Charise Clay

I’m at the midway point of my internship. I’m enjoying myself going to the Chamber every other day. This week I organized some things for Partners of Education. Although, this is my project it is very interesting to see how schools and businesses partner up. They both benefit one another in a great way. Let’s see what this next week has in store for me.


Chris Stone

Hello all –

It is getting to that part of the semester where everything seems to be just around the corner, yet a million miles away. This internship is no different. I feel like I have been learning under the guidance of Mr. Robinson and Mr. Rome for such a long time but there is much more to learn in my last month or so. I look forward getting this equipment check out system up and running before I leave!

Until next time,


Dee Anderson

The past 2 weeks I have spent helping organize two events called Fighting the Stigma and Can you handle my world? I also volunteered at both of the events. We had a great student body turn out at both. At Fighting the Stigma, I was the moderator for the evening and at Can you handle my world, I managed the volunteers and tables. I also have been working with Mayor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities to put together a workshop for employers and a rally for advocates and the public. I am responsible for advertising the events.

Ansley Phillips

Fund Raisers

 For this weeks work, we have focused mainly on pushing and setting up fundraisers. We do our fundraisers like “spirit nights” where we offer a percentage of their group’s proceeds for the night. As a part of our fundraisers, we do all of the PR and advertising for the event. We do the social media, the banners outside of the school, and offer stickers and flyers for students. We also bring Joey, our mascot, to the school to hype up the students and get them excited about the event.

 We’ve also been continuing to promote to businesses for group events. We’ve also worked more fall festivals to promote our kids camp for winter break.

Olivera Tadijin

This week I finished up my poster for golf. Right now I’m still working on scheduling photo shoots for tennis poster as well as making a template. I am also finishing up the marketing stuff for the CSU tennis classic event. I’m creating a brochure with the roster of the team that will be given at the event.

Nikki Pham

Week 8: Two months down. Forever to go.

Where did the time go? I have been interning for two months now and I’m having so much fun I forgot. For the most part, I stayed busy with writing scripts and editing videos. I did have an opportunity to produce on Monday, which was exciting. I counted the time and I made the executive decisions whether to cut promos or not. It was thrilling and stressful at the same time. Thankfully, it went well. Besides that, I continued to practice what I was taught. Who knows what they will be having me do next week.

Chris Stone

NPACE What We’ve Done: Blog

Hello all –

This week was kind of laid back. There was not too much to do, but it was nice to sit back and have meaningful conversations while we doing small jobs around the NPACE center. Being able to make these friendships (especially in my last semester here) mean so much to me. Not to mention, I am learning a lot about myself in the process.

‘Til next time,