Corinne Fisher – WTVM – From Stressful to Sweet

This past Tuesday was election day and things were crazy to say the least at WTVM. I volunteered to work the government center in downtown Columbus and report numbers back to the station as well as to the reporter I was with. The reporter was set up for live feeds all night, therefore, she did not have time to sit in the government center and wait on the numbers. I would be given a new set every thirty minutes or so. In total, I probably was given about 6 sets of numbers. Each new total would add a couple of precincts and finally we had all precincts and early voting reports. During all of this, I would update the station and try to help the reporter come up with material for her next live feed. I was also relaying numbers back to a local candidate that I had been helping during his campaign. The whole night was filled with excitement and nerves while I was trying to get everything right and not report back any wrong information. The night was finally complete at 12:30 as we made our last live feed and headed back to the station.
On Friday, I accompanied Mackenzie, a reporter, to a local home to interview a stay at home dad. The story that she is doing is called a “sweeps” piece and it is meant to help generate viewers. This particular sweeps is on stay at home dads and the dynamic of the family. We were able to interview the entire family of the stay at home dad and shoot some B-roll. Their smallest boy was so cute! They are die hard Alabama fans so they named him Crimson and he was just the cutest thing ever!

He was our last interview with the children and we asked him to look at the camera and say, “I love my dad.” He looked up at the camera and in the softest, sweetest voice said, “I love you daddy.” These are the moments that reporters live for! This one little sentence will make the piece and touch the hearts of all of the viewers.