marketing themselves. Hopefully this will continue on with the next event and also help with many more events to come.

William Ginn Whats In Bloom?


This past week has been all about reaching out and creating relationships. I spoke with Big Dog Running Co this week about the use of the running trail here and they are very interested in using it. This week also started work on the website and creating a better template for that to run as efficient as possible. While working with CBG I have realized that I have complete free roam with what they need help on and I love it. Having this free roam allows me to use all the creativity I posses in order to make a final product that is wanted. This is also very nerve racking because without any limits it seems that at any point I could make a big mistake.

I am enjoying my time spent helping, and I can not wait to see what else is in store for the garden.

What a Week – William Ginn

This week began with a big day Monday working on the new website. Currently the Columbus Botanical Garden would like for me to build one using weebly.com. Weebly.com is a free website building site that gives individuals the opportunity to build and scope basic websites for use or just to see what a website could look like. Unfortunately this website has its problems with being very limited and very underwhelming when wanting to create something. For this reason I have now been cleared to use another website building tool that allows more creativity called winx.

Since working on winx I have been able to do more with the look of the website and create a more personalized version for CBG.

Another item that I have worked on this week has been promoting the running/walking trail. In order to do this I have been in contact with local business’ but  also this week I have begun work on a flyer to show off all the running trail has to offer and all the beautiful flowers on it as well.

Ultimately my week was busy getting things moving helping create a new website and beginning work on a flyer for the trail, but I cannot wait to see the spoils of doing so


My First Week At The Gardens by William Ginn


This semester, I have the privilege to intern with the Columbus Botanical Gardens (CBG). Although I do not know much about all the communication work that is involved with nonprofits, I will be able to explain all the work I am doing to assist this semester.

To begin, I have been asked to raise awareness for the walking/running trail located at the Gardens. For many individuals this trail is a well kept secret even from those who live immediately in the area. I have begun this journey by reaching out to local business’ trying to see if they need a trail for classes or activities that they hold. I will also assist CBG with the construction of a new website. The website currently in use has been an upheld by an outside source, and CBG wants to bring that job back to them. I also have been intrusted to run all social media for the Gardens and also find new social media in order to reach a broader audience and raise awareness of CBG entirely.

I am very excited to begin this journey working with the Gardens and hopefully I can become an asset in all areas. I know that as time passes communication tools will be added to my skills. I plan on tackling each of these tasks one at a time and I have already began the research into which business’ could use a trail and reaching out to them.

Hopefully at the end of this journey I will be able to look back and see how much I have grown, but either way I am very excited to begin and make a difference.