Sydney Tenney

This week I started my Internship at the clothing boutique, Dear Stella. The owner of the boutique expressed interest in having an intern to help promote and manage the store’s social media accounts, revamp the website, and write emails and blog content. I thought that I would be the perfect fit considering I am a Communications major and have experience in all of the areas she was looking for. Coming into this internship I wasn’t quite sure what all went on behind the scenes of owning/running a clothing store, but after sitting down and having a meeting with the owner I finally got a glimpse of all the hard work that it entails. Even though it’s only my first week, I feel like I have already learned so much, and have had so much fun being able to show all of my creative ideas.

After sitting down with the owner of Dear Stella, Mary Margaret Culpepper, I learned that I will be doing a lot more than just sitting behind the computer (which when I heard this I got very excited because I love to be hands on and interactive) and channeling my inner creativeness. She explained that she wanted me to attend photoshoots and shoot some behind the scenes footage of the photoshoots, write product descriptions of the articles of clothing, come up with weekly giveaway ideas to post on the social media accounts, and come up with ways to keep the customers engaged online on the website and Instagram. Although I am just an Intern running the communications part of a small business right now, it is giving me the opportunity to get my foot in the door and gain experience so hopefully one day have the opportunity to be the director of a bigger companies communications department.


Gabrielle Bailey

I am currently interning at the Alzheimer’s Association. My internship consists of helping to promote their “Dancing Stars of Columbus” event. This event is a spin off of the television show, Dancing With the Stars. They pair local “celebrities” (influential members in the community, doctors, and philanthropist) and professional dancers for a dance competition. To attend the event, you must purchase a table, which is one-hundred and fifty dollars. Once you are at the event, you are given the opportunity to vote for your favorite couple. Votes are one dollar, but people usually choose to donate more since all the proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. They also offer sponsorship opportunities for this event.

On my first day, Heather (another intern) and I, reviewed the Alzheimer’s Association’s existing social media calendar. This calendar was created for them last year by two interns from Auburn University. Since the calendar was only a year old, and only for the utilization of FB, it was still pretty much up to date. We did look at their Facebook analytics though and decided to alter the times of the posts from last year. By doing this, we hope to increase the visibility of the posts as well as the number of likes/shares. We also added days in the calendar to utilize Facebook live. We suggested getting footage of the dancer’s rehearsals to cultivate excitement for the upcoming event. I then started creating the graphics for our posts on Canva. Most of the posts consists of introductions to the star or pro dancers. I created three different designs and then asked Ally (my mentor) to choose the one she liked best. Once this was decided, Heather and I scheduled the post to upload on Facebook at the desired times.

I really enjoyed being able to look at the analytics of a business profile on Facebook. I hope to learn as much as possible about Facebook analytics while interning here. I hope the rest of my internship continues to have a heavy concentration on social media.

Derek Rains

February 6th, 2019, Mr. Pizza Brick Oven and Tap had its grand opening, and with the grand opening was PMB Broadcasting doing spot blocks and live radio commercials for their opening night.

After helping to set up equipment earlier in the day, I left Dave Arwood at location to go back to the studio uploading his breaks to both Q107.3 and Kissin’ 99.3, afterwards I was invited to rejoin him to hangout at the new restaurant and get to know the owners who were kind enough to give me an entire pizza for free!

A big take away from that night’s event was marketing, making deals with new businesses and getting on their good sides so that they’ll want to continue doing business with PMB rather than our competitor’s radio stations. It also doesn’t hurt to trade a promo when dealing with a new customer as they get to know you and the business and decide if they would like to continue contacting us in the future for events and other things.

Camisha Simmons

This week I sat in on my second meeting at the Radio Station. I am currently learning the basics of a radio station and what it takes to run one. It seems like an easy job, but it can get really complicated especially when things are not as organized as they should be or suppose to be. The station is currently in the process of reorganizing itself and the content that they produce. I am learning more about promotional aspects of the station because that seems to be their main concern right now. I mostly just sit and listen since I am still in the learning process of it all, but I am becoming more informed professionally about how to run a business and how to go about promoting and getting things done as they should be.

As of now the experience is not what you would thing it is in your head. When you actually start working and see everyone else working it is better that what you would think. I love the atmosphere and the setting of the station because it is comfortable and cozy, but it is also very professional at the same time. I have actually been keeping busy at the station that I have not had anytime to take any pictures for this blog. The experience is something you definitely need to be sure that this is the field of work you want to be in. It is a lot more intense than I thought it would be but in a good way and the employees are amazing. I say this mainly because I am still in the learning process which means I ask a lot of questions. Overall I am loving my experience so far.

Amanda Hay

This past week was the third week of my internship. I have been attending at least twice a week at the Bo Bartlett Center. I am working with Isaac Sabelhaus who is the Administrative Assistant of the center. Not only does he process the paperwork and perform office duties, but he also coordinates all events that take place at the center. Many of the events are based out of Columbus State, but the majority are third-party residents of Columbus who take advantage of the beautiful art center for their activities.

During these past few weeks, I have learned and helped Isaac to plan, organize, and set-up for around five events that have been hosted at the Bo Bartlett Center. This event coordination experience will help me with my future in the real world because several event coordinators work with people outside their business to help execute events. I have already worked with a couple of third-parties at the center, and this has allowed me to interact with Columbus locals. I am enjoying my internship experience and am eager to continue getting my foot in the door with event coordination.


Alan Barringer

This week I started by observing the legend Brian Thomas, the program director for 95.3.  There were several things I learned from him, including how to upload a voice track, how to upload remote beds, and how to upload the different sports in the NexGen.  For doing correct voice track, having a great personality and good show prep goes a long way.  With remote beds, I will receive a recording through email with a voice tack recording in which I will record and upload into the NexGen log.  This is for when the on air staff goes out to different events and sends recordings to me from the event to upload on the airwave. One of the real word things Brian taught me is to be early and be prepared.

I also over the last several weeks have been able to shadow Dave Arwood.  I have learned a multitude of things including the 5 most important things when working in radio.  First, marketing and promoting your radio station.  Secondly, the music has to be up to par and what the audience wants to hear.  Thirdly, if you are an on-air talent, you must have a personality that suits you and has no limitation.  Fourth thing is that the information you put out to the public must be factual and correct.  Lastly and most importantly, is having great community involvement.  I have learned a lot over the past weeks and look forward to learning more.

Leslie Bradshaw

This week, I interviewed with the new news director for a position as a morning producer. Since David has concentrated my last few weeks of interning on just producing training, I am hoping I will be selected for this opportunity. Because I have been doing producing training, I am doing similar things every day.  This includes writing teases, creating the lineup for the shows, and then running the booth when the shows go on air. The staff has pretty much trusted me to do work on my own and it has already been used on air.

I am ending this internship in a spirit of thankfulness. I feel that an opportunity is about to open up to me which would not be possible without Dr.Gibson and this university. If I don’t get hired, I now have the skill set to be able to be a viable candidate for any news station. I am looking forward to hearing their decision next week.