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   I have spent most of my time doing small projects, but nothing too big. I have ran scoreboard for some baseball/softball games. I was informed that we will be working a golf tournament at Calloway Gardens! I am not sure what I will be doing yet, but it is pretty cool. I have been working hard for the Saber as well lately.

My latest article was on the upcoming retirement of Rick Cravens. Cravens is the Assistant Director of Outdoor adventures. He orchestrates and coordinates events that students can partake in such as skydiving, rafting, and hiking. One of his top achievements was getting the student recreation center approved, designed and built. He pitched the idea for years before it was approved. That’s right, the big, fancy building across from the Lumpkin Center was the brain child of Cravens. He has spent thirty years as the Director of Intramural Sports and will retire at the end of July.

As for the Saber itself, it has a new website. It is still being configured and upgraded but it does not look that bad. It can be found here. We also voted for a new Editor-in-Chief. We will find out the results of the election shortly, but that is exciting. I have two more issues left this semester so it is time to finish strong.


CSU Soccer Team Travels Abroad – Jake Hall – Sports Information


The CSU Lady Cougar soccer team departed for England earlier this week as part of a study abroad program. They will take classes while seeing the many historical sites that England provides. They will record each step of their trip, and give a presentation on what they learned and experienced while over there.

The exciting part me, as a fan and a writer for the Saber, is that while in England they will play matches against three women’s English professional teams. This is a first for our institution, so I am very excited to watch. You can keep up with their trip here.

As part of both the Saber and the Sports Information Department I attended their press conference to get interviews. WTVM, WRBL, CSU TV, and the CSU podcast team were all there. I got the interviews of two players, the soccer coach, and CSU President Dr. Tim Mescon. It should be a neat story to write.

Another big story that I am keeping my eye on currently is CSU Athletic Director Jay Sparks stepped down from his position to take the job as the new coach of the Francis Marion lady basketball team. It was quite sudden and unexpected, but I am happy for Coach Sparks. He was friend and a reliable source of information. I conducted multiple interviews for multiple articles with him, and he always took time to sit down with the Saber. I hate to see him go, but it will be exciting to see the athletic program grow with a new vision at the forefront. For those wondering why Coach Sparks would leave his position as AD to return to the sidelines, it is as they say: once a coach, always a coach.

A Feathered Affair & Other Fun Things- Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity- Anna Justice

We’ve been gearing up for our “A Feathered Affair” birdhouse auction. Local businesses, celebrities, and Habitat supporters decorate a birdhouse for others to bid on at our event, and all the funds go towards our construction fund so we can continue our mission of eliminating poverty housing in the Fountain city.

Last week, I was able to pick up our first birdhouse from Xpress Printing and Design, and they set the bar high. Isn’t it cute? They went into so much detail, from the garden hose on the side to the dog in the doghouse.


Xpress Printing & Design’s birdhouse

It’s exciting to see how involved the community is as we get closer and closer to the event.

I was also posted on CAHFH’s Instagram and Facebook about this exciting event.

This week we also had the opportunity to speak on the “Unity with Pam” show. It was a great opportunity to share the vision of Habitat as well as share volunteering opportunities.

Unity With Pam show

Unity With Pam show

What a fun week!

Time for Art- Symone Grady – The Chamber

One of the major projects that I have been working on while  being with the Chamber is the Time for Art project. Time for art is a local event that occurs every October. It features local artists who put their artwork up for auction for the Time for Art show. Members of the community attend the art show and bid on their favorite pieces of art. However, instead of bidding with money,  they bid with volunteer hours. So, if you were to attend the Time for Art Show and you saw a piece of artwork that you wanted, instead of having to pay for the artwork with money, you would bid by committing to a certain amount of volunteer hours. The bidder that commits to the largest amount of volunteer hours wins the artwork. Bidders have 1 year to work of their committed volunteer hours. Once they have completed all necessary forms proving that they completed how ever many hours they committed to, they will receive the artwork, and that is where I come in.
Ultimately, I help the bidders complete their volunteer hours so that they can claim their art. I send out individualized emails to all (42) bidders providing them with instructions on how to track their hours, reminding them of the # of hours they have committed to, and provided a picture of their artwork. I am the point of contact for bidders with questions. I also help bidders track their hours. Some bidders complete a few hours then fill out the assigned form and email it to me so that I can keep track of it for them. Other bidders track their progress themselves, and send me the final form showing that they have completed all of their hours.
Once a bidder has completed their hours. I schedule an appointment for them to come into the Chamber and meet with my supervisor, Amy Bryan. At this time, she takes a picture of them with their artwork for future marketing purposes, and the bidder claims the artwork that they have worked so hard for!

Photography- Symone Grady-The Chamber

One of the projects that I have been working on while at the Chamber is the Time for Art project. Local artists place their artwork up for auction and bidders bid on the artwork with volunteer hours instead of money. I have become the go-to person for bidders on how to complete their volunteer hours and retrieve their artwork.
Whenever a bidder emails me the necessary paperwork showing that they have successfully completed their volunteer hours, I schedule an appointment for them to come into the Chamber to collect their artwork, and to get a picture of them with their artwork. Doing this, forces me to familiarize myself with various digital cameras, and how to take an appealing photograph. In middle school I was in the photography club for 1 year, and I was a member of the yearbook committee for 3 years. I am pretty experienced in taking pictures. However, at that time cameras were a little less…. COMPLICATED.
Before a bidder comes in, I familiarize myself with the camera so that I do not leave the person standing there with their artwork while I try to figure out how to operate the device. While I am taking pictures of the bidders. I also think about some principles that I learned in my Interactive Media Production class such as lighting, angles, etc.

Reflections Part 2 – Red Cross – Jo Garrison


Ride for the Red was the first motorcycle ride fundraiser put together by West Central Georgia Red Cross Chapter volunteers.  During this time I was able to get an inside look at how a fundraiser is put together.  Concepts I learnt while taking Organizational Communication was utilized while communicating with the many businesses and organizations to obtain support.  Some of the many parts to putting together a fundraiser were obtaining radio spots, writing PR messages, writing ads to be placed in local newspapers, obtaining permission to place promotional bulletins throughout the community.  It took a lot of work and many hands and minds to make this fundraiser happen and on the day of the event it was amazing to feel that fuzzy feeling deep down to see how worth it everything was.  During the event I took several photos to place on the Shutterfly and Facebook page created by me and wrote a 250-word event wrap-up to be placed in the Red Cross news and event newspaper.  Using skills acquired while taking Dr. Park’s Integrated Web Design to put together flyers to distribute to local schools our intentions were to promote the Summer Youth Program.  I really enjoyed getting youths of the community interested in participating and volunteering in the community.  My time spent working with the Red Cross was well spent emphasizing on my studies with the Department of Communication at Columbus State University.  My advice to future interns is to make every minute of your internship count.  There are so many organizations out there that make a difference and when you add that with the immaculate training and teachings given at Columbus State University you realize the greatness these organizations have to offer come from people like you!

Reflections Part 1 – Red Cross – Jo Garrison


This past semester I have had the pleasure of interning with the American Red Cross, Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) division. My time working with them was an absolute pleasure. When I first started working with SAF I was unsure what to expect. I knew I would be working closely with volunteers who provide the many services of the Red Cross specifically to the military on Fort Benning. My first assignment was to write a donation letter to obtain water and beverages for Red Cross. As a non-profit organization majority of their funding and material come from donations. I was really impressed with the procedure and was unsure of how the process worked. I found Rhetorical Criticism to be very beneficial during this assignment. In the course we are taught the process for writing persuasive documents that came in handy. After requesting from local businesses we received over $200 dollars in gift cards to be used to purchase water and beverages for Red Cross events. One of the events we were able to benefit from these donations was at a local fundraiser put together to help raise awareness in recognition of Red Cross Awareness month.

NPACE – Leonard Hood

This will be one of my last weeks being in NPACE considering I will be graduating in 11 days. Looking back, there isn’t anywhere else I would have wanted to intern at besides NPACE. I do not regret the time spent in there because something new was being learned each day. NPACE not only taught me different creating, recording, to editing skills, but it also gave me plenty of hands on experience with it all. I was lucky enough to use equipment I would have never learned about on my own time. Simply because a lot of the equipment was professional and pretty expensive. Only people who are making something professional and know a thing or two about camera settings would even consider paying those prices. I wouldn’t spend that much on cameras and lighting unless I was confident I was going to profit from it. I will always remember the connections I made by being in there as well. I met many students that were in my major who I never had came in contact with before. Since we ended up seeing each other everyday, we all formed stronger bonds and some became friends. NPACE showed me how much talent was walking around in my own neighborhood. All the projects I started on are finished and now I just have to focus on my classes for these next few days. After school I plan on using the skills I practiced in NPACE. Even if I don’t get a job in the communication field, I will still be keeping up with the technology and getting better. Not to finally land a communication job, but to someday create some of my own.

Doing the background work on PSA's

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