Gary Goforth My last week with DAVE

Dave Platta is one of the best people I have the privilege to learn from in the professional world.  Next to Roger Hart, I owe all of my filming skills, although not professional, to these two gentleman. If there is anything I have learned out of this experience, it is that you can do anything as long as you try. When first entering a film class, I did not know if I would enjoy this type of work, but now that i have developed skills in this field that is just one more thing I can put on the resume.

Gary Goforth Basketball promo

This is the video promo to introduce the basketball season to the CSU Cougarnation. Every year fans wonder what the team is gonna be like and who the returners are from last season. We put this together so that they can watch them and get acquainted with the team. In this video we went for a pretty cinematic look by putting them in the dark with the lights and fog machine this gave it the look that we were shooting just to make the video a little bit more interesting. There were three different camera angles in this video. No outside audio was used, but we were in a closed environment and did not need to do so. This was a petty good start to many more in the future with other sports at columbus state university.

Gary Goforth CSU player profile volleyball

This is one of many CSU Volleyball player profiles that we have made this semester to add a little bit extra to the athletic website. It is a very simple video stating why the player chose  CSU and what got them here..etc.. This idea came from a few of the young minds in the ITS department in athletics. These videos go beyond the normal statistical paper roster. These videos allow you to connect with the players as well as get to know their face, and the way they act instead of just a still shot on a website. The questions that were put together and still are ever so changing, because there are always new things to ask. The players also really enjoy the profiles because it gives them a since of recognition instead of just being a picture they get to tell their story.

Gary Goforth Week 7

This shot was what we like to call a “Play of the Week” which is a very good play that we recorded. And their fans call in and vote on whose is the best out of 3/4. This segment on our news block is one of the most watched by young adults. I do not need to explain why, but the news has slowly declined in the number of viewers over the years and then of coarse it spikes when there is a huge break or shopping spree. But the big wigs that fund news stations like to see those repeat watchers and higher ratings every week. So with this play of the week segment we bring in the players as well as their parents.

Gary Goforth Week 6 More highlights

Macon East is the “Feature Game of the Week.” This game for some reason was one of the harder games I shot. This was because the lighting in this stadium was awful. What do I do when this happens? Well it is not like I can carry around a full crew to a football game for lighting, that just wouldn’t work. So if you are ever in this type of situation you should check your white balance ever 10 minutes and also open the iris on your camera up so that it allows you to get all the available light you can that is provided.


Gary Goforth Week 5 Finally filming

So when it comes to finally editing your footage you want to make sure that everything flows. now what do I mean by that you want each highlight to be in chronological order. This is so the viewers at home can get the same experience or memory that the people that attended the game did and it helps the news’ credibility.  Here is one of my very own news highlights. This being this first thing I ever had go on air. It made me very proud to know that it was my work that thousands of people were watching.

Gary Goforth CSU GHSA regional


Well this week there is a bit of change in what I am doing. Working for a state wide organization sounds pretty complicated, but its really not. Pam Carter the director of the Georgia High school Cheerleading Association is a very busy lady. So I was put in charge of scheduling times and making a rubric for the teams. (when they would show up and get started ) So this may not seem like a big deal to others, but when you have over 5,000 girls competing for one main goal you really do not want to mess up.