Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: October 5 and 6

Thursday night, October 5, I spent time in the newsroom and the studio and shadowed the producers and watched the 5 and 6 o’clock broadcasts. At WLTZ, the employees work with the software Ross Inception, so I was able to watch how they use it and pick up a few pointers. Friday night was another night of back-to-back football games, so I had another time crunch of editing footage in the car in between games. The more I’m able to practice with Final Cut, though, the faster I’m becoming at editing.


Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: September 28 and 29

We’ve hit the ground running with high school football at WLTZ, so my two days of interning were filled with back-to-back games. This week I went to two games with Brooke each night, and had to face another time crunch while editing the footage in the car in between games. I’m also helping Brooke write the script for the highlights, so I’m picking up a lot of knowledge on sports writing that I know will help me in the future.

Madison Ullman

Blog #10

This week was a transition getting back into the groove of things. After having, almost, a whole week off I came back to a lot of things that needed my attention. I had been trying to set up a meeting with Paul for a while, and I was finally able to sit down and talk to him about some of the questions I had for one of my agents. I also met two of the newest agents and set them up with Facebook business pages. I recently began dabbling in Photoshop to create Facebook cover photos. This has been a big learning experience because I am not too familiar with Photoshop. Next week, I will be continuing to help some of the agents create posts for listings and teaching them how to create more personalized, non-real estate related, content.

Kasey Cross

My last week was a half week. I got the final paper product of November’s “Lifelines” and it turned out great. I also created the November patient newsletter in Publisher, and that came out beautiful too. I love my work at Columbus Regional, and I really feel like I belong there.

I calculated my hours worked overall, and it turns out that on Tuesday I clocked 150. Which means my internship is over. I emailed Joel the spreadsheet, and told him this Tuesday would be my last day.

Soon we’ll see if it’s my last day as an intern, or my last day ever.

Keeli Waugh

I have continued to do emails for the data base. This past week Patricia, another intern, went through some marketing strategies with me. We will be creating tentative presages for organizations and schools. She went over how to communicate between theaters and the organizations as a middle man and how to keep up with all the information we receive.

Kasey Cross

Last week and the week before were extremely stressful, and I still cannot thank the good Lord enough that they are finally over.

While I am still waiting to hear about the final decision on the writer/editor position, I have been given the lovely task of doing this full time job over the course of the two days a week I spend there. As part of my internship. Taking 40 hours of work and condensing them into 10 is quite possibly my worst nightmare. But I’m getting it done, and hopefully it all works out in my favor.

We presented Leader2Leader last week. This is a monthly presentation where one selected department head and his team present to the rest of the department heads what it is they do around the hospital. At first, I was only supposed to present the CSU/CRH aspect of it, but since I’m now doing the writer/editor job as well I was given 24 hours to prepare for that chunk of the presentation as well. Needless to say, I was terrified, but I nailed it. Totally nailed it. The presentation was completely awesome.

I sent in all of our submissions for monthly publications, and now its time to sit back, relax, and patiently wait.

Madison Ullman

Senior Internship

Blog #9

This week I met with a lot of agents. I had agents I met for a web audit send me a link to their current listings on Navica, so I no longer have to wait for them to send me listings. Instead, I can go through and post about their current listings on my schedule. I have developed a system where I choose the properties that have been on the market the longest, and I create posts for those homes first. When I am getting ready to create a post, I email the agent and ask for pictures and any information they want me to include in the post. I then save the post I create in their drafts, so the agent can edit or tag anyone they want. I also met with a few agents who I have already been posting on a regular basis. For these meetings, I discussed with them the importance of personalized Facebook posts. I can post listings or some recipes, but at the end of the day it is their business page, and they need to be visibly active on it. This next week is Thanksgiving, so it’ll be interesting to see how active the agents can be online during the Holidays. This will be a great time to introduce, and teach, scheduled Facebook posts, so agents can enjoy time with their family while continuing to post 3-5 times a week.