Camera Operations at WLTZ



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This past week at WLTZ was all about filming for the evening and nightly news. When I get to the station in the afternoons, I still edit the television promos for both First News at 6pm and also for the Alabama station. In addition, I performed camera operations for the evening and nightly news. This week marked the first week operating the cameras without assistance. The 6pm news is live and the 11pm (nightly news) is filmed earlier. One thing about the nightly news is if someone messes up (including me), we can record again. The evening news is live, and therefore, I was nervous and afraid I would do something incorrectly. I managed to film both broadcasts successfully.

This past week, I learned first-hand just how fast paced a broadcast news environment is. Individuals that work in television production have to pay close attention to detail. While operating the camera, I was given instructions on what to do from the operations manager via headset. I could also hear other through the headset, such as audio/sound operators and other people that assist the operations manager. With so much interaction, I now know that paying close attention to instructions is a must in news production.

Week Two At WLTZ

ImageThe second week of my internship included more editing of news promos and filming for news broadcasts. I was allowed to edit television promos without any assistance. The promos were seen between shows during the evenings. Last week was also the first time I ever filmed the news. I operated the camera for the broadcast.

Operating the camera is not like I thought it would be. It requires me to move and position the camera quickly. I’ve learned that news production is very fast paced. During filming, I listened to the instructions of the producer/operations manager via headphones. He was in a different location operating a tricaster and other equipment. He gave instructions on where to position the camera, and how to focus.

I also managed to effectively use cue cards during the weather segment of the news. I held up the cue cards at the instruction of the operations manager. Last week was exciting because I was able to perform tasks that i previously had no knowledge of. This week is to be a continuation of what I’ve already learned and hopefully news skills be be added.

Brandon Lashley – The Excitement is Building

post01062012-092052_601018_dataThis has been a great week for Steeplechase. We have a commercial and distributed it to the local television stations to begin advertising. We also met with the MWR Marketing Director to begin the advertising campaign on FortBenning. We will be taking the commercial that is sent to the television stations and have them play it on their advertising televisions in the various stores on base. The CSU Campaigns team has been working on advertising for the CSU campus and College Corner. As we get closer to the event I can start to see the excitement building up and it is infectious! I will be working the event but I am excited to be there.

Johnny Carter – Preview of the Fall


This fall, I will be doing my internship at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises. Most people know this company as Realtree. Realtree is a camouflage company, meaning that they design camo patterns for anything and everything.

Realtree’s camouflage can be seen on anything that relates to hunting and any hard or soft good: t-shits, hats, shoes, cups, cars, backpacks, guns, bows, and much more.

Some may be surprised, but Realtree is also heavily involved in television. Three television shows, Realtree Outdoors, Realtree Roadtrips, and Realtree’s Monster Buck’s Television and three DVDs, Monster Bulls, Monster Bucks vol.1, and Monster Bucks vol.2,  are produced by Realtree year-round.  In  the office, Realtree has one of the most advance and high-tech production house in the south east. This is where I will be spending the majority of my next twelve weeks.

My duties will include organizing media as is ships in from all across the country, aiding in any filming, producing, and anything else they ask of me.

The training starts now….

Alexis – WLTZ NBC 38 Dee Armstrong Show – Production Intern

Greetings from The Dee Armstrong Show!

 So, last time we talked I spoke about how I would walk everyone through how we book guests, and set a theme for the show. Ok, first we have to brainstorm about what would be appealing to our demographic. For the Dee Show it is women between the ages of 25-60+. So we have to make sure we pick topics for that group of women that would make for good T.V. Second, we have to ask ourselves, what is current in the news and culture of this time? So, with it being fall in the south, one of the obvious choices is … Football! But, how do we make football appealing to women? This season we have started  a theme called, “Coaches Wives,” where we tell a story of the coaches wives from local colleges and football teams, all the while they are sharing their favorite recipe with Dee on air. This is just one of many examples of how we set a theme for the show based on the times and season. The next thing to tackle is actually booking guests to come onto the show. One would think that most people would jump at opportunities to be on T.V and tell their stories, but this is not always true. We have to call a lot of people and make ourselves personable over the phone when we explain to them what we do on the show, so they won’t be intimidated by being on T.V. There are some people however that are polar opposites, and sprint at the chance of being on the show. We also have people who have great companies is the area who buy air time from our sales department.

These are all ways that people come to the Dee Show, but the number one thing that we look for is an interesting story  in our community.  One of the best things about working at a T.V show is that you stay up up-to-date on the voice and pace of our community.