First Day of Controlling the Board – Jyotsna Scales – Davis Broadcasting


Well today was the day. My first day working the board on live radio. I was so nervous about messing up and causing just silence on the radio. Silence on a radio station is a bad thing. Music or commercials needs to always be running on the radio, even someone just talking. I started working the board around the 4 o’clock hour when topic of the day was over. I was basically in charge of getting the 4 play at 4 ready and the throwback song of the day. It’s interesting being charge of the board and controlling what the audience is listening to. You see the first two tabs from the left control the volume for the microphone, while the red and yellow buttons for all the control buttons determine whether that portion of the board is on or not. Red signifies “on air” and yellow if off the air. The next three control bars represent the volume for the music. All three must be at a set volume so the sound will equal out when the radio personality is talking you can move the first two tabs down so when the next song plays it intertwines. Next we have is BBAR 1, 2, and 3 which controls the background music behind the speaker. When the radio personality is talking you want some kind of music behind it so their won’t be any silence. There are several instrumentals to choose from and of course each radio station picks their own personal one. The next control bars control the computer and phone such as when callers call in and recorded. Let’s say today wasn’t perfect but that’s why after today I will keep controlling the board at a certain hour than eventually run the board the whole time slot by myself. Radio isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There is a lot of planning and thinking towards it

Johnny Carter – Tapes, Tapes and more Tapes

by Johnny Carter

This week my task at work is working with our old hunting videos. 

I am ingesting every single VCR or DVD Realtree has ever produced. This is going to take all week! Realtree has been producing videos since 1992. Every year has anywhere from two to four videos. For example, some years have whitetail hunts, duck hunts, turkey hunts, and elk hunts. These tapes have a run time from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. 

It is a very weird feeling ingesting these tapes. I can remember growing up watching this videos and now I am doing an internship for Realtree. Who would have thought?

Other than tapes, not a whole lot is going on this week.


Danielle Washington – Behind the Scenes

Production!! Production!! Production!! It can be real fast pace behind the scenes and I was thrilled to watch how a show comes together. After an interesting day of reporting with Curtis he gave me an assignment. This assignment was to sit in with the producers of the shows to fully understand how a show functions. The producer’s job is definitely a handful because they have to manage the scripts and control every minute of the show. As I sat back with Jessica who is one of the producers at Wtvm she really showed me the ropes of producing. There are many parts that go along with getting news broadcasts to the viewers and I was so happy to be able to learn about this intricate process.

Jessica gives cues to the anchors and she also tells them of any changes that need to be made in the show. So one must always run a tight ship in order to make sure a show goes smoothly. The anchors also have to be well prepared and familiar with the news they are presenting on air because there is no room for error when going live. I was amazed as I sat in the control room and watched the news from a completely different perspective. It was truly eye opening to watch the transitioning from the green screen to the live shots and I loved every minute of it.

The production team is so wonderful and I gained a greater respect for producers because their task is a very important part of the news cast because they develop the topics that are major issues in the world and community. They also have to be prepared to rearrange shows due to breaking news or to a great story that a reporter wants to cover that will impact the community. Just to sit in the control room I realized that Wtvm operates in strong team work. I also realized that all the elements from behind the scenes producing to anchoring fits together perfectly to render Wtvm as the number one TV station in Columbus Georgia.

Production jessica Control Room Behind the Scenes

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 8: Producers (Part II)

This week, I had the task of coming-up with the Kicker for the 5 o’clock news on WTVM News Leader 9.  The Kicker is an upbeat story at the end that closes the news show on a positive note.  At first, I was going to write a story about a seagull that landed on the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel and stayed there grooming itself for quite some time as the world watched for smoke.  I had chosen the footage and was working on the quirky script when suddenly, white smoke appeared from the chimney, signaling that the new Roman Catholic Pope had been chosen.  For the rest of the day, this was the top news story with live footage on every major network all over the world.  So, all of the WTVM producers rearranged their shows to make room for it, and as for me, it seemed that the right time for the seagull story had passed.

White Smoke on the WTVM Newsroom Monitors

White Smoke on the WTVM Newsroom Monitors

Back to the drawing board!

In the end, I wrote a short segment about this viral video of baby seals playing on a wind-surfboard.  It was really cute, and the 5 o’clock producer was pleased with it.  Not exactly headline news, but it was a slim-pickin’s kind of day for kicker stories, and the segment accomplished it purpose as the anchors signed-off with a chuckle.  This was also a great experience for me to learn all aspects of producing a news story from start to finish.

My baby seals story going on live air in the WTVM Production Control room.

My baby seals story going on live air in the WTVM Production Control room.

Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show-Production

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned while working in a T.V. station is to be flexible. Learning how to do everyone’s job and knowing that everything in a T.V. station is interrelated is key to survival. So far while working here I have learned how to edit news stories from CNN on Final Cut and send them to the Dee Show, work the promoter during live T.V. and the news, make Youtube and photos appear during the live show, keep track of the time during a show, work the camera’s during the show, and also update our viewers via social media outlet Facebook.

One of the skills I wish to learn is how to direct a live show inside the production room. The show director has probably the biggest job out of them all because they are in control of what you see on T.V. I was at first intimidated by all the glowing buttons and controls in the room, but now since I get to see how it is done first hand I know I can master it.


Alexis Jarrett – WLTZ – Production Intern

WLTZ Website

Hello All !

It’s another school year and I am finally a Senior! Last year (Spring Semester) I interned at WLTZ as a News Intern, and I learned that I honestly liked production and TV more than the news. The show experienced some changes over the summer when I interned, so this year, I will be writing to you all as a production intern for the Dee Armstrong Show. So I bet you are wondering, what exactly do you do?

In TV your work week starts the week before. You have to be prepared or else everything will crash and burn. On Fridays I get ready for the next week by preparing and researching show topics for the week. First, I have to keep in my mind the show’s demographic which is very important in TV. The show’s demographic is women between the ages of 25-65. So when I am researching topics, I have to find shows relevant to our audience. The show topics are: Health, Beauty, Relationships, Something Wow, and Money. For each topic, I have to find three related articles from websites. It sounds easy, however, it can be a daunting task!  These topics usually fit into the monologue, which is the first part of the show where things are light and funny and are used to draw in the viewers.

On my next blog, I will talk to you about the process for booking guests and setting a theme for the show!