Dress the Part- Symone Grady- The Chamber of Commerce


Earlier this week, I walked in the Chamber of Commerce and an employee was in the lobby. She complimented me on my outfit saying, “You are always wearing something so cute,” “yet professional” added another employee. While the two were talking about raiding my closet, I began thinking about how important your appearance is, and the perceptions others develop based off of your attire. When you accept an internship, whether or not you are paid, you are considered an employee of the company and need to dress and behave accordingly.Like other employees, interns represent the company’s image. Showing up in sneakers and jeans gives others the impression that you are not serious about the opportunity that the company is giving you.

If you are not certain about the dress code, ask your boss or a human resources representative.¬†If there is no formal dress code, look to the company’s employees’ choice of attire. If everyone is wearing sandals, you can probably get away with wearing sandals too. But if only one or two ¬†employees are casually dressed, go with what the majority is wearing.

“Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the one you want.” In other words, don’t show up for your intern position in college attire, dress for the corporate world.