Reflections Part 2 – Red Cross – Jo Garrison


Ride for the Red was the first motorcycle ride fundraiser put together by West Central Georgia Red Cross Chapter volunteers.  During this time I was able to get an inside look at how a fundraiser is put together.  Concepts I learnt while taking Organizational Communication was utilized while communicating with the many businesses and organizations to obtain support.  Some of the many parts to putting together a fundraiser were obtaining radio spots, writing PR messages, writing ads to be placed in local newspapers, obtaining permission to place promotional bulletins throughout the community.  It took a lot of work and many hands and minds to make this fundraiser happen and on the day of the event it was amazing to feel that fuzzy feeling deep down to see how worth it everything was.  During the event I took several photos to place on the Shutterfly and Facebook page created by me and wrote a 250-word event wrap-up to be placed in the Red Cross news and event newspaper.  Using skills acquired while taking Dr. Park’s Integrated Web Design to put together flyers to distribute to local schools our intentions were to promote the Summer Youth Program.  I really enjoyed getting youths of the community interested in participating and volunteering in the community.  My time spent working with the Red Cross was well spent emphasizing on my studies with the Department of Communication at Columbus State University.  My advice to future interns is to make every minute of your internship count.  There are so many organizations out there that make a difference and when you add that with the immaculate training and teachings given at Columbus State University you realize the greatness these organizations have to offer come from people like you!


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