Feeling Relieved – Moe’s Original BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland


I can’t express to all of you how relieved I am to be where we are. We are officially at the point where some of the pressure has been lifted and working doubles is a thing of the past. We have a good staff and finally feel comfortable with the day to day flow of everything. Among the most rewarding is the feedback we are getting on the food, ultimately, we are all here for the food. The smoked BBQ and soulful sides are bringing in repeats, daily. I am able to implement things I’ve learned in each of my communication classes, daily. Not only have I heard great things about the food, but the customers who I’ve had a chance to speak with said they can tell I have (almost) an education and will make a great PR practitioner. When entering this major, I was confused, not knowing if I was heading in the right direction. These moments with the customers, here at Moe’s, makes me feel like I’m exactly where I should be, which is all owed to my education and this program at CSU.


A bit blurry, but you can tell, the line is out the door!

One of our customers, Phil Edwards, had become our biggest fan. He has said this on our Facebook page: “I’m telling you there is NOW FINALLY a great BBQ experience in Panama City Beach! Open just a short while but packed with happy, hungry customers that know good BBQ when they taste it! My wife and I went there today, again, and the food is absolutely, unbelievably fantastic! I’m just going to tell you I’ve sampled BBQ in several states over the years and, until now, I thought Memphis was the standard…. but not now… Evidently BBQ is actually a science and I’d like to tell the guys at Moe’s Original BBQ in Panama City Beach that they obviously have their PHD in the preparation of the finest BBQ in the southeast in my humble opinion!” We all know, the customers can become your biggest ambassadors, their opinion is the MOST important.




Internship of my Dreams


The holidays were coming to an end. The reality of school beginning soon, was settling in. As excited as I was about concurring  yet another semester, knowing it would not be a typical term, was all the more intriguing. Along with my other captivating, PR related classes, my junior internship would be the most exciting.

I have worked for a Moe’s Original BBQ for nearly three years in Auburn, AL. When I begin my journey with Moe’s, I never imagined where it would take me. I instantly fell in love with it’s mission, soul, and love for southern barbecue. The longer I worked for the company, the more it became clear of a bright future I could potentially have with this ever growing franchise.

As of December 11, 2013, I am officially a resident of Panama City Beach, FL. I moved here to watch a Moe’s start from the ground up. Roughly three weeks from opening, my internship has began at the perfect time. I began the internship this past week. My focuses for the next few weeks will include; training new hires, joining Panama City Beach (Bay County) Chamber of Commerce, managing the stores social media web pages, and preparing the store for it’s grand opening. I couldn’t be more trilled to incorporate everything I have and continue to learn through CSU!

For more information about Moe’s BBQ please check out the following:




Dana Coburn – Completing the Wedding Brochure

The Wedding Brochure is something that I have talked about before, but with all the fuss of multiple weddings this semester it has been hard to focus mainly on that. However, I have been making progress with it and I plan to have it completed and ready to present to my supervisor on Thursday November 15th.

The main things that I have been doing today are finishing the template; which I plan to have completed tomorrow, and the laminated floor plans. The template will be for the vendors that The Rankin uses to the clients are able to easily have access to all the contact information needed to start planning and ordering things from these vendors. The floor plans are also meant to help them easily visualize where they want things, and I am laminating them so they are able to erase or change it completely whenever they need to.


I hope that this will help with the organization of all weddings, as well as the marketing plans we have been discussing since August. The Rankin is such a great space, however the Public Relations experience needed is crucial. There are so many ideas that just need to be put into action. Once the wedding brochure is completed, we will start marketing how easy things will move along if a wedding is booked at The Rankin Gardens & Atrium.

Cory Veal – Double Internship!

This semester I was assigned to intern with both The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley Administration Office and the NPACE center. I was put to work with both internships immediately after gaining initial contact with them.

With working with The Boys and Girls Clubs last semester in my group communication class, I knew I wanted to intern with them this spring semester. I am also an alumni of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, so i definitely wanted to give back by offering my services to the organization. Once I emailed Raeann (Executive Secretary), she was pleased to learn of my alumni status and immediately wanted to introduce me to the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Close.

Mr. Close and I hit it off once we met. Seeing that he had just transferred from the metro Atlanta clubs office, we had much in common to discuss.We talked about my previous club experience and all the staff members we both knew, which was a great walk down memory lane for me. By Wednesday of this week I was assigned my desk and the projects I will be working on this semester.


As for the NPACE center, I met with my new team this week. We are currently working on PSA’s for all the organizations connected with the CSU communication  department. I am looking forward to  working with the team and learning much more about the NPACE center.

Having previous knowledge with television production, Professor Hart is also assisting me in learning the new format of Final Cut Pro X,  since the last one I used was Final Cut Pro 4. Yikes!!! I hope to gain knowledge of the new format as soon as possible!

I really look forward to all the experience I will gain this semester in PR and media production!

Zach-NPACE-Back to Tomatoes

Back by popular demand…the waah burger and super sized cries. Add tomatoes please (Get it? From yesterdays micro-post?)!

All kidding aside, a busy week. Just finished a brochure design proposal for NPACE‘s new brochure early this morning. I caught a few hours of  rest then I studied for a PR exam. I fully intended on getting some sleep when I got home, but I’ve spent the past several hours working with Dreamweaver for website building. I might get some shut-eye in a few, but tomorrow…

NPACE’s new qr code I created to take you directly to the site!

Up in the am (if you know me then you know this is a major accomplishment) for a Radio workshop with Dave Arwood from PMB Broadcasting , then back downtown for another scintillating  interactive media production lab and lecture with magnanimous and magnificent Dr. Park. Then I’ll Shoot home, snag a shower, and then I’m off to sling hash and bottles until about 3am at which time I’ll get some sleep and get up to study again in the morning!! No rest for the wicked.

My apologies for the incessant rambling, however; I wanted to give you an idea of the speed at which things are moving this year. With the speed at which communications and public relations are evolving, I suppose there is no better preparation for the highly competitive and non-stop world of corporate PR. This profession waits for no one.

With that being said, I need to catch a few winks! Until next time…

Word of the week; Transparent: Free of deceit.

Music of the week; With new/old singer Jesse Leach :  Killswitch Engage- My Last Serenade