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This week I have attempted to learn how to make a short 1-2 video clip for a class featuring Micah’s Promise. One of the Staff Members here at Christ Community Church (CCC), Robert Williams, is allowing me to borrow his camera and tripod and has told me a few tricks about recording and editing video. I have been playing around with recording different objects and I have learned a few things thus far. 1) It is super hard to keep your hand still when you do not have a tripod and are trying to focus on one object. 2) The littlest bit of sound travels. For example, the air condition or people talking one room over can cause your “quiet scene” to become very loud. 3) Plan out what you want to film before you film it. If you do not do this, you will probably waste a lot of time and memory on your SD card.

Tonight I am filming parts of the Micah’s Promise Board Meeting in order to capture what it is they do. I am excited about this opportunity, but extremely nervous because I do not know much about filming at all. I am scheduled to record two interviews this week for the video and am hoping to have complete silence in order for the sound to be good. On the bright side, I have registered to take Video Production 1 next semester and am hoping that will increase my recording abilities.

NPACE – Leonard Hood

This will be one of my last weeks being in NPACE considering I will be graduating in 11 days. Looking back, there isn’t anywhere else I would have wanted to intern at besides NPACE. I do not regret the time spent in there because something new was being learned each day. NPACE not only taught me different creating, recording, to editing skills, but it also gave me plenty of hands on experience with it all. I was lucky enough to use equipment I would have never learned about on my own time. Simply because a lot of the equipment was professional and pretty expensive. Only people who are making something professional and know a thing or two about camera settings would even consider paying those prices. I wouldn’t spend that much on cameras and lighting unless I was confident I was going to profit from it. I will always remember the connections I made by being in there as well. I met many students that were in my major who I never had came in contact with before. Since we ended up seeing each other everyday, we all formed stronger bonds and some became friends. NPACE showed me how much talent was walking around in my own neighborhood. All the projects I started on are finished and now I just have to focus on my classes for these next few days. After school I plan on using the skills I practiced in NPACE. Even if I don’t get a job in the communication field, I will still be keeping up with the technology and getting better. Not to finally land a communication job, but to someday create some of my own.

Doing the background work on PSA's

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Audio Production – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This week in NPACE has been humbling for me. I did some of the things I used to enjoy doing in the past before I got too busy with school. There is a new show being worked on called “Conversations with Dave and Eric”. I was asked to create an instrumental that will be used to play in the background of the video’s introduction and credits screen at the end. I managed to finish a track that sounds nice and it will be used for the show. I am very excited about my work being used and the fact I will be seeing my name in the credits of the video. This upcoming week I will be creating audio for a sports show being produced in NPACE.

Using FL Studio to produce a track for the Dave and Eric show.

Using FL Studio to produce a track for the Dave and Eric show.


Learning Something New Each Day, NPACE Center, Leonard Hood

This week was very informational for me. I learned a lot of new things in the NPACE center and in my related classes. I started my intern week editing audio for the Degree in 3 video that is being produced. I was taught how to use the noise reduction feature on Adobe Audition. With that feature, I was able to completely take out the extra background noise that was in the interviews. All the humming sounds were taken out of the clips and the overall sound ended up being crisp and clear. I have been editing audio for years and I have never learned such a quick and efficient way to get that airy background noise out until now so I was excited.

My video production class was very interesting this week because the class was taught helpful effects we can use on Final Cut Pro. One thing I learned that was pretty cool to me was how to select a certain color in a video, for example the color red, then with the effect, I was able to take the other colors out of the video and have only the color red showing. Therefore everything else was in black and white. I have seen that effect used in videos in the past and I always thought it was the coolest thing to see in action. After that we were taught how to correctly use the green screen effect. After recording someone in front of a green screen, there is an effect you can apply to the clip in final cut pro. After applying that effect, all you have to do is choose the background that you want to show up and the program will replace it for you.  For something I always thought took rocket science to do, it sure was easy to do in actuality.

Me in the NPACE center

Me in the NPACE center



Johnny Carter – What Does the Buck Say?

What Does the Buck Say?

This comes off our website, , from one of Realtree’s bloggers. This is one of the crazy and fun things about working/interning at Realtree.  Although we had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this video it is still very entertaining if you have seen or heard of the YouTube video What Does the Fox Say?

Love it or hate it, it it entertaining!

Jordie King – Filming Orientations

As part of my internship I will be making and editing a video for the Orientation Team to use in years to come not only what students will do on the team, but this video will be played at Orientations next year as well. It will be an interactive video with interviews, interactions on Orientation days, and lots of fun. I will video on the retreat, during days and nights of Orientations, and just the daily duties that go along with Orientation. I am really excited about this video, and even more exciting that I have access to all the resources I need to make a professional video. The NPACE center has high quality video equipment, as well as up to date editing software on Macs, so I know my video has amazing potential. I plan on it being around 20 minutes, which is a lot longer than the videos I edited for Dr. Hart’s Video Production 1 class. That kind of excites me though. I enjoy editing film and I’m glad to have this opportunity through my internship.


We have a lot of fun!

Zach Jamieson-NPACE/PMB-Cram it!!

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks!! Cramin’ for exams, projects, videos, presentations, etc.  

 This is an EXTREMELY rough edit of the NPACE video that may eventually be used as it’s commercial. Pretty exciting. I have to get back to crackin’ the books or I am absolutely not going to get what I need to finished. Wish me luck on the end of the semester and lets kick it on my break!!