Time for Art- Symone Grady – The Chamber

One of the major projects that I have been working on while  being with the Chamber is the Time for Art project. Time for art is a local event that occurs every October. It features local artists who put their artwork up for auction for the Time for Art show. Members of the community attend the art show and bid on their favorite pieces of art. However, instead of bidding with money,  they bid with volunteer hours. So, if you were to attend the Time for Art Show and you saw a piece of artwork that you wanted, instead of having to pay for the artwork with money, you would bid by committing to a certain amount of volunteer hours. The bidder that commits to the largest amount of volunteer hours wins the artwork. Bidders have 1 year to work of their committed volunteer hours. Once they have completed all necessary forms proving that they completed how ever many hours they committed to, they will receive the artwork, and that is where I come in.
Ultimately, I help the bidders complete their volunteer hours so that they can claim their art. I send out individualized emails to all (42) bidders providing them with instructions on how to track their hours, reminding them of the # of hours they have committed to, and provided a picture of their artwork. I am the point of contact for bidders with questions. I also help bidders track their hours. Some bidders complete a few hours then fill out the assigned form and email it to me so that I can keep track of it for them. Other bidders track their progress themselves, and send me the final form showing that they have completed all of their hours.
Once a bidder has completed their hours. I schedule an appointment for them to come into the Chamber and meet with my supervisor, Amy Bryan. At this time, she takes a picture of them with their artwork for future marketing purposes, and the bidder claims the artwork that they have worked so hard for!

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