Dana Coburn – Completing the Wedding Brochure

The Wedding Brochure is something that I have talked about before, but with all the fuss of multiple weddings this semester it has been hard to focus mainly on that. However, I have been making progress with it and I plan to have it completed and ready to present to my supervisor on Thursday November 15th.

The main things that I have been doing today are finishing the template; which I plan to have completed tomorrow, and the laminated floor plans. The template will be for the vendors that The Rankin uses to the clients are able to easily have access to all the contact information needed to start planning and ordering things from these vendors. The floor plans are also meant to help them easily visualize where they want things, and I am laminating them so they are able to erase or change it completely whenever they need to.


I hope that this will help with the organization of all weddings, as well as the marketing plans we have been discussing since August. The Rankin is such a great space, however the Public Relations experience needed is crucial. There are so many ideas that just need to be put into action. Once the wedding brochure is completed, we will start marketing how easy things will move along if a wedding is booked at The Rankin Gardens & Atrium.

Dana Coburn – Time to Tie the Knot!!!

This week at The Rankin, we have been preparing for yet another wedding! The weeks leading up to weddings are the best, it is complete chaos, but we love it! Preparing the final touches is where the pressure rises. The wedding planner has been in contact all week and we are making sure the The Rankin is at its best. The bride has been in and out, and finally it is time for the rehearsal tomorrow evening. 

The wedding will be this Saturday, at 6pm, and will last until 11pm. Obviously, we have a long day ahead of us. The team, myself included, will be there ready to begin at 11am. When we first arrive the tables and everything will need to be set and ready by 3pm for the pictures and final walk through. This is the craziest part of the day because everybody is running in a different direction trying to get their task completed. From past experience, it will be a fast day with little time for rest. 

These ceremonies are all day events because we have to perform, ” the flip” which is reorganizing the way  the chairs and tables are arranged for the reception. While this is being done the guests will be enjoying their cocktail hour in the Atrium. Then at 8pm, the reception will begin. After the reception is over and the guests are leaving, we then begin our last task of breaking down the event.

I will have great, memorable pictures to blog about on Monday. I have heard the weather should be great, but you just never know. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t freeze on Saturday. Everybody remember, The Rankin Gardens & Atrium when planning for a future wedding!


Dana Coburn – Saturday Sauna and Wedding Bell Drama

This past Saturday I worked at my first wedding as an intern at the Rankin Gardens and Atrium. This was a great first experience minus the obvious hot and humid weather that everyone is  familiar with in south Georgia in August. Rebecca Holman, a graduate assistant and Robbie Monfort, the executive event coordinator were both present and extremely helpful with guiding me through the steps of this event.

Weddings and all other events are an all day process. I was not aware of the time and effort that is put in to make the weddings as spectacular as they always are. We arrived at the venue at 12 p.m.  to begin the set-up process, which includes having all chairs and tables exactly how the bride requests her set up. After this is complete, the wedding planner arrives to help with all other set-up that needs to be done prior to the ceremony.

Like all events, there is always that one person that is hard to please. In this case, it was the wedding planner herself. The wedding planner is not associated with The Rankin, so we never know who we are going to have to deal with. This one in particular brought some “wedding bell drama” only because she wanted everything perfect but did not lift a finger.

I was happy that this was the first wedding I was able to experience simply because Robbie is such an expert at handling sticky situations. She calmly fixed everything in a timely manner and I believe that it was a great learning opportunity for me to know how to deal with the public.

The whole process of working a wedding is a 13 hour day. Saturday in particular,  was a long dreary day that turned into a successful wedding. The Rankin Gardens and Atrium is such a great place for me to learn and grow in this business I would like to be a part of after graduation.