Throughout the week I have continued to update Hope Harbour’s website. As I stated before, Hope Harbour operates on the GoDaddy server which is very difficult, but the more I work with it the easier it gets. The organization was having problems with their calendar, which kept duplicating so viewers were seeing two calendars. I fixed the calendar situation and began work on their November events. I updated the websites special events page, in which I removed the “Silence Hides Violence” PDF and since there are no upcoming events (open to the public) at this moment I replaced the PDF with Hope Harbours signature purple ribbon and a small statement reminding viewers it is still Domestic Violence Awareness month. I am still waiting to receive an electronic copy of the volunteer application but once received I will add it to the website, which in return will make it easier for the community to volunteer. I am also waiting on information which the organization would like to add to the special events throughout the holidays.

I must reiterate how important it is to keep information confidential, such as the location of the shelter and the identities of the victims, so the images I am able to post are limited. I have finished shooting all my clips for my video, which includes some great clips of donors, volunteers, and staff… all of which have given permission to be published. I am still editing the video, having the most trouble with the background noise. I interviewed one volunteer on main campus which the video had much background noise. Also, when I captured video of the actual donors in action, there was much background noise being that we were on Hamilton Road at 8:00am. Just some little kinks to work out but it will be completed by next post.

I am excited to begin preparing for the holiday festivities at the shelter. So far we have collected everything from decorations to food to gifts for the residents of the shelter this holiday season, though there is plenty more to come. Hope Harbour puts food baskets together not only residents of the shelter, but for families in need throughout the community  to assure they have a wonderful holiday as well.

I am beginning to work on a quarterly (electronic) newsletter for the organization. I have an awesome template for the newsletter and soon it will be filled with events from the past month, as well as events throughout the upcoming holiday season. As of now, my supervisor is gathering relevant information she would like for me to include. My deadline is the first week of December, in which I plan to disperse before the Christmas holiday.

The picture above show a small part of the “Silence Hides Violence” walk which took place earlier this month. As I stated before, it was a great success. Before the end of the semester I hope to be able to create a scrapbook for Hope Harbour as well, being that the Executive Director had included that on her wish list.

Next week be on the look out for the video!!!

Fulfilling the need for interactive media…

For the last few weeks of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I have been working on a documentary style video for the organization. I have been shooting footage of the donation process (including donors in action), interviewing staff and volunteers, and collecting still images. The information I have learned throughout this semester in my interactive media production course has helped tremendously, such as camera angle, location, and casting.

Working with the battered women’s shelter, you have to be very cautious of the images you disburse online and within the community. The location of the shelter is confidential and the victims identities are withheld. The material to work with is limited, unless you acquire prior authorization from the organization as well as the people in the images.

To overcome the issue at hand, I only interviewed the Executive Director, Volunteer coordinator, two volunteers, and interaction with one donor (who chose not to be interviewed). What I found most interesting about the process is the story the donor shared with me. She stated that every month her neighborhood collected items and donated them to a local charity. They chose Hope Harbour being that this is domestic violence awareness month. Hearing her story was inspiring and I wish I could have recorded her, but the footage I recorded tells the story almost as well. The volunteers are fellow CSU students, one who is the president of his fraternity, and the other who participates in the servant leadership program. This worked out perfectly, being that one of Hope Harbour’s objectives is to raise awareness within and get the younger members of our community more involved. I will be using imovie software to edit and publish the video. I expect it to be 5-7 min. in length and utilize it on Hope Harbour’s social media sites.

Once I complete the video this week, I will being my work on Hope Harbour’s quarterly newsletter. I am focusing on events which took place throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the upcoming harvest festival and thanksgiving dinner events, and updates within the shelter. I have estimated it to be complete after Thanksgiving and be disbursed by Christmas.

I still have some work to accomplish on Hope Harbour’s website. Another volunteer and I have collaborated on the task and have both ran into technical issues with GoDaddy. I must say, I do not recommend using this platform. But we will continue until it works.

Until next week…