David Douglas- Tuskegee-Morehouse Classic


On Saturday, October 12, 2013 the 78th Annual Tuskegee- Morehouse classic took place in Columbus, Georgia. Thousands lined the streets in Phenix City and Columbus to see marching bands and others who participated in the Tuskegee-Morehouse parade followed by the tailgate. With such a large crowd in the area I saw it as a great opportunity to promote the Columbus Bearcats basketball team.

Other interns and I created a brochure/pamphlet to promote the team and upcoming events. We were all wearing team shirts that were available for purchase. This was a great opportunity to promote the team through interpersonal communication.

From this past weekend I learned how to use event gatherings to our advantage as free marketing and promotion. Also, that developing a “street team” can be more beneficial than relying on just social media which limits the exchange of information.

Jessica Word- Double Internship

This summer, I am completing my senior internship via a double internship through the College of the Arts and the NPACE Center. This will be my second semester working with the NPACE Center, and I am looking forward to picking up where I left off. I will continue to work on the NPACE Center and CSU Communication Department’s social pages as well as managing the CSU Intern Blog. As part of my Interactive Media course, I will be revamping the Intern Blog (so look out for some exciting new updates!) which will hopefully draw more attention and a larger audience to our blog and our department.

npacelogocollege of the arts

This week, I started working for the College of the Arts. I am working closely with Kern Wadkins, the Marketing Coordinator, and assisting her in any way that I can. I am told that I will be working on promoting upcoming events for the theater department and the Schwob School of Music. Also, I will be working on various social media outlets for the various departments in the College of the Arts. Yesterday, I worked on a mass mailing to be sent out which will promote upcoming events. It was long and tedious work but I know it’s important to let people know about our upcoming plays, shows, concerts, etc.!

Today, Kern has asked me to begin working on updating FANFARE, a publication of the CSU Schwob School of Music for 2013-2014. Overall, the publication could use a little updating to give it a fresh, more vibrant look that might be more appealing to a mass audience. I’m thinking that it would be wise to incorporate social media elements into the publication as well. By simply adding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to the publication, it would make it much more accessible and more appealing to a younger audience. I have so many ideas on how to improve FANFARE. I can’t wait to get started!

my jpobMy desk area!

Jessica Word – Last Week at NPACE Center

This is my last full week as an intern in the NPACE Center. Things are staring to pick up and students are hustling and bustling to finish last minute projects and prepare for upcoming finals.

The multimedia lab is constantly packed with students archiving footage, downloading data, or editing their individual video projects.  Professor Hart and a few students are working hard to finish projects for clients. Hopefully, they will approve of the NPACE Center’s work and we can have an ongoing working relationship with these organizations. I think that is one of my favorite parts about working here – being able to work directly with clients and produce a professional quality product.

Throughout the semester, I have also been running the social media for the NPACE Center as well as for the Communications Department. I am pleased to say that I have been posting some very good news for our department. For example, Raeann Kraft and Alexis Jarrett won Top Presentation Awards in last Tuesday’s annual CSU Tower Day Event. Also, CSU welcomed its charter chapter of PRSSA. (Shameless plug, I was elected as the PR Director of our chapter!)



PRSSA Charter Chapter of CSU – Faculty Advisor, Dr. Chris McCollough with newly elected officers Chasity Cook, Kimberly Dutton, Brandon Lashley, and Jessica Word.

I am so pleased to have been able to intern for such an amazing organization and to have gained real world experience that I can use later in life.

Charissee McKee- Twitter

I have completed my media plan.

I had to do some research on our Facebook and Twitter page and see what our demographic is. I also had to figure out what content our students respond to the most. I have outlined what I believe would be best for our department, especially the departments Twitter page. They do not have a lot of followers and most of the information is just linked from the Twitter page. There is no content between the departments Twitter page and followers being shared. There should be interaction and frequent posts.

We did learned in my  PR class not to become a twammer, but still make your presence known on Twitter. We want to have more followers on the Twitter page, especially our students. We are the leaders in social media. I hope my media plan is successful as well as helpful for this department if it is utilized after my internship. I have a lot of information over theses past 3 weeks about social media and I know it will be very beneficial for me in the future since a lot of companies are going to social websites to reach their targeted audiences. Now, I know how to develop a media plan and I know I can take these tips with me in the future. I realize it is more than just putting up a status on a daily basis. You have to engage your targeted audience. I am glad I am learning these important tips now.

Comm Dept

Charissee McKee- Social Media

I am learning the ends and outs of social media. For example, how to handle a crisis on a social media website as well as when it is the best time to post an update. I am learning a lot and Hannah has been a big help with teaching me the information. She actually gave me the opportunity to post some statuses on the College of the Arts page so I could get use to social media and how to do  ot. She gave me some very valuable information about actually spreading out information, based upon just how much activity the page actually gets. It was very informative. She stressed that it is best to do your research on social media so you could get a better understanding of the dos and don’ts. She actually gave me an outline with information about social media. I think this is the perfect time to learn, especially with Artbeat going on.

Our society is becoming so fast paced and social medias is playing a major role within our society. It is best to understand them now and make yourself more accessible for companies. They want you to be well-rounded and have a professional social media presence. I am glad I am learning this now before I join the workforce. I was given the task to actually come up with a media plan. I have been looking at the dos and don’ts as well as how other universities use of social media. The article Hannah told me to look at has been very helpful in trying to develop a plan for our own page. I will continue to do more research in order to develop a good media plan. SMO_Social_Media_Optimization

Charissee McKee- Artbeat of Columbus

Tuesday was a very busy day for the Department of Communication and College of the Arts. Things were winding down for the kick off for Artbeat. I was able to get a taste of what goes on during this two week period. That day we were trying to reach local news stations to cover the kickoff. I had to help Hannah, one of our communication students, call around and see who would be able to attend. They sounded really interested in what was going to take place Thursday. I was able to see how you put together a press release and Hannah actually provided me with many tips for social media. That was a big help. She told me about some of her experiences, as well as the do’s and don’ts of social media.


I was glad that I was able to be a part of that and get some experience about social media. It is a little deeper than what most people think. This is a good platform or me to start on, because next year they are going to need some help. Wednesday the department needed help with trying to get equipment organized for Artbeat, but one of the things I was glad I had the opportunity to see and listen to was people actually talking about Artbeat on our NPACE radio. Everyone was really enthusiastic about Artbeat. I am looking forward to attending some of the events for the next two weeks.

Kelly – NPACE – Friday Night Football Focus Media

Due to time constraints, my internship has changed! I am now more than happy to be working in NPACE for the Friday Night Football Focus. This is the football radio show that is broadcasted out of the NPACE center every Friday night from about 7-11pm. I am working with Josh, Derek, Mark, Maggie, Tyler, and Mr. Hart to make this a success.

Tyler and I are in charge of social media. This is a great experience for me to expand my social media skills and work towards the growth and promotion of our radio broadcast. Mr. Hart created the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and early Friday night the page had about 5 likes. By the end of our broadcast, about 10:45pm, we were up to 32. Now, only a few days later, we are at 64 likes. This is a great jump in awareness in only a few short days, and the broadcast has yet to be aired!

We started with inviting our friends and people in the community who we knew to enjoy not only high school football, but professional and college as well, to view and like the Facebook page. We quickly saw an increase in our audience. We began receiving posts and comments in which we were able to promptly respond to. People were inquiring about game stats and updates, promotions, and our thoughts on issues related to the ongoing games. It was a great experience to see first-hand how Facebook and other social media outlets can be so interactive and how viral, even on a smaller spectrum, something can become so quickly.

I invite you to check out our page and participate in the conversation!