Amita Lee

Internship Week #3


This week has been pretty crazy. From working on projects and trying to make sure that I did not get swept up in the craziness downtown, I had to work extra hard to make sure that I got things done for my internship. I focused on the Facebook Page, United Way Project, and I got to talk to a pretty awesome mom.

One of the best things I have found throughout my internship, is that you can schedule posts on Facebook. You can go in and make sure that the posts you want seen are scheduled to appear without you even having to make sure that the post goes through. I have been making the most of this tool. One of the benefits of using social media so much for this internship is that I have learned ways to make the job easier as well as making it go a lot smoother with such a crazy schedule.

I have also started working to put the skills I am getting in Video 1 to work. I will be making a video to post to help us secure a grant with United Way. I have only ever made two videos in my life, and honestly they were not very good. So, needless to say, I am terrified to do this one. Half of the process started at the end of last semester. Putting it together is the part that is scary. I really don’t want to mess up but, I also really think that if I do it right this could be a really great tool that Ferst can use down the line to help the organization.

One of the best parts about this internship is that you encounter people who really love the program. This week, we got an email from a parent who said that her daughter had not been receiving her books, due to a move. She was so enthusiastic about getting her books back on track. Sometimes I think that it is easy to get lost in the business of working for an internship or something like it that you forget that you are actually helping people and creating a service to someone.


Tier Wootson- Poanna


We had Poanna, a local band of Columbus, come on Chip’s World. They were playing at The Loft downtown, which has weekly entertainment on the weekends. They actually brought in their own amps and more instruments that wouldn’t fit into the space that we had. So we ended up do an acoustic version of some of their songs. Luke (left)  is the main vocals and Tim (right) is one of the guitarist and vocals, while Kendall (back left) sings back up and plays guitar as well; their drummer was unable to make it. It was interesting to see how I was going to fit everyone fit in the frame, so I had to move the camera about 5 ft. from its original place. We also had some lighting issues because of the angles of the light, at times the picture would be hot, so I had to play with the iris and rearrange people to get just the perfect picture and lighting. I have a video of Poanna practicing during the break but it seems that it’s to big to add so I made a link where you can listen. Poanna sings one of their original songs, which you can download on ITunes if interested.   Poanna



NPACE (Non Profit and Civic Engagement) Center Students put together clips from the innaugural ARTBEAT in Columbus, Georgia to introduce ARTBEAT 2013 Arts in the Streets. This annual event occurs the last two weeks of March as a celebration of Arts in our community. Look forward to lots of great events in Uptown Columbus this year – find out more at or