Northside High School – Red Cross – Jo Garrison

For two weeks I visited with five high schools in the Columbus, GA area.  At four of the high schools during the lunch periods I was able to set up a visual presentation and speak with student as they approached me to inquiry about my presentation.  Doing these presentations, I found which  techniques  do and don’t work when trying to communicate  to a group of people who are not completely focused on the presenter.  Bold colors really catches a person’s attention and promotes the presenter.  Even your stance could either welcome attention or come off as un-approachable.  I found it better to stand and be ready to interact when a person approaches the best way to appear professional when trying to promote yourself, or a product, or in this case a service.

garrison_jo 3

Of the five schools, one of them invited Services to the Armed Forces, to come out and speak to the individual classes for the day.  I was selected to do the classroom presentation and immensely enjoyed the opportunity.  I was able to present to 18, high school, science classes and really felt it was a great opportunity to practice my presentation skills.  When giving the first couple of speeches I felt a little bit nervous but as the day went on I warmed up very quickly. Next thing I knew I was feeling more and more connection with my targeted audience and at the end of the day I was told I received a very high response and level of interest.


At the end of the two weeks I was really grateful to be able to use these opportunities to build my communication skills and am really looking forward to my future as a communication major.


Jordan King – Editing

I am starting to really edit the film I’ve retrieved and I am so excited to see the finished product. I began filming in late May and I have one more day of filming. The video I’m making will be played at the Orientation banquet and also for next year’s orientation team. This video will be given to student life and they will use it throughout the year.