Camisha Simmons

Last Friday we finally had our rave. The rave was really fun and it turned out better than I thought it would. I believe our main worry about the rave was that people would not show up. But we were able to get a good amount of people for it being our first event. The event took a lot of planning, hard work, and focus but we managed well in the end.

The week following the rave I mainly focused on the KPOP show. We finally got approval to be able to air this upcoming week. My cohost and I are really getting the hang of being on the mic. I love the freedom the station gives us to grow and to find our radio personality. I am actually considering applying for a job here.


Camisha Simmons

The more I record new episodes of the KPOP show the more comfortable I am with speaking on the radio. I was really nervous about it at first but now I am more excited than nervous. I am finding my radio personality, something that I did not even know that I had. I was also able to put my video recording skills to use on Tuesday. We went out on the street of downtown Columbus and asked random people questions about raves. It was also a way to promote the rave as well.

I was also able to get a little experience on the board this week. I think the most interesting thing I learned this week was how to edit voice tracks. So now I am able to record and edit the show the way that I want to. I am pretty sure I spent more time this week just recording episodes and it is something really fun to do. Before I knew it, I was in the studio for 8 hours on Wednesday. We started setting up for the rave as week since it is this Friday night. I excited to see how it will turn out.


Sydney Tenney

This week was pretty busy for me at Dear Stella. Last week Mary Margaret mentioned to me that she needed me to run the store for a few hours by myself until the other girl was able to come into work. I spent the beginning of the week training and learning how to run the computer so I could check people out. Usually, I am only in the store a few hours a day just for a few days, but this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I worked from 2-6 because we were so busy. I was really nervous about working the store by myself because I literally just learned how to do everything because I’m usually in charge of the website/social media so this was all brand new for me. Wednesday was full of prepping things to go live on the website and product descriptions for the new arrivals. I practiced checking people out with Mary Margaret beside me in case I needed any help. Thursday was the big day, the day that I was supposed to be at the store by myself with no one to help me in case I need them. To say that I was nervous was an understatement, but hey I survived and everything actually went really well! Here is me behind the register ringing up a pair of our earrings.

Since Mary Margaret wasn’t going to be at the store this weekend, I was in charge of getting online web orders together, posting our new arrivals on the website, and promoting the new arrivals on social media. I am also still working on my Pinterest project she gave me to work on. I am constantly adding our new arrivals on our Pinterest page and trying to promote our store through that social networking site along with Instagram but I’m mainly in charge of the Pinterest site. I do pretty much anything she tells me to or anything she needs help with, so every day at the store I am usually doing something different which is exciting because I never get bored! Here is a picture of me tagging the swimsuits to restock the swim wall with.

My time at Dear Stella is getting close to an end with only a few weeks left. I have really enjoyed my time here and have learned a lot about retail as well as the communication and social media side of running a boutique. It’s something that has definitely become more intriguing to me since I started my internship here. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of my internship these last few weeks!

Sydney Tenney

This week was a good week. I finally got back into my routine/ schedule coming back from Spring Break, and was actually able to function again. Monday we released our third collection, the Easter/ Spring collection. The collection is full of dresses and new arrivals that are perfect for those that are looking for something to wear to church on Easter or those that are just looking for the perfect springtime dress. I spent most of Monday morning getting everything together and ready for the release and helped pick up things around the store. I helped change the mannequins into our new dress arrivals and began posting our newest collection on our Pinterest page and pinning it to our new board for the Easter Collection. We’re also trying to promote and sell more of our jewelry that we have at the store, so I helped set up the photo shoot/ flat lays for the jewelry so it can be uploaded and sold on the website rather than just having them in store. I don’t really know how to use the fancy camera yet to do these types of shoots, so I just watched, but Mary Margaret said she’ll teach me so I can do them by myself at some point! The pictures below are her taking pictures of one of the handbags and a set of earrings that’ll be on the website soon.

Although I haven’t done much behind the camera doing photoshoots, I have actually gotten in front of the camera a time or two. I wouldn’t consider it modeling because I am definitely not a model, but I was able to participate in some photoshoots modeling Dear Stella’s clothes. The pictures are featured on the website, but here are a few from a recent photoshoot that I did with some of my friends. Whenever Mary Margaret brought it up to me, I was not for it. I am probably one of the most awkward people I know, especially when it comes to getting in front of the camera. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty fun and although I was still as awkward as ever, we were able to get a few good shots from the photo shoot. I was excited to see how they turned out because I was sure they all looked terrible, but here are two that ended up turning out decent. One thing that I learned from this experience is that modeling is definitely not my calling, but it was a new experience and I’m all for trying new things! This internship has been full of surprises. Every day has been filled with something new and I can’t wait to see what more is in store for the remainder of the semester! Here a few shots of my friends and I from the photoshoot.

Gabrielle Bailey

The Dancing Stars of Columbus Event was a success. Over 1,000 people attended, and we managed to raise over 450,000 dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association. Margie Norman and JJ Harrison won the judges choice award and Margie was the star who raised the most money for the event. In the beginning of the event, the I pads were glitching. This was nerve racking since card is how most people choose to donate. We were able to fix a few, but not all. This slowed down the process of donations, but no one seemed to get too upset about the issue. I helped coordinate the volunteers for the event as well as the bank volunteers. It was my job to make sure the tables who needed to make a donation by card had a bank volunteer come to their table to swipe their card. We chose to do it this way, so the volunteers had less liability when it comes to donations.

After the event we had to get everything out and loaded on to the uhaul by that night. We ended up finishing around 12:30. The next morning we met at the storage unit to unload all of the decorations and supplies.

Camisha Simmons

This week was also another light week. I spent most of my time this week preparing for the promotional event that we held on main campus on Thursday. I ended up making about 300 flyers that we could pass out on Thursday. There were 4 flyers on each page so I had to cut them out so that we could pass them out one by one. It took almost 1 hour to cut out 100 flyers. In a way this taught me that when you are planning an event no job is useless or too small because it all contributes to the bigger picture which is the WCUG Rave.

Everything that I did this week was out of the studio work. On Thursday we were able to setup right outside of the café. We stayed there from 11 am to 2 pm. Most of the time we spent playing music and passing out flyers to every person that walked into the building or out of the building. I enjoyed doing this event because we were able to interact with students while informing them about the information about the rave but also about the radio station. It was more like a self-advertising event.


Amanda Hay

This past week was my eleventh week of my internship. Tonight, we hosted a third-party event at the center for the Regents Advisory Board. I helped set up the for the event, worked the event, and met some new people who were not regular attendants at the center. It was fun to work a third-party event because it was different than the normal events and gave me more experience with event coordination.

This week, I assisted in taking and hanging pictures of paintings for an art show we are hosting in a couple of weeks. My job was to organize the paintings by the artists and number them. These next couple of days, I will be transferring the pictures to an excel document by name and number. This will make selling the paintings easier when we host the art show at the end of the month. I look forward to my last few weeks here at the center!


Gabrielle Bailey

It is the week of the big event! This week I worked at the venue (Trade Center) instead of the office to help set up for the event. Tuesday, we unloaded everything out of the storage unit and brought it over to the Trade center. We were able to get a few volunteers to help with the process. After everything was unloaded, we worked on putting together center pieces. Wednesday I attended the dress rehearsal. It was very exciting to see the routines. I also was able to watch Ally, the development director, coordinating everyone. It gave me real insight to everything her job entails.

Thursday, I went back to the venue to continue helping set up for the event. The linens we were planning on using at the event ended up being stained very badly. Ally had to contact the dry cleaners in hopes of getting a refund or solution. I then went to the office to finish up everything on my to do list before tomorrow (the day of the event). Tomorrow, I will show up at the venue again and continue to help setting up.

Gabrielle Bailey

This is the week before the Dancing Stars of Columbus Event. Tensions are high with so much to do in the next few days. We had a meeting this morning where we discussed the tentative schedule and staff to do lists. I am in charge of scheduling all the remaining posts to Facebook, designing and printing table tents, printing, cutting, and mailing valet vouchers, and printing judge’s name tags. We are also still working on selling raffle tickets. We have not met our goal yet, so it is top priority. This week there will be a cast cocktail party at Chris Harman’s house.

Next week, there will be a dress rehearsal at the trade center. I will be attending to see how the night of the event is going to work. I am excited to see the star/pro duo dance routines.

Amanda Hay

This past week was my tenth week of my internship. On Tuesday, we had a big event at the center called Music Under the Dome. I was not able to work it, but I heard it was very successful and we had a great turnout. Next week, we have a couple different events in the center that I have been able to help plan and I am excited to work them.

This week, I also sent out the second newsletter for the month of April. I have updated the Bo Bartlett Center contact list and the social media pages to help get the word out about the center. I have assisted in gathering materials and paintings together for an art show we are hosting in a couple of weeks and that has been very fun. I look forward to my last few weeks here at the center!