We Still Have Great Plans – Cory Veal – Boys & Girls Clubs

Although Youth of the Year(YOY) has passed us, our work isn’t quite done yet. I have spent the past week finishing all things YOY. I created a thank you letter that will be spent to all sponsors from the event. I also created our last media release revealing our Youth of the Year winner.

In addition, Professor McCullough’s PR Campaigns class will assist our organization in securing a small press tour for our YOY winner, Caleshia Ferguson. In doing so, they released their first news release this week and it was picked up by WRBL. I’m very excited for the group’s success and cant wait to see what else they have in store for our organization. Not to mention, the work Professor McCullough’s PR class committed to last semester is seeing the light of day in ArtBeat 2014. We have several doors, painted by the kids displayed in from of the Columbus Library. The doors are a display of the clubs’ 75 years of opening Great Futures to kids in the Chattahoochee Valley.


In other areas at my internship, we have been focusing on our Friends and Family Campaign as well as our new Women’s Giving Circle. I have created campaign letters and news releases regarding both events. Not to mention, I have been hands on in creating flyers that will be distributed to our board members containing success stories within our clubs.

Our work never stops in the PR and marketing department, but I cant complain as this is giving me the best experience I could ever wish for!


The Time Has Come – Moe’s BBQ – Elizabeth Strickland

Over the past two weeks, a lot has come together. We have opened up, and lines are out the door daily. Spring breakers are rolling in by the truck load, making the atmosphere very interesting. Locals have been returning, not once, but two and three times. Feedback from the locals is without a doubt, the most rewarding. Their business will keep us afloat through the slow winter months, and pleasing them is our main focus.


Ben Gilbert, original owner, business man, and pit master.

I have thoroughly enjoyed training the new hires. Each hire has brought something new to the table, teaching me something new as well. Implementing that they are all ambassadors of Moe’s Original BBQ has been the first and last thing they are told every shift. Explaining consistency for each customer and transaction is included.

My main goal for the next week is tackling social media, each and every day. We have all been so busy getting the doors open, I have not made as many post as I would like. We all know how much awareness can be made through social media, there is no excuse for me to not follow through with post a couple times a day. I am so pleased that the doors are open. Happy faces and full bellies are walking out the door, making this all worth while.


I must not forget, once again, we have been named one of the top ten BBQ joints in America. Check it out!


R4R Wheels Rolling Forward-Jo Garrison

The old saying, it’s easier said than done,” comes to mind as we prepare for Red Cross Awareness month in March.  When one of the volunteers pitched the idea for us to put together a Poker Run, a voluntary group of motorcycle riders who will be starting from a gathered point and going along a two and a half hour pre-selected scenic route through west central Georgia and returning back to the American Red Cross Fort Benning location where we will provide food and beverages, I couldn’t wait.  I am still immensely excited, and cannot wait for March 22, to see the outcome of our hard-work and dedication.

Putting together a fundraiser requires a lot of communication with different organizations and groups, promotion by using different public relations avenues, and dissemination through mass media.  Last week I was able to complete the rough draft for our poster/flyers and the final editing has been done so we have started promotion and distribution.  I have been working on setting up the Facebook page along with all the other internet avenues.  We intend to have flyers sent out to all on-post and off-post media sources, i.e. newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations such as Benning T.V.  Below you can find the link for our Facebook Organization page that is still a work in-progress but up and ready.


One Step Closer – Elizabeth Strickland


I am so excited about all the progress that has been made this week! Things are coming  together more everyday. This weekend, I will spend a lot of my time decorating the restaurant, and putting training packets together. Hands down, I am most excited to start training the new hires. I have learned so much about proper training techniques in the past few years, through school and the job itself. The goal is to be open by Monday, February the twenty-forth. Staying organized and productive will be my focus to get everything accomplished. I look forward to all the progress that will be made within the next week!

Cory Veal – Accomplished

This week at the Boys & Girls Club I received great news. I was informed my first news release was picked up by the Ledger Enquirer. Not only was it picked up, it made it to the the Sunday paper on the second page! The news release was centered around the Youth of the Year announcement and the young lady’s advancement to compete in Atlanta.  I am very proud and hope to send out another news release soon.


 I feel I have a learned a lot so far in both my internships. While at the Boys & Girls Club I am experiencing a lot of PR work and at the NPACE center  a lot of media production. We are winding down to the last month of school for this semester and I hope my internships continues to help me grow professionally.