A Taste of Event Planning-Symone Grady- The Chamber

Instead of a regular day in my office at the Chamber, my supervisor encouraged me to attend the Leadership Columbus Session that was being held downtown. She felt as though this would be a great opportunity to give me a little taste of what goes into event planning.
Unfortunately due to time conflicts with my classes, I was unable to meet with my team until 1:30pm. However, I was just in time to help set up.
The Leadership session included a tour of downtown Columbus focusing on the Arts. While at the River Center, I helped setup a refreshments table and help put information bags together for the guests.  Since the session was based off of a tight itinerary, we had to move very efficiently to get the various information stations and refreshments table set up.
When thinking of event planning I think of the bigger picture involving dates, number of people, food, decor, itineraries, etc. I neglect to think about the little details and exactly how much work I would have to put into getting things done. I believe this is why my supervisor wanted me to assist her in organizing Leadership Columbus Day. I learned so many vital things this week that will help me in the future to remember to not skip the small details.

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