Ansley Phillips

Street Team’s Busiest Week


This week for my internship I finished up our corporate events, helped secure some event groups, and ran three street team events. Our first event was the state wide PTA meeting where we really pushed our fundraising nights and field trip options to schools in the area ranging from elementary schools to high schools.

Our fundraiser nights are spirit nights where a percentage of the night’s funds go to the organization hosting the fundraiser. The next event was setting up a booth at the youth soccer games where we handed out Launch swag and tried to recruit for our toddler time, homeschool time, and our upcoming corporate photo shoot.

The last event for the day was the Celebration Recovery event at Cooper Creek Park for Christ Community Church. At this event we drew raffle tickets and played with the kids. I actually had to get in the Joey the Kangaroo costume for the first time at this event, which was a new experience for me, but at this job I knew I would have to be a jack of all trades type and a team player so I bounced around like Joey for a while.


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