Brandon Lashley – The Soldiers and Students


These past 2 weeks have been quite exciting for the Steeplechase on 2 fronts; the first front is the reaching out to advertise and gain support for military personnel for the event. the second is the reach onto the Columbus 

State University campus. With the help of a campaign class instructed by Dr. McCollough, we are able to make advertising that will be directed toward students of CSU and the surrounding college campuses. There is a strong desire to incorporate military and students into the curriculum of the Steeplechase. This year will be the first year of the “College Corner”, an area that is specific to college students for tailgating, live bands, all the while having a great location to watch the race.

Some of the progresses we have made are tickets have been distributed to Fort Benning‘s Moral, Wellness, and Recreation (MWR) ticketing office to
 sell tickets at a military price. There is also a meeting that has been set up for Tuesday, September 17th to meet with Shannon, who is the Marketing Director for the MWR. We will then know if we have the ability to market on Fort Benning and to what extent. This will be a great event that would be great for the family with plenty of things to do for the kids. This is an exciting event and it is my goal to see a heavy military and college presence at the Steeplechase at Callaway.