Real Talk with Chequelle: Maria Verdell

Image    I’ve hit the ground running with “Real Talk with Chequelle,” and its exhilarating. On Tuesday’s episode of “Real Talk with Chequelle” I had the pleasure of interviewing Independent R&B artist Maria Verdell from Columbus, GA. She was such a delight and a good time. Maria Verdell is one of the artist that will be performing at D30’s Indie Artist concert on Thursday. To prove that her vocals were authentic, she did not bring a single to the station instead she sung live a smooth R&B medley. It was a combination of Miguel’s “Do You” and Musiq Soulchild’s “Love.” Chills began to appear on my arms immediately. To interview someone who is someone who is so passionate about their craft and perfecting it was such a breath of fresh air. Maria has yet to release a single but she is releasing a cover mixtape titled “Untitled” in August.