The Beginning of My Journey – Symone Grady


The beginning of my journey with the CSU internship began as a bumpy ride. However, when faced with obstacles, overcoming them makes us stronger and wiser.  Dr. Gibson introduced the option of being an Intern at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, I was thrilled. Dr. Gibson explained to me that this is a very high prestige site and that the organization was seeking a student with strong writing and social media management skills. After conversing with my previous and current professors, Dr. Gibson felt as though I would be a great candidate for the position.

Each of the upper level classes that I have taken at CSU will help me succeed as an Intern at the Chamber of Commerce. The primary skills that I have acquired which will be used to my advantage include group communication skills, interpersonal communication skills, writing skills, public speaking skills, social media management skills, and listening skills.

This internship, like any other student’s internship, is a great experience to use the techniques and skills that have been learned in the classroom, and apply them to the real work force. I will use this internship as a means for networking as well as learning and understanding techniques that I may use in future and present endeavors.

I currently have a meeting with the Senior Vice President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on Friday February 7, 2014 to discuss my responsibilities and duties as an Intern as well as scheduling. I cannot wait to officially begin my journey with the Chamber of Commerce.


Dana Coburn- At The Rankin

Lately at The Rankin we have been dealing with meetings, paperwork, and brainstorming on ways that our venues can be different than they have been in the past. Even though I work solely at the Rankin, our office deals with three different venues; The Rankin Gardens and Atrium, University Hall, and the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center.  The three venues are all equally important and utilized for different types of events.

In order to ensure  that our venues are running properly and being maintained the way that Columbus State University expects it to, we have tours with just the marketing executive to see what is great and what can me improved. Since I work directly under the marketing director, I was able to join in on one of these tours. Last week we toured University Hall. The improvements made at this venue have been helpful to the University. More people are wanting to hold their luncheons and different meetings in this venue, and we could not be happier. It is very spacious and now up to date with decorations, furniture and technology equipment.

We were very pleased with the tour and cannot wait for more businesses and organizations to experience the new and improved facility. In order to ensure that these venues stay the way they are now, we must continue to re invent the  way we market, sale, and expose our venues. This section of work is fun and interesting to me. I also am able to use my skills that I have been learning in the classroom, and make sure this is the line of work that I am aspiring to meet a part of is right for me.


David Douglas – 3 Things I Have Learned…


In this post I’ll share a few things I have learned so far as an intern for the Columbus Life Bearcats. In the first blog post I mentioned what the Columbus Bearcats establishment is, and what I hoped to gain from the experience. So far it has been a little over three months as an intern for the Columbus Bearcats, and the half-way point of the fall 2013 semester. Throughout this time period I have grown as a person and gained what I feel to be valuable skills.

  1. Applying Skills Learned in Class

Currently I am taking Professor Humphrey’s group communication course. This course focuses on ways of dealing with group conflict and how to increase group productivity and creativity. As an intern I have learned to apply what I am learning in class and test these skills in the real world. Testing your skills in the real world is a great way to receive feedback.

2. Professional Connections

An internship can be a great way to build professional connections. Building professional connections while in college can help you land a job after graduation. The people you work with in the professional setting become familiar with your work and personality. These connections offer you the opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

3. Time Management Skills

Time management skills are important for a number of reasons. Using time wisely can accomplish more than one task in a given period of time. Before Interning for the Columbus Bearcats I only could see. Time management involved school related tasks. From this internship I have learned the role time management can play outside of the classroom in the professional setting.

In summary I am learning how to applying what I am learning in class in a professional setting, build connections, and different methods of time management. Internships can help with more than just what I have mentioned, therefore take advantage of an internship and learn as much as you can.

Dana Coburn – The Creation of Wedding Packages!

These past 3 weeks of being apart of The Rankin team has been great! They have given me several tasks that have given me the opportunity to use my communication skills in real life. Recently, the director of sales, Robbie Montfort, has asked me to be apart of their new wedding package creation. I am excited for this new project because I am able to use all of my integrated web design skills to create the name tags, brochures,flyers, and I have also been able to visit different supporting company’s in the uptown area.

Yesterday I completed the flyer and I will be bringing it to our weekly meeting on Tuesday for editing and verification. Being able to see my work as an intern used in sales is exhilarating and shows that all my hard work in school is actually paying off.  I was excited to show the Marketing Graduate Assistant everything I knew how to do on the computer. She was very interested because during her time as an undergraduate student she told me that they were not as hands on as the Communications Department. That alone showed me that I am apart of a great department that gives us the opportunity to become familiar with the outside world before we are thrown into it.

 I will continue meeting with different businesses in the uptown area that will be apart of this package. We are not exactly sure what they can offer yet, but we are hoping that coupons from their businesses will help enhance our package for the future bride and groom. Our hopes overall for this package is to increase our publicity while supporting our neighbors in the uptown area. If one business succeeds then we all do!