Photography- Symone Grady-The Chamber

One of the projects that I have been working on while at the Chamber is the Time for Art project. Local artists place their artwork up for auction and bidders bid on the artwork with volunteer hours instead of money. I have become the go-to person for bidders on how to complete their volunteer hours and retrieve their artwork.
Whenever a bidder emails me the necessary paperwork showing that they have successfully completed their volunteer hours, I schedule an appointment for them to come into the Chamber to collect their artwork, and to get a picture of them with their artwork. Doing this, forces me to familiarize myself with various digital cameras, and how to take an appealing photograph. In middle school I was in the photography club for 1 year, and I was a member of the yearbook committee for 3 years. I am pretty experienced in taking pictures. However, at that time cameras were a little less…. COMPLICATED.
Before a bidder comes in, I familiarize myself with the camera so that I do not leave the person standing there with their artwork while I try to figure out how to operate the device. While I am taking pictures of the bidders. I also think about some principles that I learned in my Interactive Media Production class such as lighting, angles, etc.

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