A great trip – US Army – Michael Molinaro

As I write my final blog for my college career, I reflect on what an amazing experience this has been. Working with this unit has been rewarding to say the least. The soldiers and civilians I got to work with throughout the week took me in from the beginning and never treated me as anybody other than one of their own. The work I got to do was simply wonderful. From creating new branding to photographing international sporting events, this semester I learned so much. This past week the unit’s service rifle team hosted a Boy Scout troop from Atlanta.


These Soldiers are exactly who we want protecting us and representing us to the world. I mean, one minute they are competing against Russians, Chinese, Germans and the rest of the world in competitive shooting, the next day they are taking those lessons they learned and using them to train their peers who are preparing to go overseas and possibly use those skills in combat, and then they host 12- and 13-year olds and make those kids feel on top of the world.


Few units in our Army have that capability, so I feel very fortunate to work this great organization. I will certainly take everything I learned here and in the classroom into my future endeavors. I can’t believe that in less than two weeks I get to finally walk the stage, in front of my children, and show them that if Daddy can do it, anybody can do whatever they out their minds too. I may have done college the unconventional way, waiting until I was 40 to graduate, but all that matters is that degree and being able to prove to my kids that hard work pays off.

Past, Present and Future – US Army – Michael Molinaro

I am starting to wind down this internship and my time here at CSU. This past week was really cool at the Marksmanship Unit. It was all about the past, present and future of both this unit and the Army as a whole. We are still hosting the World Cup and I got to see new stars in the sport of shooting, winning their first medals of their burgeoning career.


I also got to see current Olympic Champions rise to the occasion once again and win a match, adding another gold medal to their large collection of hardware. It was really neat to watch the young shooters look up to the older guys and gals, asking them questions in some instances, while others were just too shy or afraid to go up to the people they have tried to emulate and are now competing against as if it is a dream.

World Cup 50 Meter Men's Pistol

And then we helped celebrate the past when a former member of the unit who spent twenty years in the unit and the Army, then continued as a coach and mentor for many years, passed away. They held a memorial upon the conclusion of Saturday’s matches and training. I helped with the photography of the event.


We stayed out of the way so those in attendance could pay tribute and pay attention to the guest speakers, but I was all ears as they read over his biography and not only the accomplishments this man made in shooting sports, but for the Army and our country. He earned the Distinguished Service Medal for his actions in Korea and if he would have paid the ultimate price during the attack, he would have probably earned the Medal of Honor.


I firmly believe that you can’t move forward unless you know a little bit about the past. I am certainly glad I was able to help share in the celebration of a real hero.

Sports trumps politics any day – US Army – Michael Molinaro

So one would think that, after the success and work involved with the Army Strong Experience last week, we might be able to slow down a bit to catch our breath and start planning the next thing. Oh no. this is the Army and we don’t take breaks. The AMU is now hosting the first Shooting World Cup of the 2014 season.

World Cup USA
Shooting is one of the oldest sports in the world, has been in the Olympics since the early 1900s, and is hugely popular on Europe. So the World Cup brings the top rifle and pistol shooters from the world together three times a year to see who wins that match, and these matches are held to qualify countries and athletes for the next Summer Olympics. The next one is in 2016 in Rio, so the athletes are starting to get a little tense as 2016 approaches faster than you think. The first day the AMU gunsmiths had to inspect all of the clothing, guns, and gear shooters wear and use.

Equipment Control
The jackets have to have certain elasticity, the shoes can’t weigh more than a certain weight, and the rifles have to be exact to the rulebook and much more. Way more detail then to go into in this blog. Then the shooters started to train.

It is really neat to see athletes from every continent here. We even have Chinese and Russians, which with the current political climate; it seems a little weird that they are allowed on one of our military bases. But that’s what makes sports great. Sports don’t involve politics. It’s all about sportsmanship and competition. Only here can you see a Russian, an American and a Chinese shooter share a conversation that doesn’t involve talking about their president or border or about war. It’s refreshing.

Derek Bailey- NPACE Radio and CSU TV

Another Week, another Successful broadcast for NPACE Radio!  Last night me and Matt had to do a two man show because the “ladies man” Marky Mark had to leave to celebrate Valentines day!

Host - Matthew Gay


We held it down with the two of us. Matt offered his thoughts on Jay Z’s spot in hip hop culture while I navigated picks about last weekends NBA ALL Star weekend!

Speaking of NBA All star weekend look for a wrap this week along with some headlines from the trade deadline this week, along with a description of how the NBA Dunk contest is NOT back and why Kyrie Irvine stood out amongst the NBA elite last weekend. Also be on the lookout for possible guest starts on this Friday nights broadcast!!

Uncle Drew

Check Out The Friday Night Sports Focus – Eric Barnhardt

Host - Derek Bailey Host - Matthew Gay

On Friday I decided to stop by the NPACE Center to get a live look at the all new Friday Night Sports Focus radio show produced by Columbus State University student Mark Madden along with new hosts Matthew Gay and Derek Bailey. I wanted to get an up close and personal experience as it was my first time attending an actual live radio show. I can honestly say my experience was incredible. The hosts Matt and Derek gave me a couple of on air shout-outs  as well as gave an opportunity to speak (though I turned it down because I let the professionals do their job while I stayed in my lane). I definitely encourage all CSU students visit the radio show and observe the professionalism and hard work mixed with some good ol’ humor and fun from our very own Columbus State University students. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to produce a quality radio show.

 Mark Maddenderek_and_matt_radio_show

Be sure to tune in from 8pm – 11pm every Friday:

  • 99.7 FM
  • 1420 AM

Gary Goforth – Week One with Dave


Week one with Dave Platta. Dave and I went to the Carver/Spencer game. This is a big rival game for these two teams. Dave and I first went about the task of getting rosters for our highlights and stats later that night. We made our way down to the field, now I was not filming this game because Dave wanted to get me familiar with the camera and atmosphere. Now, playing high school football this was not a problem for me, because  the field was second nature. Before the game started, Dave briefed me on how to frame the play in the camera and how to take notes so we can be faster when editing film for air. After we filmed the first half, we headed back to the station to edit our film and get ready for the 10 and 11 o’clock shows. Not only do we edit our film at a very fast pace at the same time we have to answer phone calls to record the other high school game scores. What did I learn the first day out? I learned that if we wanted to be successful when in the news business you have to be fast.

Danielle Washington – Hometown Hero

tommys interview

It is rare that you find a hometown hero that actually personifies what it means to be a great person. A hero that looks out for the greater good of the community and is often willing to go above and beyond to help someone out if they can. I had the privilege to meet such a man while I was interning with Curtis McCloud. This man is a local umpire for the little leagues of Columbus, Georgia and he has been dedicated to calling fair games in this town for over thirty years. He is definitely concerned with the well being of the children in this town and he has prided himself as a dependable umpire in this city. We had the opportunity to attend a special ceremony for Mr. Tommy because of all his hard work he one of the baseball fields in Britt David park named after him.

His ceremony was so lovely it was filled with his family members, close friends, coworkers, and of course the children that are in the little leagues. It was such a humbling experience to be a part of this story and I was intrigued at how Curtis connected to this man during the interview. I also learned some great pointers on how to shoot better angles when one is at an outside venue. The photographer Jarrod that went out with us is definitely has some great skills and he always captures some great footage when go out live.

The most beautiful part about this particular story was how appreciative Mr. Tommy was to receive such an accolade he was moved to tears by all the support and love shown to him. Due to his recent decline in health, Tommy was in a wheel chair because his MS had gotten worse but he did not allow that to hinder him from being at the ceremony and he acts as if he does even have the disease. He has the true spirit of a champion and I was so proud to meet him and be a part of this hometown hero’s ceremony. It makes me feel proud live in Columbus with such outstanding citizens that service the community. I realized as a reporter these can become the stories you live for because they elevate your skills in a befitting manner.

tommys fied