Franchesca Renfroe – Reflection

When I first began this internship, I didn’t know what to expect. In hindsight this was an amazing opportunity. I’ve learned a better work ethic as well as perfected my AP Style of writing. I’ve learned how to search for the big story and get that story out in record timing.

One of the biggest things this internship has taught me is how to be an efficient leader. Having a team of journalist can get pretty hectic. Every interview, assignment, email-sent is important. Patience is a must. As well as finding the common ground between being a peer and being a leader. I have worked with a group of amazing people who all are aiming for the same goals in life as me. That is definitely the push I need to make it forwards.

IMG_0499.JPG (2)

Another late night going through articles and posting. 

Some days were tough, the workload seemed to drown me a some point and, I question myself plenty of times whether or not I was cut out for this business. Every time I asked that questioned, I knew the answer is yes! This internship has solidified my decision to become an Entertainment Journalist. I love the work, the exclusive interviews, writing. I love it!

When I was offered the official Editorial Assistant position for the fall, I knew I was on the right path towards my dreams. This summer was definitely a successful one. Big things are coming in the future and I am excited about them!

I am happy that you all were with me during my journey this summer. Blogging about the great things I’ve gotten to do this summer definitely amplified everything. Now I continue on my journey as an Editorial Assistant! AWESOME!

Franchesca Renfroe – Offered a Job In the Fall


I have been offered an invitation to officially become a part of #TeamVain in the fall. I would be an Editorial Assistant with a team of five or six interns. We would be working on the Erica Vain Magazine, now that it is officially on stands. I would be attending meeting once a week, coming up with content for a section of the monthly magazine (and assigning that content), I am also the link between my bosses and young adults (I keep things hip and fresh while keeping them in-the-know about what is happening in the world), and I would be building my own brand.

My own brand?

Do you guys know what this means?!

I will be making my name known in the entertainment industry, writing and interviewing. Basically building and giving my name credit in the Entertainment Journalism world. It’s not a tricky answer whether or not I accepted the job.


It’s going to be an extremely busy fall, but we have the ball rolling. Good things are going to come and I am so happy that I found this internship. The summer has flown by quickly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Franchesca Renfroe – Moving on up to a four week training!

If you have ever seen the move When in Rome, then you know the dad’s advice to the main character was always : “If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly.”

Why did I start off with this quote? Well, My boss, Erica, discussed with me my plans post internship. This year, I have a lot of things going on. But I definitely want to stay with I love what I do! So, because of my passion and hard work Erica let me know that she will start the official Editorial Training process with me and three other interns. The training will be four weeks long, but it will go alongside my school schedule – this way I won’t have to worry about missing anything. Since the official internship will be ending soon, I am glad that I can continue on with an amazing company! IMG_0363

This is my “I’m happy that hard work really does pay off” face. I was tired and wired on coffee but that didn’t stop me from getting excited about the news! 

Franchesca Renfroe – Break within the Internship


From my trip down in Columbus with Rachel Green and Shaquille Wilson

This week is pretty mellow since the awards show is over. We are preparing for interviews and the shift to make the weekly magazine a monthly magazine. We are also preparing for the transition to change the magazine from web-based to print. This week I am actually in Columbus doing RHA training, so I am away from the newsrooms in the morning. The Journalism people are running the newsroom while I’m away. I still have to check my email frequently to make sure I’m not missing anything. It’s pretty weird being away from the Newsroom, life is not as hectic… I miss it.