Courtney Mason – Opportunities and Lessons

I like to stay busy. People always ask me how I balance everything, and all I know is that I have to be juggling ten things at once or I get restless. This past week was no exception. I was on the go from Monday morning to… well… right this minute, a week later. I’m a non-traditional student, and having been in the professional world for a brief stint, I know how important all these experiences and opportunities will be for my professional future. I don’t want to miss a single one. So I don’t get to sleep much, so what? I am loving every minute!

Speaking of opportunities, I was invited to CSU’s day at the Capitol as a representative for the Communication Department. Not only was I honored to have been asked, but I was also super excited for an adult field trip! Downside: we left at 6:30 a.m. I count each one of my 4 hours of sleep as precious, so making me get up at 5 a.m. is just cruel. However, it was well worth the early alarm. We were able to sit in on the proceedings of the day, and met several Representatives and State Senators. We handed out CSU memorabilia, and I made some new buddies.

The rest of my week was filled with going to class, and interning at NPACE. I am somewhat useless as an intern until I learn the programs, so I forced one of the other students to sit down with me and teach me some stuff. I got a pretty good grasp on Final Cut Pro X, and I was able to work InDesign a little, as well. Thank goodness for Tyler! Little does he know he is going to be on my speed dial! He shouldn’t have let me see his smartness!

In conclusion, I leave you with a picture from our trip to the Capitol. We found a pickle on the ground, no where near food or any place that once had food. Just a lonely pickle trying to make his way in the political world.

Jessica and the Pickle

Jessica and the Pickle


Zach Jamieson-PMB/NPACE-Whirlwind of goings on!!


Once again, I will mention there is plenty of excitement in the NPACE Center and at PMB broadcasting! The launch of NPaCE will include  interviews with local dignitaries and various partners involved in the creation and implementation of  NPACE in our community.

Yes, the NPACE center is excited to announce their new copy writing team. They have been hard at work writing PSA’s and interviews for weeks. We are truly lucky to have them to help us with these projects! If you’re interested give a shot out to that team’s leader, Jessica Word at Jessica and Courtney Mason have been doing some amazing work on all of our new PSA’s and general announcements! We also want to extend a welcome to our teams two newest writers, Cory Veal and Ventrine Parham!

Josh and Maggie of FNSF worked hard on the voice-overs for this material all week long  and we now have complete and edited PSA’s thanks to Tyler Higgins and the rest of our awesome staff.

pmb_all_stationsThis week we will be doing interviews with a good number of the DJ’s from PMB broadcasting! As well as the owner of  PMB broadcasting, Jimbo Martin. We’re super excited to get them on the other side of the mic. and ask them a little bit about themselves. Next week, we will also be doing interviews with the Mayor Lowe and Mayor Tomlinson, as well as interviews with our very own Dr. Mescon, the President of Columbus State University, Dr. Baxter the dean of the College of the Arts, and Dr. Gibson, the  interim chair of the department of  communications here at Columbus State University! Exciting, exciting things going on down here in the NPACE center and PMB broadcasting to include some of my first live remote with PMB broadcasting for River Town Ford aired on Kissin 99.3 and some wonderful work in the studio with Chris Chaos. Thank you so much sir!


To wrap things up, I just want to mention how stoked I am at the amount and level of material I am being given the opportunity to produce for my portfolio, it’s amazing! So far I have had the chance to learn radio programming, production, and had actual on air time. I’ve been doing video (also starting a documentary on struggling musicians and their trails to stardom to include interviews with locals as well as national acts all made possible by my boss and mentor Chris Chaos), still shot photography, interactive media projects, building web sites, building brochures, creating posters, and learning software. This doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable this experience is and to my portfolio, not to mention my future. Once again, more than excited! That’s all I got for today folks! Until next time…

Word of the week: COPYWRITER  noun: A writer of advertising, publicity or marketing content

Video of the Week: Bobaflex-Warriors | At Chaos on the Rocks Feb. 16th with Drowning Pool, SuperBob & Currier!! I’ll be on the bar. Unless they jam this tune for me, then I’ll be on the floor, tearin’ it apart!!

to Drowning Pool, Bobaflex, SuperBob & Carrier February 16th