Cory Veal – Accomplished

This week at the Boys & Girls Club I received great news. I was informed my first news release was picked up by the Ledger Enquirer. Not only was it picked up, it made it to the the Sunday paper on the second page! The news release was centered around the Youth of the Year announcement and the young lady’s advancement to compete in Atlanta.  I am very proud and hope to send out another news release soon.


 I feel I have a learned a lot so far in both my internships. While at the Boys & Girls Club I am experiencing a lot of PR work and at the NPACE center  a lot of media production. We are winding down to the last month of school for this semester and I hope my internships continues to help me grow professionally.


Cory Veal- Archiving and website updates

This week at the Boys & Girls Club we focused on updating our website. We are in the process of installing new software and getting the project started next week. We spent the week learning about what audiences we need to market to on the websites and how to gain and keep their attention.

This is our current website that we plan to make more user friendly.


Last Friday, I also sent out my first press release. This is very exciting and I hope it gets picked up soon from our local media outlets.

My time in the NPACE  center has been centered around Artbeat. I spent a few hours archiving footage that had been shot from the previous events. Professor Hart taught me how to archive and it was a little different for me since I was taught to archive footage from a dock as opposed a camera, which is how it is done in the NPACE center. I hope to continue to learn in the NPACE center and put my knowledge to use in my upcoming semesters.

Cory Veal – Crunch time!

Time is ticking at both my internships as due dates are getting closer and closer.

This week at the NPACE center, I spent the majority of my time working on PSA’s. As many of you know, the NPACE center will be launching is this upcoming Thursday. I put in a lot of effort this week trying to push out as many PSA’s as I could. By the end of the week, I completed a total of five PSA’s not to mention the few I wrote the previous week.

I am more than excited to see what takes place with the launch of the NPACE center Thursday as well as hearing all of the PSA’s that we have been working on. I know the launch will be a proud moment for many of the communication departments students.

This week ,I started the process of learning the new version of Adobe Photoshop, which was very difficult for me. I hope to grasp the concepts of the software soon, as I will need to learn the basics for both of my internships.


The Boys & Girls Club has also been in full swing this week. I assisted the club with their submission packets to The United Way fund. I edited several documents to make sure they were grammatically correct and sufficient for submission. I also worked on my first official press release this week.

I was given the task of writing two press releases for the club. One press release is for the Youth  of the Year and the other is for their annual “It Just Takes One” campaign. I started on the annual fundraiser’s press release this week and will be wrapping it up next week. I’ve completed many press releases in a classroom, but to be given the opportunity to have one submitted to the Ledger Enquirer is beyond exciting for me.

I am really looking forward to next week and the launch of the NPACE center and the submission of my first press release!