Andrea Washington


On February 22,2018 I had my first meeting with Young Professionals. I met with Amy Bryan the Executive Vice President and Troy Jackson the Coordination Manager. During this meeting they both discussed with me what the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals are.  The information they discussed with me were; the Chamber of Commerce helps build a community where people will stay in the city of Columbus, Georgia as well as preserving the political aspect of it. They also discussed Young Professionals, an organization that focuses on having Columbus, Georgia an area where 21-40 year olds will be attracted to and stay.

What I learned from this meeting, is that the staffs over these two organizations care about the city of Columbus and want to see it thrive. They want it to be an attraction, and a home to many. Without the brainwork of the many workers apart of these organizations we wouldn’t see the progress of Columbus nor the things to come. Without this experience I wouldn’t know how hard the workers of Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals put into making Columbus what it is and future expectations. When you have people working with you that are just as passionate or even more than you are, you’re able to see progress.


Nikki Pham

Hi my name is Nikki Pham. For my senior internship, I am interning with Ad Exchange Group (AdEx). It’s an advertising firm in California. My internship is an online-based internship. Although it is unconventional, I look forward to sharing my positive and negative experiences and how it is and will prepare me for the real world.

In the past few weeks, I have been watching tutorial videos on how to use adobe illustrator because majority of my assignments will require me to know how to use adobe illustrator. My supervisor told me that it is necessary to learn the program because when I start to create logos, product labels, and mobile ads for a client’s social media then I will need to know how to efficiently and effectively maneuver through the program. This week I learned about the importance of branding. I was taught that branding is more than just a company’s logo, but how the customer sees the company. I had the task of helping clients with their branding like names and slogans that encompasses who they are as a company. This week’s experience is applicable to the real world because if I want to be an exceptional advertiser or marketing expert then I need to know how to help clients properly brand themselves.



Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: December 4 and 8

 This was my last week with WLTZ, and it was a fun one! On Monday, I accompanied Brooke to Lafayette High School to help her shoot a scholar athlete segment, where I handled the camera equipment and helped make sure we were able to get the shots we needed. On Thursday, I got to conduct the interview for a different scholar athlete at Pacelli High School here in town. Afterwards, I shot the “stand up” that is used to introduce the segment. It was strange being in front of the camera, but I enjoyed it! Later, I’ll put together the segment and I’ll have it to use when applying for jobs in the future, should I need it. I’ve learned so much with WLTZ, and I think this experience has made me more well-rounded and marketable for jobs in the future

Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: November 30 and December 1

Thursday, November 30 was a more relaxed day, I stayed at the station and watched the broadcasts and got to shadow the producers once again. This week is a busy week as the sports department is preparing for the SEC championship while also staying on top of all the local sporting events. Friday night was Lanett’s semifinals game, and they’re the only remaining team in WLTZ’s viewing area in the playoffs. I was able to help set up the live shot and did my usual job of cutting the highlight in the car on the way back to the station. I’ve noticed an improvement in how fast I’m able to cut footage since I started, which is a good feeling.

Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: November 16

I only went to the station one day this week, and I sat in on the 5 and 6 o’clock shows with the producers and I accompanied Scott to two Chattahoochee Valley Community College basketball games – both the men and the women were playing. This allowed me to dabble once again in cutting basketball highlights. I also stayed for the 10 and 11 o’clock broadcasts, and got to see how Scott presented them and wrote the script for the basketball game.

Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: November 2

I had an interesting experience this week! I accompanied Brooke to a high school football game as well as an Auburn University basketball game. I’ve gotten better with Final Cut Pro throughout my internship and I’ve done well with cutting football highlights, but cutting basketball highlights was new for me. You don’t need much footage for a basketball highlight, and the highlights themselves are very quick. Being able to see how the press works a college game was interesting as well. This has been more memorable experiences from my internship

Jessica Shadix

Internship Blog: October 26 and 27

This week was another usual busy week with high school football games. There was a big game this week, with Lafayette and Lanett going head-to-head in a rematch. Lafayette had won the year before, and it was Lanett’s senior night, so the stakes were high. Friday night was a particularly busy night for us as we had to make it to three football games. This put me under a stricter time crunch when I edited clips in the car, but I was able to get it done on time. As always, it was a fast-paced couple of days!