NPACE – Leonard Hood

This will be one of my last weeks being in NPACE considering I will be graduating in 11 days. Looking back, there isn’t anywhere else I would have wanted to intern at besides NPACE. I do not regret the time spent in there because something new was being learned each day. NPACE not only taught me different creating, recording, to editing skills, but it also gave me plenty of hands on experience with it all. I was lucky enough to use equipment I would have never learned about on my own time. Simply because a lot of the equipment was professional and pretty expensive. Only people who are making something professional and know a thing or two about camera settings would even consider paying those prices. I wouldn’t spend that much on cameras and lighting unless I was confident I was going to profit from it. I will always remember the connections I made by being in there as well. I met many students that were in my major who I never had came in contact with before. Since we ended up seeing each other everyday, we all formed stronger bonds and some became friends. NPACE showed me how much talent was walking around in my own neighborhood. All the projects I started on are finished and now I just have to focus on my classes for these next few days. After school I plan on using the skills I practiced in NPACE. Even if I don’t get a job in the communication field, I will still be keeping up with the technology and getting better. Not to finally land a communication job, but to someday create some of my own.

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Finishing What I Started – NPACE – Leonard Hood

This week has been busier than most of the others. All the projects I started at the beginning of the semester are almost finished up and graduation is only a few weeks away. I am anxious for graduation but I also feel like I am losing a little bit because soon my internship will be over. I’ve been exposed to so many new things and I had the opportunity to get involved in many projects I would never have been able to do on my own. Even besides all the cameras and editing equipment, the people I met this semester will be the most missed. I was blessed enough to work with so many talented people and make good connections for projects we may decide to do together in the future. Interning in NPACE has not only showed me what I am capable of, but it has given me ideas for projects I will work on for myself in the future. So in these next few weeks as I finish what I started, I will constantly remind myself that this is only the beginning of a bigger journey. I’ve grown in multiple areas. I’ve done a lot of work with audio production before even coming to NPACE, but every time I was in the radio room or editing something on Audition, I ended up learning something new. I enjoyed filming growing up but nothing I produced was really professional quality. I feel I have learned what it takes to produce something worth paying attention to.  I appreciate the fact that my time interning was spent engaging in things I actually enjoyed doing. All that practice adds up.