Rayyan Elawad

We are at the walkway bridge next to 13st Bridge. We are getting people to follow and like our sponsors’ social media pages. We are handing out coupons for McDonald’s as well as free t-shirts. There are lots of families out with their kids dressed in Halloween costumes. It was a fun day!

Columbus hosted a family fun day in Downtown Columbus. Parents and children were all dressed in Halloween costumes receiving candy and having a good time. This was the biggest event we attended. We made certain to get many people to like, follow, and subscribe to our sponsors’ social media pages. That day was a success.


Rayyan Elawad

We are at McDonald’s taking selfies, boomerangs and promoting their products. McDonalds is one of our sponsors that we raise awareness for. McDonalds has a $6 Classic Meal that WRBL is helping to promote.

It’s October and Halloween is quickly approaching. We were in full Halloween theme for this picture. One aspect of working with photography and videos that no one tells us but is important is to have fun. If we are not having fun, it will show in our photos and videos. Check out our spooky selfie!


Rayyan Elawad

This past weekend there was an October Fest at Ft. Benning and so, we were taking photos in preparation for the event. Now that fall is here the weather has changed finally and pumpkins are in season again. The OYS Squad found a pumpkin patch at a church near CSU that was decorated for the fall season and we decided to take photos here.

A lot of our work as social media interns are before the events take place. We have to take photos, videos, and boomerangs and make edits and corrections to them. Essentially, we are marketing the event with our own brand as well as our sponsors’ brand.


Rayyan Elawad

Help the Hooch is on a mission to keep the Chattahoochee River clean. Help the Hooch is part of Keep Columbus Beautiful, a commission dedicated to making people environmental conscious. In this photo, I am holding a “Please Don’t Litter” sign. This photo was taken in downtown Columbus on Broadway.

There was an event on Saturday, October 13th, and I was tasked with helping spread the word over social media. For this campaign, the OYS Squad was out amongst the people conducting interviews. We took photos with members of Keep Columbus Beautiful. We made catchy boomerangs for our social media. Through our efforts, we helped to keep our river clean.


Rayyan Elawad

Andrea and I were at the AJ McClung Memorial Stadium. We are in preparation for the Tuskegee-Morehouse football game. We were taking pictures and boomerangs to post onto WRBL’s social media leading up to the big game. The Tuskegee-Morehouse classic is played yearly in Columbus, GA.

One thing I took for granted at first was taking photos. I had no idea how much effort goes into a great shot. Many different aspects come into play when taking a picture. We have to make certain lighting is good. We need to be in certain positions. The photo needs to say it all. I learned a lot about photography on this day.


Rayyan Elawad

The OYS Squad and WRBL team members were at a tailgate for a local football game. This was at the beginning of the football season. Nathan, Anthony, and I are promoting McDonalds’ 2 for $5 deal. We had a great time talking to all the people who came to watch the game.

We are handing out McDonalds coupons and getting people to subscribe to social media. Even though we are working, we are having a fun time. We met lots of people who at first did not know who we are. After engaging the crowd, the community will know who exactly is the OYS Squad.


Rayyan Elawad

We are at the “poker run” event! This took place north of Columbus and Phenix City. At this event, we were tasked with getting people to like and follow Ken Nugent’s social media pages as well as McDonald’s pages. We were on boats traveling up and down the Chattahoochee River.

The OYS Squad handed out coupons and gave away t shirts. We were talking to people informing them about Ken Nugent and McDonalds. We had a great time meeting the wonderful people of Columbus and Phenix City.