Design Principles for Valentine’s Day – The Chamber – Symone Grady

With love filling everyone’s hearts as Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching, staff at the Chamber of Commerce decided to host a luncheon for all of their partners and sponsors. Utilizing the “Holiday”, Valentine’s Day, the staff decided to have this event on Valentine’s Day with an appropriate theme to show their appreciation for members.

Days before this joyful day, one of the coordinators for this event asked me to create gift tags that would accompany gift bags for guests. With this assignment, I was simply told that the labels must say “We love our members”, and incorporate the organization’s logo. That’s it. Without very much direction for  how to create these gift tags, I had to put my creative print media skills to the test. Not only did I need to  create labels that would capture one’s attention, but that also effectively communicates the desired message.  With only an hour to complete this task I knew that I needed to work diligently to create an exceptional finished product.

Before beginning this task, I immediately thought of the principles that I have learned in the Interactive Media Production course that I am currently taking. These basic design principles include proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.  I wanted to be sure to incorporate each of these  principles into the design that I created.

Ultimately, I created three different gift tags and allowed my supervisor to select the one she thought was most appropriate. After she told me which she selected, I understood that the design she favored the most best utilized proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast. I was very proud to walk into the building during the luncheon to see the gift tags that I created being used and appreciated by all of the guests. I was also very excited to be able to use skills that I learned in class, and directly apply it to a task for my internship.


The gift tag that I created for the member appreciation luncheon.


Hudson Thompson – Local Celebrity

It is week five here at the radio station. Probably my favorite week so far!! I got to do some really fun stuff!

This Tuesday was fairly uneventful, other than the fact that I made a lot of progress on ripping music for the A.M. sister station. I am very close to being done with that, finally.

This Thursday, which was Valentine’s Day, was the most fun I have had at the station so far. I came in super early to watch Steve Smoot do his morning radio show. Little did I know, he had no real plan for me, so I got to join him on the show. I was there the whole time and we took phone calls from people doing shout outs to their Valentines, birthdays, etc. We also had a lot of people calling in just to talk. We had other people from the station come and join us. We had 4-5 people in the station on at one time, occasionally. While all this was taking place, my phone was blowing up with text messages from people who were listening to me on the radio. It was very fun and intense! The whole day I had people telling me they had heard me on the radio – from people at the gym to my mom telling me she had people calling and texting her. I felt like a local celebrity … It was intense!

On a side note, Smoot said that was the most fun he’d had on the show in a long time. It was an ego/pride boost for me!


This is Smoot. This is also right before I got on the mic to join in…


Today, there was a satellite taking place and I got to “run the board” for a little while which was fun. Also, now that I know how to do that, I will be doing that a lot more, which is great, because learning how to use the soundboard is crucial in the radio business!

So, it was an eventful week, for sure!