Theresa Holzknecht

Our first day began on Monday, October 8.  I met Mikhaela, our teacher, at the CSU news bureau.  Mikhaela had been given the wrong time to meet, so we had to get our meeting time straightened out.  We finally got together early afternoon.  Mikhaela kindly answered all of my questions, although she had a deadline.  I learned that WRBL uses an editing program I had not heard of…Edius.  Therefore, I plan to try editing for Mikhaela to learn how to use it.  Most of Monday was spent getting acquainted, so I feel that I have much to learn.

Tuesday, I spent most of the day at the bureau with Mikhaela.  Abby, a fellow intern, was there too.  With the impending arrival of Hurricane Michael, we were sent to Lee County (Alabama) to report on disaster planning for the area.  Local officials were there for an online meeting with the state planner.  The meeting ran smoothly as weather maps, glowing on multiple monitors, predicted the route of Michael.  Mikhaela was able to get an interview, so Abby and I watched tried to understand what a multimedia journalist (MMJ) does.

On Wednesday I received an email in class that stated all students were to leave the building by noon.  My class wasn’t supposed to end until 12:15, then I was to report to the bureau.  I quickly notified David Hart (VP of WRBL) and Mikaela to let them know what was happening at CSU.  David directed us to change our meeting time to next week, as Mikaela is off Thursday and Friday.

Overall, I feel that I have a lot to learn.  This is a little overwhelming, but tangible.  I admit I didn’t realize that one reporter/journalist did the writing, video, voice-over, editing, and (sometimes) producing.  This internship will be a learning experience.

Leslie Bradshaw

This week was full of firsts! I visited the news station for the first time and met the entire staff. More importantly, I had the opportunity to meet anchor Greg Loyd, who showed me some aspects on the anchoring and producing side. I also had another opportunity to accompany Mikhaela to an interview. The most exciting aspect of this is that I came up with the story that she used (Columbus linemen from Georgia power traveling to help with Hurricane Michael restoration efforts). In my second week, I am already comfortable setting up the live shots for Mikhaela so all that she needs to do is stand in place and report her story.

As each day passes, I become more and more excited with this opportunity. I am learning quickly and I plan to soon film my own shots and try reporting on my own. I am hoping to have my own reel so that I may use it to apply for my future career as a reporter. The information I learned this week is valuable because I now know how to use their cameras and equipment as well as their video editing program.

Leslie Bradshaw

I have begun my internship at the news bureau with WRBL. This week is a focus on getting started and getting training under my belt. Throughout this internship, I will be learning how to set up shots, what all is involved in reporting, visiting the newsroom, getting my own footage, and I might even have the opportunity to go live. I am very excited about this opportunity because this is exactly the career path I would like to go on. This will give me the experience I need to get hired after graduation. I am also excited to get first-hand experience reporting and be able to see what goes on behind the scenes.

This week, I learned about the video program that is used by WRBL which is Edius. It is very similar to what I have already used (Final Cut Pro X) so I feel confident about using it in the future. With editing, I was also told what the expectations are with footage and reporting. The reporter films their own shots, edits them, and scripts them. I learned that there are two different types of video submitted: VO and SOTVO. VO is mostly b-roll with voiceover giving a preview of a story, whereas SOTVO consists of a combination of b-roll, interview clips, and live footage. Voiceovers should be no longer than 30 seconds in the VO. Generally, the VO is shorter than the SOTVO. I watched script being made and how to prepare lower third tags. Most importantly, I learned the importance of keeping constant contact with the newsroom as it can affect the program as a whole. This week, we did pieces on a fire in the Opelika area and I was also able to tag along to watch a live interview with the Russell county safety team about Hurricane Michael.

This experience can help me in the real world because I will need to know how to put together my own pieces as a future reporter. I will also need to know how to edit in other programs beyond Final Cut regardless of what station I find myself at. It is also important for me to know the standards of reporting so that I have the basic knowledge necessary for successful stories.

Summer Hayes

Happy 4th of July! This week was a great one as well. Since this a huge event with free concerts, all you can eat and all the games you could play, there was much content to cover. A day before the Independence day event, we went to get a quick tour of where we would be setup and how everything was going to run. We got a few pictures and boomerangs with a lot of different statues and the media staff in Fort Benning. We also captured a few pictures with the animals they had there for petting purposes.

On the day of the event, there were so many people in Fort Benning. By the time Lucia and I arrived, there were at least 10,00 people starting out. We were lost in the beginning since the location of our tent was moved to a different part of the venue. When we finally found where the tent was, Lucia, Nathan and I quickly went to work. David Hart told us to enjoy ourselves and get plenty of content, so we did. We traded our dollars in for coins to indulge in the great food they had to offer and created content for the recap. We also gave out Kenneth Nugent shirts and free slushies from McDonald’s our sponsors.

Summer Hayes

This week has is the best week of them all. The OYS Squad was able to cover the Miss Georgia Pageant. We had a mini competition for the public to interact in. We gave away four free tickets for the pageant. The contest was for someone to post a picture with their squad and tag WRBL in the picture to win the tickets from our squad. We chose the best squad picture and we had our winners. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the tickets to enjoy the pageant. We received backstage passes to the rehearsals and lunches of the women in the contest. We were able to interview a few of them and get to know them more. We even received great seats for the pageant. Since it was the first pageant I had ever been to, it was an amazing experience.

After the show ended, the OYS Squad was the first to get the interview of Annie, who was crowned Miss Georgia. And amazingly, one of the OYS Squad members (Lucia) knew Annie because they go to school together at University of Georgia. This overall event was eye opening and a great asset to be a part of. All the access we had to seeing how much the Miss Georgia Pageant had to offer us was phenomenal.

Summer Hayes

This week, we were able to be a part of another Kid’s Summer Cupboard. Every Monday, the sales department have a meeting in the morning that the OYS Squad is now able to be a part of on a regular bases. In this meeting, we brought up the idea of having recap videos for our audience to let them know what happened in the previous week. The OYS Squad (Andre, Lucia, Nathan and I) came up with some really cool ways to create more content for the recap as well. We decided to take photos of us with different canned food to include in the recap as well.

Finally getting to the Kid’s Summer Cupboard location, we quickly came up with great ideas of how to make more content for the recap. We did many boomerangs and took pictures with the different people that donated cans. We also took pictures with Bob Jeswald (weatherman). It was a lot of fun getting to know more of the community more than anything. People are starting to really notice who the OYS Squad is and it’s a great feeling of how excited they get when we come around to the different events Columbus has to offer.


Summer Hayes

This week, we had a meeting with the sales department. It was nice talking with this department. I retained a lot of information that many schools don’t deliver for communication majors (finances). It was very enlightening to see how the station functions through sales. In this meeting, we discussed an upcoming project they had called, Kid’s Summer Cupboard. This is an event where we meet together in a location with different people from different organizations to get the public to donate cans for those in need of food.

Wednesday, June 4, was our first Kid’s Summer Cupboard event. As more people came to donate cans, we (the OYS Squad) gave out free slushy and burger coupons. This was an amazing opportunity for me because I was able to see Bob Jasweld (weatherman), talk with local people, and make great connections all at once. There were many kids that were donating cans as well. There face lit up when the OYS Squad offered free slushies. There will be three more Kid’s Summer Cupboard events that the OYS Squad will be apart of.


Summer Hayes

This week was more interactive than the last week. The Allman Brothers tribute band was coming to perform in Columbus. There was much content needing to be created. On Monday, we had a photoshoot to go along with the content we were creating to get the word out to the public about the Allman Brothers tribute band. On Wednesday, I was able to interview one of the band members with Nathan (OYS Squad member) over a FaceTime call. It was hectic doing the interview because we could not get the audio to work correctly. Unfortunately, we had to have the band member do the interview three different times. He was up in spirit. So, this didn’t bother him not one bit.

After the interview was done, it was posted on the different social media platforms WRBL was apart of. Sunday, June 1, we were all out meeting the community at our first event.  Was a little nervous starting off. But once I got the chance to continue to talk to the people at the concert, it became easier. AS we were interacting with the community, we gave out free slushy and burger coupons from McDonald’s to the people that were able to follow WRBL and McDonald’s on their social media. We also went live at the concert. Shuneca, the overseer of the OYS Squad, told me to same a few things while we were live. It was a bit scary because there were thousands of people watching. Although, it was a successful, first event.


Summer Hayes

Hello! My name is Summer Hayes. I am a rising Senior at Columbus State University. I am currently majoring in communication with a concentration in integrated media. This Summer, I am doing an internship at WRBL News 3 as a Social Media Host. WIth this position, I am working with three other students on the OYS Squad learning the ins and outs of being a social media host.

My first week was a little slow. Shuneca Harrington, the sales manager, allowed us the first week to get to know the staff at WRBL and get a feel of what we were going to be doing. Our first event we prepared for was the “Fun for Stripes” event. Shuneca explained the goals our sponsors, “Kenneth Nugent and McDonalds,” had for us. With each event we prepared for in the community, we have to implement Kenneth Nugent and McDonalds in our content. It was a little rough starting because the “Fun for Stripes” event was canceled. But on the bright side, we created a lot of content that we could use for future events.

Emily Laskowski

This week was a slow week at the Center. Monday and Tuesday were fall break for the university, so the Center was closed, so I was only here on Wednesday and Friday. For the two days that I was at the Center, I updated the calendar and created content for the social media. Isaac is still over the moon that he has someone that can keep things updated on the social media side of things and be able to promote the events the Center is hosting.

In the next couple of weeks, we have three major events going on at the Center. The most recent is this month’s Tuneful Tuesday, which is an event where different people come and preform music. This month’s is Andrew Zohn Guitar Studio featuring performances by students Ying Xu, Dragos Ilie, and Agustin Rosado. Below is one of the graphics I created to post on Instagram using the ‘story’ feature. The next event we are hosting is the first event of David Diamond Reading and Recital Series. The second event of the series is in late November. Lastly, in mid-November we are holding a master class with artist, Jordan Sokol. This master class is a three day class where people can pay to be taught how to paint by Sokol.

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks with so many events happening, I will be able to help Isaac with more event planning. While I understand that promoting the event just as, or even more, important as the event itself, I would love to have more hands-on experience with planning and coordination.EL2