Reflections Part 1 – Red Cross – Jo Garrison


This past semester I have had the pleasure of interning with the American Red Cross, Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) division. My time working with them was an absolute pleasure. When I first started working with SAF I was unsure what to expect. I knew I would be working closely with volunteers who provide the many services of the Red Cross specifically to the military on Fort Benning. My first assignment was to write a donation letter to obtain water and beverages for Red Cross. As a non-profit organization majority of their funding and material come from donations. I was really impressed with the procedure and was unsure of how the process worked. I found Rhetorical Criticism to be very beneficial during this assignment. In the course we are taught the process for writing persuasive documents that came in handy. After requesting from local businesses we received over $200 dollars in gift cards to be used to purchase water and beverages for Red Cross events. One of the events we were able to benefit from these donations was at a local fundraiser put together to help raise awareness in recognition of Red Cross Awareness month.


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